Hanazawa Kana no Hitori de Dekiru Kana? #088

May 14th, 2011 § 4 comments

Host: Hanazawa Kana
Name: 花澤香菜のひとりでできるかな?
Date: 2011.05.11

Pretty much a soup post that ended longer than I expected. I don’t usually cover HitoKana even though I’m probably listening to it the most diligently out of all the shows I’m currently following. This is kinda due to how solo radio shows don’t really end up being easy to write about. Also it’s one of the radio shows I listen to when I’m doing something else. The image was taken for the radio when they found some money left behind in the radio studio lol.

– Kana’s been attending dance lessons for the Roukyuubu unit with the other members of the group. She comments that she expected she’d be able to dance better after all that practice with Sekirei’s unit but found that her body wouldn’t move as she wants it to. She says Iguchi Yuka was doing great though.

– Kana says that she enjoys the time before the dance lesson when they’re all changing and talking with one another more than the actual dance lesson

– Kana mentions that the lessons go for about 4 hours without much in the way of breaks and how tiring they can get :O

– Kana says that she’s been talking a lot about Roukyuubu recently because its what she’s been focusing on recently, her work schedule contains a lot of Roukyuubu related events too it seems. She seems like she’s really enjoying it though :). She also notes that she’s become really close with Hikasa lately.

– Kana x Ayana!

“Yeah I went to eat with Taketatsu Ayana the other day… *fufufu* It was fun! I’m not sure what it is about her but… Being with her makes you want to touch her *laughs*”

“On the other hand Tomatsu comes to me and pats my shoulder and stuff… I don’t really touch her like with Ayana. I like how when I touch Ayana she’s all like “Aww stop it”… What exactly am I saying anyways?”

– Kana x Tomatsu

“I’ve been meeting up with Tomatsu Haruka lately with work and… Yeah talking with her again is nice. Well, you have to treasure your friends right?”

My HanaKana category is tied with Toyosaki Aki’s in post numbers with this post. Hmm I haven’t been paying attention to Aki recently =/

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