Hayami Saori’s Freestyle #6

June 7th, 2011 § 6 comments

Name: 早見沙織のふり~すたいる♪
Host: Hayami Saori
Guest: Hidaka Rina
Date: 2011.05.10

Hayami Saori’s Freestyle is a recent solo radio hosted by Hayami Saori that just started a couple of months ago. I… Think this isn’t the first time Hayami’s done solo radio work but I think it’s been a while though I’m not too sure. This episode guests Hidaka Rina, whom she seems pretty close with. They’ve gone out to eat pretty often together outside of work it seems.

– Hayami compliments how cute Hidaka is throughout the show <3

– Hayami wears glasses at home and contact lenses outside. Apparently her eyesight is pretty bad :O

– “What I like about Hayami!”

Hidaka: She’s always so warm and kind :D

What Hayami likes about Hidaka Rina

Hayami: She’s always so honest and straightforward and her smile is so cute!

– They mention that they first met on Ladies vs Butlers 2 years ago.

– The two of them get all embarrassed while talking about their first impressions and good points about each other ahaha. I’m fidgeting here just listening to them lol.

– Where would you like to go together other than eating out?

Hidaka: Karaoke! I’d love to go to karaoke with you!
Hayami: Oh me too!
Hidaka: We could go and sing Star Driver songs!
Hayami: Then lets go Karaoke sometime!
Hidaka: Really? I dance and stuff. Like for the AKB48 songs~

– Why did you want to become a seiyuu?

Hidaka: My agency had a seiyuu lesson and I took it and from there I started getting interested in the difficulties of expressing emotions through your voice only and then I did some auditions and thats where it all started.

– The two of them talk about how hard it was at the start to not get any noise into the microphone such as script flipping sounds. Hidaka mentioned that there was a time when her school uniform’s rustling was getting into the mic during recordings too.

– Hidaka’s too embarrassed to say her blog name lol. Yeahh “Hidaka Rina no Kira☆Rina Room” Sparkles and a pun with her name lol.

Hidaka’s only 16 years old but she was great at talking on radio :O. Just like other solo radios like Sugita’s and HanaKana’s; Hayami Saori’s Freestyle is one of the solo radios I listen to as it comes out but never really write anything about except for in the scribbles category. It’s a great listen though and Hayami is as wonderful on radio as ever :D.

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