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Host: Hirohashi Ryou
Guest: Hikasa Youko
Date: 2010.08.20

Yamada + WORKING!! =  YAMAKING!!. Radio for WORKING from mid last year guesting Takanashi Izumi’s CV, Hikasa Youko. Hirohashi mentions that today was the 13th of August, and Hikasa asks if it was alright to just blurt out the recording day lol.

– Hikasa comments that she’s never really talked to Kamiya Hiroshi much before. She goes on to say that she hasn’t spoken with Hirohashi much too. The first time they met was at a work party for WORKING.

– It looks like both of them have read the original manga.

– Hikasa sneezes midway through the radio. ‘Twas P. cutekasfljdkasjfk why do seiyuu have such cute sneezes!?

– Hikasa attended a girls high school and middle school :O

– Wow Hirohashi’s middle school had both genders change into their swimsuits together in the classroom :O What a crazy school lol. Hikasa was really startled by that idea. But yeah that is crazy. Just imagining the boys and girls changing into swimsuits together when they’re 16 years old is…. Wow OTL.

– Somehow the two of them get on the topic of if they’ve ever been spanked before, Hirohashi says she had all the time when she had done something bad at home but Hikasa says she was never hit. Hikasa asks about the sound of being slapped and what kind of noise it makes but Hirohashi laughs saying she was never hit bare.

– Hikasa says she’s worked part time at a Japanese sweets shop before as well as a sushi shop.

– Hirohashi comments on how pretty Hikasa’s standing posture is and that she’s always staring at her during recordings lol.

Hirohashi: “You know, I’ve always thought this but you’ve got some good muscles on you”
Hikasa: “*laughs* Really??”
Hirohashi: “Yeah, you’re so slim but you’ve got some muscles!”
Hikasa: “Well I used to do softball… But ever since then my muscles have pretty much melted away. It’s all soft now.”

Hirohashi: “Your standing posture is always really pretty too, I’ve always thought that during recordings.”
Hikasa: “Huh? But I slouch don’t I?”
Hirohashi: “Uh sorry I’m not watching that high, I’m always staring at your legs *laughs*”
Hikasa: “*laughs* Whaaat? Wait a moment…! *laughs* …Thanks”

– Hikasa says that she’s been told a couple of times that she looks like she’s got some Thai blood in her and Hirohashi says she looks French if anything… Really? French? Lol. She then goes on to say that if they had a blonde wig for her she could put it on and she’d be 100% French ahaha. Reeeaaalllyy??

– Hirohashi says she’s never once gotten any spam emails before :O. She continues to say that she’s getting pretty lonely that she’s the only one not getting any and hopes she’ll get some one day lol.

The radio has long ended on October last year but it came back for an episode on April this year for the announcement of the second season. I wonder if it’ll start up again once the second season starts up.

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