Random Radio Scribbles 6

June 13th, 2011 § 2 comments

Today marks the day I’ve been blogging for a year :O When I started I honestly didn’t think I’d last for so long hah. I initially started the blog with such half hearted notes lawl, lets see how much longer I continue for \o/

Amusingly right after that Hanazawa Kana Radio Scribbles post I’m making a Hayami Saori Radio Scribbles post lol.

– Hayami Saori about AnoHana from Hayami Saori’s Freestyle #7 on 2011.05.17.

The recordings are well underway for AnoHana… And it’s really amazing! During the recordings you have so many people just bawling away. That goes for me as well. Just by watching it I get all soppy and teary ahh… There’ve been so many times where I’ve been crying too hard to say any of my lines! I think everyone who’s watching it feels this way as well, it’s going to be an anime where everyone watches and cries together I’m thinking. A crying anime and also a heartwarming one.

Also, during one of the recordings we were talking about how the word “yukiatsu” was in the top three most searched term on Google *laughs*

From Hayami Saori’s Freestyle #9 on 2010.05.31

– Apparently Hayami learnt piano and she was a huge fan of Fruits Basket. She had asked her piano teacher when she was young to teach her how to play the opening theme of Fruits Basket. She then played the song on the radio gaah the memoriessss the nostalgiaaaa Okazaki Ritsukoooooo~ ;_:

– Hayami’s Tomato Garden

On Sekirei Radio she had talked about buying a tomato growing kit and excitedly saying that her tomatoes were growing well throughout the radio but then the radio ended around last year and she hasn’t spoken about them since. She started talking about them again on this episode of Freestyle when a listener asks about them.

“My tomatoes from last year…? How have they grown? Well… They’ve grown… Magnificently!! They’re huge!! There are so many of them! If you were to say my tomatoes were more on the green side or the red side I’d say… Green!! If you were to say they were more tomato or more leafy I’d say leafy!! …….. …. Why aren’t my tomatoes turning red!! ;_;

…So that’s about it, the plant’s growing well but my tomatoes aren’t doing that well. Did I not give it enough sunlight? Did I give it too much water? In the end it’s all my fault! ;_; But this year I’m going to grow mini carrots! To get over the trauma of my tomatoes *laughs*

Hayami sounds so bright and cheerful on radio, I’m loving her radio stuff so much <3


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