Ore no Imouto ga (Rajio Demo) Konna ni Kawaii Wake ga Nai #16

June 16th, 2011 § 1 comment

Name: 俺の妹が(ラジオでも)こんなに可愛いわけがない
Hosts: Taketatsu Ayana, Hanazawa Kana
Guest: Hayami Saori
Date: 2011.03.25

Hayami Saori guest episode! She’s done radio work with the both of them before on Sekirei Radio with Kana and MM Radio with Ayana so she’s pretty friendly with these two.

– New episodes being released

Ayana: With the release of the new episodes it looks like Kuroneko’s popularity is starting to soar.
Kana: Ah it’s a new look for everyone isn’t it? With Kuroneko wearing a school uniform she looks like like a normal, though pretty, ojousama. Though she’s all different inside. *laughs*

Kana: It’s pretty lonely without Kirino though isn’t it…
Ayana: Yeah… She’s gone to America and all now…
Kana: The recordings without Ayacchi doesn’t feel like OreImo at all…
Ayana: Yeah I’ve been feeling pretty left out as well… It’s like “You’re absent for these recordings!” And I’m like “Eh?? I’m the heroine!!” It was lonely!

Watching Cardcaptor Sakura!

Ayana: After talking about it so much the other day on radio I went to rewatch the DVDs for Cardcaptor Sakura! Watching her change clothing everytime and saying “ho~e~~” made me think how great it was that I grew up watching this anime! *laughs*
Kana: *laughs* You’re being weird!

Kana: I want to watch Cardcaptor Sakura with you~
Ayana: Really?? Come over to my place then! Or instead I’ll bring them over to your place!

– Apparently the little picture on the bottom right was a picture of the Slowpoke pokemon drawn by Hayami lol. The other two burst out laughing when they see it ahaha.

– The three of them go on about Pokemon for quite some time lol.

– When talking about their siblings Hayami says that she’s single child. They then realise that she’s the same age as Kana’s little brother and Kana pronounces “Ah! Yeah! They’re the same age! I’m going to get my brother to marry you Hayamin!” lol. It looks like the two of them have been laughing about this before, where it started off with Kana talking about them being the same age, then trying to have them meet up sometime and now escalating into Kana trying to marry them lol. By the way Hayami hasn’t even met him before.

– Everyone’ll be related!

Ayana: Ah but if Hayami marries Kana’s brother you’ll both be sisters! I want that! How about Hayami marries Kana’s brother, and then Kana marries my elder brother and then we’ll all be related! *laughs*
Hayami + Kana: Hey! That’s unfair! Who are you marrying then??
Ayana: I’ll just live with everyone as a big family <3

– The three of them talk quite a bit about AKB48 lol. Hayami doesn’t know that many members but she says her favorite is Mayuyu, same with Kana and Ayana. Ayana talks about how she’s been paying attention to Tomo-chin recently as well. I would write more but I know next to nothing about AKB48 lawl.

Ayana: “Tomo-chin’s so cute, I want to date her! I want to be a boy for her!”

– It looks like Kana has high regard for Aoki Sayaka’s voice :O I wonder where in particular she heard her that made her a fan.

– The three of them start talking about Prince of Tennis and it’s characters :O Kana’s favourite was Sengoku Kiyosumi, Ayana’s was Kikumaru Eiji.

– While talking about shounen manga they mention how they started playing tennis or Go because of Prince of Tennis or Hikaru no Go lol. Ahaha yeahh shounen manga/anime really does that to you doesn’t it.

– Working as a seiyuu

Ayana: Working as a seiyuu now really feels like an extension of my hobbies rather than a job~
Hayami: Yeah, it’s great isn’t it?
Kana: Yeah, work is pretty fun~

– Close your eyes Kana! Ahaha the script still has Ayana saying loving lines to Kana :D

Ayana: “Kana-chan~ close your eyes!”
Kana: Mmnn?
Ayana: *giggles* “Gu–“ —-Hey you’re supposed to keep your eyes closed!! Oi! Hanazawa Kana!
Kana: Sorry what?!
Ayana: “Guess who!”
Kana: …Eh?
Ayana: Oi! Keep your eyes closed!! “Guess who?!”
Kana: …Ayacchi
Ayana: “You guessed wrong! It’s the Taketatsu Ayana that you love!” *Laughs embarrassedly and tries to change the subject*
Kana: *laughs* What the!? What?? Is this still continuing?!
Ayana: Why didn’t you keep your eyes closed!!
Kana: Sorry but I had no idea what was going on!
Ayana: Yeah it didn’t go as well as I expected…

– The two of them mention to Hayami their whole idea of them trying to get her to wear some cosplay or another and she laughs saying they shouldn’t tell her manager or he’ll really make her wear something lol.

Hayami was there under informal circumstances and didn’t have a radio script so their talk seemed really natural. It really sounded like a normal conversation between the three of them rather than a radio recording <3. Hayami’s also guesting next episode so I’ll be looking forward to that too \o/.

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