Mikako@PayoPayo #514

June 17th, 2011 § 5 comments

Name: 美佳子@ぱよぱよ
Host: Takahashi Mikako
Guest: Sugita Tomokazu

Date: 2011.06.16

Mikako says that she’s been laughing with Sugita backstage before the event had started already :D

– Sugita had Mikako read out “Uho ii Otoko” and “Yaranaika?” telling her that it’ll definitely have the crowd laughing, and it did lol. Mikako says that the girls probably don’t know about the meme, she then asks the girls to put up their hand if they recognise it and is surprised to see that everyone knows about it ahaha. This was Mikako’s first time finding out about the meme it seems lol.

– Sugita comes walking in with flowers and singing “Happy Birthday” to Mikako :D He sings “to Mikakong-senpai” instead of her name though lol, to which she jabs him for~

– After finding out that the Flower Bouquet was left by an anonymous listener Sugita jokes that it’ll probably explode or put out poisonous gas lol.

– The last time Sugita came on for a live audience recording was on Mikako’s birthday as well :O Apparently Sugita came walking on stage with flowers on that time as well.

– A listener has the two of them imitating Wakamoto Norio lol.

– Sugita mentions that he’s been obsessing over the Aquaplus fighting game recently. Speaking of which, I really want to play that :O

– Mikako hits Sugita on the shoulder throughout the event whenever he does something stupid lol and he comments “The only people that I enjoy being hit by are Mikako and Kugimiya Rie” LOL Sugita. He then talks about a time when he went to Kugimiya during a Gintama recording and asks her “You know how your character says some pretty bad stuff sometimes, do you get embarassed saying them?” and she replied “Of course I’m embarassed! *whacks him* So what?!”

I really loved this episode. Sugita was so great :D He talked heaps about Nakamura, the nicknames he’s given to other female seiyuu and Love Plus lol. The two of them really are close with one another~

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