Sugita Tomokazu no Anigera! Dedoooon #58

June 18th, 2011 § 0 comments

Name: 杉田智和のアニゲラ!ディドゥーーン
Host: Sugita Tomokazu
Assistants: SP Tanaka, Asakura, SP Satou, Takeshi
Guest: Isomura Tomomi
Date: 2011.06.16

Did I mention that Sugita’s been paired with a lot of female seiyuu on radio recently? :D
Also I dont think I’ve said this before but SP Tanaka is a writer for among many other game staff related things… I think so at least.

– Tanaka mentions that he read a piece done by Hoshino Lily, the mangaka for Zakuro. Sugita asks about it cautiously:

Sugita: It… Wasn’t Zakuro was it?
Tanaka: Nah it’s not Zakuro. It was one with cute boys in it.
Sugita: Okay I’m going to stop you right there now.

Lol One of Hoshino’s old BL works I’m guessing ahaha OTL

– They mention how nice a person Hoshino is :D

– Sugita says that when he first met Isomura he thought she was a model rather than a seiyuu and she laughs saying that she doesn’t have THAT nice a body.

– Sugita mentions that he’d love to have Hayami Saori come guest again. He then says

Sugita: In fact I’d like to go to her Freestyle and show her the real meaning of “Free”

LOL yeah Sugita’s known for not considering the time and place he has his ‘moments’ :D

– Tanaka mentions that he’s recorded Sugita singing in karaoke on his iPhone before ahaha.

– Isomura mentions she’s gone to karaoke with Tanaka and Mori P, Toshimichi Mori the producer of BlazBlue. Tanaka had sung one of Sugita’s character songs at the time lol.

– They start playing a Wii game where Isomura voices a character in it…. And her character makes ero sounds loooooooooool. Poor Isocchi~

– LOL It’s not an H-game but the sounds her character makes iskjdalfkjas ahaha Poor Isocchi. Oi isn’t this sexual harassment?!

Sugita: I didn’t expect to hear so much from your character. It was great.
Tanaka: Yeah we got to hear Isocchi’s moaning.
Sugita + Tanaka: Thank you!
Isomura: *laughs* This is really weird!

In case anyone is interested, the game they played was Osouji Sentai Clean Keeper.

– Isomura commented that when she found out she was going to be playing games on the radio she was looking forward to playing NeoGeo and all that but then they had that game instead lol.

Isomura is pretty otaku-ish as well and the two of them have always connected well whenever she came on to BluRaji to guest so she was a great addition to the group :D.

…I’m still reeling back from the ero game they played with her there lol. She was pretty flustered throughout the whole experience, it was showing in her voice ahaha.

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