MoshiDoRadio #07

July 24th, 2011 § 3 comments

Name: 程高放送部~もしドラジオ~
Hosts: Hanazawa Kana, Hikasa Youko
Guest: momo
Date: 2011.05.23

Ooh it moves~ This episode guests the ending theme’s singer Momo. She’s 14 years old and still in middle school if I recall correctly.

– Momo lives in Hokkaido and it she came from there for the radio recording :O I’m guessing she’s not in Tokyo for that sole purpose though.

– Traveling is a technique in basketball!

momo: I’m pretty bad at ball sports like Basketball. Could you give me a few pointers on it?
Kana + Hikasa: Ohh err..
Hikasa: You should tell her that one!
Kana: Huh? Oh that one.
Hikasa: Yeah that one!
Kana: What’s it called… Traveling! *laughs*

Kana: And dunking!
Hikasa: Yeah dunking! …Sorry we’re not being that helpful *laughs*

– Hikasa loves Hokkaido and says shes been there about three times. Kana in turn has been there once when she was really small.

– Momo says she tries to make eye contact with the audience when she sings and Kana laughs saying that she tries as hard as she can not to, while Hikasa agrees and says she looks at the sky as far as she can lol

– Momo watched MoshiDora to the end and loved it.

– Apparently Hikasa didn’t start playing games as a child and picked them up later :O

– They’re doing a quiz to see if they can answer questions a middle school student would know to prove themselves as middle school girls lol.

Hikasa: Whoever wins will get a reward! Try and guess it!
Kana: The theme is middle school right…? Sailor uniform?
Hikasa: Wow! …I don’t want that!
Kana: Yeah same.
Hikasa: Well if you think about middle school girls, heres a hint. “JC”
Kana: …JC?
Hikasa: What comes to mind when you think of JC?
Kana: …JC Staff (Animation Company)
Hikasa: That’s wrong! *laughs* This is I.G.! Moshidora is done by I.G.!
Kana: Sorry!!
Hikasa: JC is for JuiCy! The reward is chocolate!

How in the world does JC lead to chocolate. For that matter, how does “juicy” lead from Middle school girls?! EDIT: Apparently JC stands for “Joshi Chuu Gakusei”/”Middle School Girl”, that’s where the connection comes from :O

– The two of them had no intention of answering correctly at the start lol. They answer questions like “What do middle school girls do to relax?” with Hikasa: “PUNCHING MACHINE!” Kana: “SMASH A COLLARBONE!!” ahaha. They did answer the last two correct though lol. One of them was doing an imitation and the other was “What’s a special trait of elephants?” A: Nose. What’s with that free question?!

– Hikasa’s written message and drawing as a BluRay extra.

Kana: Yeah you drew a picture too. It’s really cute!
Momo: Yeah it really is!
Hikasa: This… Took a really long time to draw *laughs*

Momo came dressed in the Hodokubo High School gym uniform lol. The two fawned over her quite a bit.

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