Random Radio Scribbles 8

July 29th, 2011 § 0 comments

I’ve been doing a lot of these recently :O

Also, I love HitoKana <3

– Hanazawa Kana no Hitori de Dekiru Kana? #93 2011.07.20

Something I found amusing from Hanazawa Kana’s solo radio regarding Rokyubu’s appearance on Anisama.

“Yeahh We’re appearing at Anisama! *claps* *cheers… and then trails off into a wail* …It’s really scary actually! *laughs* There’ll be thirty thousand people! Thirty thousand!! That’s like “How many thousand?!” It’s terrifying! I’ll be singing and dancing in front of all those people… Yeah this would be impossible on my own. I’m so glad there’s four other people with me. The attention on me would be divided by five or something like that… But it really is scary! What am I going to do?!


 We’re currently discussing what kind of show we should do there and we always end up laughing and talking about doing something funny *laughs* Like having us pop up one by one like *pop* *pop* *pop* Like ninjas or something *laughs*


 Well we’re still looking forward to it but we’re really nervous about it too. We’re all practicing really hard for it now though so please look forward to it too.”

Thinking back on it, the only person out of the five that has experience performing in front of that many people would be Hikasa due to K-ON’s events. 30,000 people… That would be pretty nerve-wracking hah.

Satomi and Ui’s R@DIO ONCE #13 & #14 2010.09.28 & 2010.10.06

A short radio hosted by Miyazaki Ui and Satou Satomi for the PSP game L@VE ONCE. The main thing I was interested in was the Hikasa x Satomi talk :3

– This was Ui’s first time meeting Hikasa.

– Ui comments that her first impression of Hikasa is of someone who’s cheerful, outgoing and easy to get along with. Hikasa laughs at the praise embarrassedly and Satomi comments that she shouldn’t praise her too much lol.

– Apparently Hikasa gave a boy chocolates for Valentines day in 2nd grade elementary school and he reciprocated on White day but instead of giving her the present at school he came over to her place to hand it over haha. Hyuuu hyuu~ Hikasa!

– I… Might have mentioned this before on a previous radio post but Hikasa mentioned here that she attended an all girls middle school and high school.

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