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Hosts: Fukuyama Jun, Asumi Kana
Guest: Hirohashi Ryou
Date: 2011.06.22

AKA. Working’!! Radio Season Two #1 with Taneshima and Takanashi. A new radio episode of YAMAKING for the second season of WORKING. It says Hirohashi’s a guest… But the next episode has been released with Fujita Saki and Kitamura Eri guesting Hirohashi again so it’s probably just Yamaking under a new name lol. This is the first time Fukuyama and Asumi have done radio work together.

– Asumi calls Poplar the “Mascot Character” and Fukuyama corrects her saying she’s a heroine! Lol, everyone loves to make fun at how Poplar got shafted for Inami <3

– Fukuyama says that although his schedule was free for the time Yamaking was recorded, he was never invited… Which disappointed him thinking that he wasn’t wanted lol. Poor Fukuyama~ I was thinking this as well, they had almost everyone come on to the radio, even the side characters like his sisters and Hyougo Otoo(Nakata Jouji!) why wasn’t Fukuyama invited! He concluded that it was done so he could come for the second season though haha.

– Hirohashi comes as a “guest” for this episode. The first thing she says is “…Why isn’t it Yamaking anymore…” lol. Fukuyama explains that if the title remained the same it would become a radio that seemed like it was made for him due to the “Yama” in Fukuyama. Lol yeah right.

– It’s also the first time Fukuyama has worked on radio with Hirohashi.

– Fukuyama loves ponytails and laments that they seem to be fading away recently :O

– Fukuyama mentions LEDs and says it as “L, E, D” with the letters separately which surprises Hirohashi. She wonders if it’s supposed to be said that way and the other two laugh that it’s not supposed to be pronounced “red” haha. Fukuyama then goes on to explain what a “Light Emitting Diode” is and the difference it has in lifetimes compared to conventional light bulbs.

– They for some reason get into a discussion of “The earth is small, it’s getting pretty cramped” with Fukuyama on that side and Hirohashi’s “The earth isn’t small, there’s just too many people!” lol.


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