Ueda Kana x Itou Kanae on Anitama Dot Com Standard Marunage #140

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Name: アニたまどっとコム standard まるなげ♪
Hosts: Ueda Kana, Shimizu Kaori
Guest: Itou Kanae
Date: 2010.06.08

Itou Kanae’s guest episode on Marunage from last year. This was one of the more amusing radio episodes I’ve heard for a while, I actually listened to this last year but relistening to it was still great fun <3. Kana x Kanae is wonderful <3

Ueda Kana has been a big fan of Kanae for quite a while, during the radio (and outside the radio) she has amusingly (and… probably a bit creepily lolol) fangirled over how adorable Kanae is as well as detailing where she’s seen her recently and it’s come to the point where the radio itself has a corner called “This week’s Kanae-chan!” where people send in information about what Kanae’s been up to for the two of them to read lol. This episode was a birthday celebration episode for Kana so they had a Kanae theme throughout it and as a pleasant surprise to Kana, Kanae comes in as a surprise guest for the later half of the radio to her delight <3.

– This was around the time she bought an iPad. This was the first time she’s bought from Apple, saying that she has a Windows machine at home and no iPhone. Shimizu on the other hand had just bought an iPhone recently though she laughs that she has no idea how to use it and has only had “staring contests” with it haha.

– The two of them talk about twitter, which Shimizu had just started using. They laugh that the Wolkenritter family from Nanoha is there with Sanada Asami and Yuzuki Ryouka, though they’re not sure if Zafira’s CV Kazuya Ichijou is there (he’s not IIRC). They mention Tamura Yukari as well :D

– Shimizu gave Kana strawberry short shorts, alluding to Ichigo 100%’s strawberry panties, for her birthday lol.– The episode has Kana doing a quiz on Itou Kanae :D

Shimizu: The more you answer correctly the more presents you’ll get! And they’ll all be presents related to Kanae as well!
Kana: Oh?! Will that be like a piece of clothing worn by Kanae?!
Shimizu: *laughs* They’ll be something that’s one of a kind in the world!
Kana: Really?!
Shimizu: It might be Kanae’s strawberry panties *laughs*
Kana: Strawberry panties on Kanae? …It fits her too well *laughs*

– Incidentally Kana has Kanae’s wikipedia page open on her iPad and is allowed to use it to answer questions lol. She laughs and exclaims that the answers to these type of questions wouldn’t be on the page though after hearing the questions haha. I’ve transcribed the 30 questions as well as (creepy(?)) quotes and reactions from Kana’s answers but… Err… It’s really long so bear with me, I’ll put it under a spoiler tag lol. The bold text indicates the answer that Kana chose and the red text indicates the correct answer when Kana gets it incorrect.

Show Quiz »

What does Kanae admire about Kana?
A. How elegant a person she is B. How feminine she is
Kana: “When I’m with Kanae I’m always fangirling over her… She wouldn’t think of me as elegant after that *laughs*”

What does she eat everyday?
A. Sweets/Snacks B. Rice
Kana: “Sweets would look good with her but… I’m going with rice. She looks like she eats rice balls often”

What type of uniform does Kanae think looks good on a school boy?
A. Blazer B. Traditional Japanese Boys Uniform/Gakuran
Kana: “She’d look good with a sailor uniform… So I’m going with the Gakuran… Anyway enough with the boy talk *laughs* Next question!”

What’s her favourite type of Pasta sauce?
A. Tomato type B. Cream type
Kana: “We went to eat at a pasta shop together once for Taishou Yakyuu Musume… But I think she ate curry then *laughs*. I’ll guess Tomato.”

If she could choose one other talent after acting which would she choose?
A. ESP B. Talent for writing and composing songs
Kana: “Songs! She just started singing after all! … Whaaat?! I’m wrong?!?!?”

What colour clothing does she own the most of?
A. White B. Light Blue
Kana: “I’ve never seen her wear light blue before!”

What’s her favourite riceball flavour?
A. Salmon B. Konbu Seaweed
Kana: “Salmon!”

If she was to compare Kana to an animal which animal would she say?
A. Black Panther B. Siamese Cat
Kana: “Ehh she’s compared me to an animal?? <3 Well she might think of me as a panther because I dote on her all the time *laughs*”

When she bathes where does she wash first?
A. Feet B. Hair
Kana: “Hair. Same as me~”

What does she consider a feast?
A. Kobe beef B. Sushi
Kana: “Sushi… Ehh Kobe beef?! Has she ever talked about it?”

What sport has she been interested in trying recently?
A. Snowboard B. Darts
Kana: “Darts… I think. It looks like it’s written on her wikipedia page that she said she wasn’t interested in skiing or snowboarding *laughs*”
Shimizu: “Ooh Wikipedia comes into use!”

What’s her favourite day of the week?
A. Tuesday B. Thursday
Kana: “Eh? …What day is her ChoRaji Girls on again? …It’s on.. Tuesday! I’ll go with Tuesday.”
Shimizu: “How you reached your answer was pretty amazing *laughs*”

What did she write as her strong point?
A. Positive attitude B. How serious she is
Kana: “Positive attitude. She’s got that radio show called “Maemuki Jogakuen”(lit. Positive Outlook Girls School) after all”

At this point Kana earns her first prize of “A sticker that Kanae herself has touched” as well as a teru teru bouzu that Kanae made. Kana cheers in happiness over the prizes and Shimizu laughs that how could she be happy with these petty “prizes” lol.

What did she write as her weak point?
A. Her small height B. She gets depressed easily after being criticised
Kana: “I’ll go with B. …Ehhhh? Her height?! But that’s the cute thing about her!!”

What’s her current favorite musician?
A. B’z B. N’s
Kana: “N’s *laughs* Let me dream for a bit. (N’s is a seiyuu unit comprising of Ueda Kana, Shimizu Kaori, Satou Rina, Noto Mamiko and Gotou Mai)
…YAYY!! I’m so glad I gave her the CD then *laughs*

What would she like to try working part time as?
A. Disneyland’s staff B. Maid
Kana: “Hmm did she like Disney? I’ll go with that.”

If she was reborn what would she like to come back as?
A. Bug B. Human
Kana: “…Huh? Err I’ll go with Human…”

What’s her goal for the remaining half of this year(2010)?
A. Reach 160 cm B. Lose 3 kilos from dieting
Kana: “160 cm? That won’t happen… I’ll go with the diet… Ehh it’s her height?! That’s impossible she won’t grow anymore! *laughs*”

If there were time machines around would she ride on one?
A. Yes B. No
Kana: “A, I’ll go with yes. …Ehh she wouldn’t? I see she’s not the adventurous type… That’s a shame… She wont go adventuring with me then I guess.”

What underwear does she think would look good on Ueda Kana?
A. Wine Red B. Deep Blue
Kana: “*cheers* …Wine red? *laughs* Deep blue? I don’t usually wear deep blue *laughs* I’ll go with that.”

What is one thing Kanae is proud of?
A. She has a good washing machine at home B. She owns a good bran container.
Kana: “I seem to remember her saying that her washing machine broke recently… I’ll choose the washing machine”
Shimizu: “That’s a good memory you have there to remember something like that”
Kana: “Once she says something once I’ll never forget it. Never”
Shimizu: “…That’s pretty scary *laughs* Kana, you’re becoming scarier and scarier as we go through more questions”

What’s the first thing she does in the morning?
A. Shower B. Stretches
Kana: “Hmm I wonder if she’s the type to shower in the morning? Stretches…? She doesn’t seem like she’s that flexible though… I’ll go with shower… …Yay! I knew it was a shower!”

What has she recently been worrying about?
A. If she should buy a sofa B. If should she buy an iPad
Kana: Ehh Kanae with an iPad? But no one’s been using an iPad in the recordings and stuff. I’ll go with the sofa.

From this point on Shimizu announces that she doesn’t know the answers to the questions from here on… So they call up Kanae on the phone and have her scoring the questions! Kana goes ecstatic upon finding this out.

What’s her favourite topping to put on shaved ice?
A. Lemon B. Strawberry
Kana: “Ehhh Lemon? Reminds me of someone I don’t want to remember *laughs* Strawberry strawberry! Strawberry would be good! If it was lemon she’d be the same as Natchan!” (Kuwatani Natsuko lol. The three of them are really good friends but they like to poke fun at Kuwatani from time to time)

With this question correct Kana gets another present from Kanae being an autographed item lol, to her delight :D

Which club activity was she most passionately involved in?
A. Drama club B. Softball club
Kana: “I know she was in the softball club, so wouldn’t it be that?”
Kanae: “…Sorry! It was the drama club!”

If she was to go on a trip with Ueda Kana, just the two of them, where would she want to go?
A. Kyoto B. Nagano
Kana: “Oooh! Is that an invite to go on one? *laughs* Don’t mind me…. I’ll go with Kyoto. Kanae comes from Nagano doesn’t she?”

Shimizu hints that Kana’s going to get another present soon and goes to another question.

What’s her favourite fruit?
A. Melon B. Mango
Kana: “Mango I think?”
Shimizu: “Then lets have Kanae answer the question! Kanae come in!”
*Kanae enters the radio booth*
Kana: Whaaat?! She’s here?! Wow! Hello!

Ahaha what a nice surprise for Kana <3 Kana gets so happy to see her and fawns over how adorable she is and when she settles in they continue the quiz.

If you were to compare yourself to a cooking dish, what would you choose?
A. Omelette Rice B. Meat and Potato Stew
Kana: “I’d love to eat that~ *to Kanae* Which one do you prefer?”
Shimizu: “Then that’d pretty much be the answer!”
Kana: “I’ll go with the stew~”
Shimizu: “Reaally?? Are you sure??”
Kana: “Yeah”
Shimizu: “Really really sure??”
Kana: “Yeah”
Shimizu: “Then lets hear the answer from Kanae”
Kanae: “…Its the Omelette Rice”
Kana: “Awww…”
Shimizu: “I told you! But you didn’t listen!”
Kana: “It’s because you looked like you were lying *laughs*”
Kanae: “I chose it because I love Omelette Rice~”
Kana: “Really? I just happen to know a really good place that has them!”
Shimizu: “*laughs* You just subtlely asked her out didn’t you”
Kanae: “Okay! Let’s go there sometime! *laughs*”

What do you like to drink right after taking a bath?
A. Orange Juice B. Water
Kana: “Give me a hint~”
Kanae: “Eh? A hint? Umm… I want something… Refreshing”

What is the colour of Kanae’s curtains in her room?
A. Green B. Light Pink
Shimizu: “Have you been to Kanae’s place before?”
Kana: “No I havent…”

Kana: “Hmm green? *to Kanae* What kind of green? Like a dark green?”
Kanae: … *Kanae gets flustered that she’s being asked a question she can’t answer lol*
Kana: I’m guessing it’s green with that reaction! *laughs*
Shimizu: *laughs* I wish I could take a photo of that reaction! She looked at me to save her and I wanted to hug her!
Lol and so Kana gets it right with green ahaha.

And that ends the quiz. With the amount of questions she got right Kana gets her last present. The “right” to take a photo of the two of them together which you can see below haha.

– The questions are all personal things to do with Kanae that aren’t written on fact pages like Wikipedia so Shimizu laughs that Kana answering all these questions about Kanae correctly is pretty creepy ahaha.

– Kana asks Kanae why she wrote deep blue as underwear that fits Kana lol. She says it was just the first colour that comes to mind when she thinks of her image.

– Kanae said that when she answered the questions they weren’t multiple choice, to their surprise and delight upon finding out that her writing “N’s” as her favourite musician was by her own will <3

– When asked about the siamese cat animal comparison question Kanae answers that when she thinks of Kana as an animal she has an image of her as a mature cat. On the other hand she says that Shimizu has the image of a squirrel in her mind, to the two of them’s surprise.

– When Kana sees Kanae’s writing she gushes over her handwriting “Ahh look at that handwriting it’s so feminine~” and Shimizu laughs that Kana’s being really creepy ahaha.

Kana fawned over how cute Kanae is throughout the radio, with Shimizu reminding her how creepy she’s being in front of Kanae on occasion ahaha. Kanae seemed kinda nervous from all the praise and doting <3

Wow writing out the quiz took up a lot of space hah.

Comchat Countdown #460

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Name: こむちゃっとカウントダウン
Hosts: Sakurai Takahiro, Iguchi Yuka
Guests: Hikasa Youko, Hanazawa Kana
Date: 2011.08.20

Comchat Countdown is a long time running show airing weekly since 2002 hosted by Iguchi Yuka and Sakurai Takahiro. The main thing the three of them are here to talk about is Ro-Kyu-Bu it seems. Amusingly Iguchi acts as a guest from Ro-Kyu-Bu for the show rather than it’s co-host. I’m not exactly sure what episode number this is but if I were to hazard a guess, I’d put it at about #460 …And what a guess, after looking it up a bit I found that I was spot on haha.

– Iguchi announces the guests as “Ro-Kyu-Bu’s Hanazawa Kana, Hikasa Youko and *laughs* Iguchi Yuka!” despite she herself being one of the hosts of Comchat Countdown haha.

– The three of them (or five including the other two members of Ro-Kyu-Bu that aren’t present) had to wake up at 5-6 AM for the shooting of the PV :O Kana commented that Iguchi had gone to record Comchat Countdown on the same day and admired how hard she worked :D

– Iguchi then laughed that while Kana had to practice shooting the basketball and stuff, she and Hikasa didn’t so they were always eating or laughing/playing together while Kana toiled away at the hoop haha. Kana remembers thinking “I can hear them” and jokingly yelled at them to go away lol.

– When talking about how nervous and excited they all are for the upcoming Anisama performance next week Kana goes all quiet and they laugh and ask her what’s wrong and she mumbles “I feel like vomiting when I think about it” ahaha.

– The three of them wore a blazer type sailor uniform for their high school, though interestingly Iguchi’s middle school didn’t have a uniform and they wore casual clothing there :O

– Iguchi and Kana said that if they were to say who was the most feminine out of Ro-Kyu-Bu’s members they would ironically pick Hikasa heh, saying that she’s really considerate and her cooking is good… And Hikasa as usual receives compliments pretty embarassedly and gets flustered haha.

– Iguchi says something that sounds like a dirty joke(though she herself denies it) and Hikasa + Kana tell her that she’s fired from Ro-Kyu-Bu ahaha.

– The three of them seem like they really enjoyed spending time together for the dance lessons and stuff like that for Ro-Kyu-Bu <3

The three of them kept going crazy when talking in between themselves and Sakurai had to keep reining them in to discuss Ro-Kyu-Bu lol.

Kannagi Radio #02

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Name: かんなぎらじお
Hosts: Hanazawa Kana, Tomatsu Haruka
Date: 2008.07.09

As you can probably tell from the title, this radio is an old radio from about 3 years ago for the Kannagi anime. The first episode had Tomatsu Haruka with the director Yamamoto Yutaka but without Hanazawa Kana… But I skipped covering that hah.

– The two of them mention that this is the first time they’ve been on radio together. I did say on a previous HitoKana episode that this wasn’t the first time meeting on that episode just before Kannagi had started airing but Kannagi Radio had started about a month and a half before Tomatsu guested on Kana’s radio.

– BFF from the start!

Tomatsu: We’ve always seen each other in magazines and stuff and always wanted to meet right?
Kana: Yeah. And… About October of last year? We finally met.
Tomatsu: Yeah around October or November.
Kana: And it didn’t feel like this was our first time meeting!
Tomatsu: Yeah! We were all like “It feels like I’ve known you for a while already!” *laughs*
Kana: *laughs* It was kinda weird wasn’t it
Tomatsu: A bit *laughs* I was like “I’VE ALWAYS WANTED TO MEET YOU”
Kana: Yeah you did say that didn’t you haha
Tomatsu: It was like we were best friends from the moment we met! *laughs*
Kana: It was pretty great *laughs*

– Tomatsu says that when she sneezes, she’s the type of person to sneeze multiple times instead of just once. She also laughs that her voice goes 3 octaves higher when she sneezes so she’s found that people around her find it amusing when she sneezes haha.

– Kana laughs that her kitchen is pretty messy. She also says that her fridge smells pretty bad and recalls a time when she left an avocado for too long and it stunk really bad and when she finally took it out to throw it away…. There was white fluff growing on it OTL

Tomatsu is a fun personality to listen to and you can tell she’s an amusingly exuberant person with the way she expresses her enjoyment. During the course of the radio you can hear her clapping in laughter or hitting the table with her own gestures. It’s a wonderful thing to see :D. Judging by the reactions and her voice changes you can imagine her doing funny face expressions in reaction to certain happenings too haha.


Hanazawa Kana no Hitori de Dekiru Kana? #095

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Name: 花澤香菜のひとりでできるかな?
Host: Hanazawa Kana
Date: 2011.08.17

I usually leave HitoKana blurbs to the radio scribbles section but I found that I was writing more than I usually did so I might as well turn it into a full post, though I’ve only written about two separate points on the radio… So it’s more like another of those Hanazawa Kana Radio Scribbles posts hah.

– Houkago Tea Time’s (and Infinite Stratos’) surprise performance at TBS Anime Festa.

“We came as a surprise guest for Infinite Stratos at the TBS Anime Festa! There were really a lot of people there. Last year I came for Infinite Stratos as well and I thought “Wow it’s really been a year already…” …The only thing that’s changed is that Uchiyama’s [Kouki] hair has turned brown *laughs*

And also, K-ON performed there as a surprise guest just before we did as well! The whole audience was all like “Waah!”. They sung two songs and left. The audience was all burned out after that! *laughs* And I was thinking “Ehhh We have to go up on stage right after them?! I don’t want to go up there…” *laughs* But I was watching from the waiting room and they were really amazing! Performing with instruments really is cool isn’t it. And singing those difficult songs… I really thought they were so cool!”

I don’t think I’ve heard HanaKana talking about HTT often so I found this quite interesting <3

– HanaKana’s weight

HanaKana had made a goal quite a few episodes back on HitoKana to lose three kilograms over the summer and she’s been reporting on it with each episode lol. Amusingly, the staff asks her offhandedly everytime “How much do you weigh now?” to her despair and she tries to avoid the question everytime.

“I announced that I would try to lose three kilograms quite a while ago and now… I’ve achieved that and lost three kilos! I told you all! If I set my mind to losing weight I can lose it easily! I’ve been waiting for this day to say this! …But then it looks like I’ve gained a kilo again *laughs*

*Staff asks her weight*”So what’s your weight now?” Stop asking my weight! Eh? “Around 50 kilos?” What!? 50 Kilos?!!? What’s with that!! That’s horrible! It’s a bit closer to…. A bit closer to… That*HanaKana changes topic*

Ahaha So apparently she’s below 50 kg by quite a bit. With each episode we have more information on her weight! harhar /creepy

Kana is still terrified of her upcoming live performance at Anisama and brings it up a couple of times during the radio. She laughs that she can’t wait till the next broadcast of HitoKana since by then her performance will have passed and she can relax again haha.

Ore no Imouto ga (Rajio Demo) Konna ni Kawaii Wake ga Nai #18

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Name: 俺の妹が(ラジオでも)こんなに可愛いわけがない
Hosts: Taketatsu Ayana, Hanazawa Kana
Date: 2011.04.22

Episode 18! It’s been a while since I’ve heard the two of them alone, but the two of them do make a wonderful pair <3

– It seems like it’s been a while since they’ve seen each other.

Ayana: It’s been a while since we’ve met hasn’t it?
Kana: …Yeah it really has…
Ayana: It’s been really long!
Kana: It’s been so long that… Seriously… Can I kiss you? *laughs*
Ayana: Eh?! No you can’t! *laughs* We’re in the middle of recording!
Kana: Sorry!
Ayana: …You have to do it in a place where there’s no one else around!

LOL Ayana so it’s okay as long as no one’s around?!

– Ayachi in my dreams!

Kana: I saw you in a dream!
Ayana: Eh? What kind of dream?
Kana: I was buying you clothes.
Ayana: Ah that’s sounds great, what kind of clothes did you buy for me?
Kana: Frilly frilly clothes <3 And I had you change into them for me *laughs*
Ayana: That’s perverted!
Kana: Yeah I’m not sure what’s wrong with me… *laughs*
Ayana: Everytime I meet up with you you become more and more perverted *laughs*

 – More loving lines~

Ayana: “Today your clothes are really cute Kana-chan~”
Kana: Ah… Thanks… What brought this about?
Ayana: “But you know what? I think Kana-chan is so much more cuter~”
Kana: Kyaa~!

– Kana uses Pantene shampoo~ She says she loves the smell of it.

– Ayana used to call one of her elder girl cousins “nee-nee~” lol.

– Drop the honorifics with me~

Kana: Thinking of what to call people can be pretty difficult sometimes… Even when you get really friendly with them you still use “-san”
Ayana: Yeah I agree. Like now I call you “Kana-chan”. I couldn’t call you just “Kana”.
Kana: Eh? Call me “Kana”~!
Ayana: Eh? Why! Eh?! …Ka-Kana…
*They both break into laughter*
Ayana: Wait! This is really embarassing! Wait a moment!! I’m so embarassed!
Kana: This is great~ From now on you can call me that~
Ayana: Haha I’ll just be too embarassed to say your name at all then! Then in return Kana-chan–whoops I said “-chan” already *laughs* , you have to call me “Aya”!
Kana: That’s great too!
Ayana: Really??
Kana: …Aya
Ayana: Eh?
Kana: Aya~
*They both laugh*
Ayana: This is pretty embarassing isn’t it!
Kana: Yeah it is… I’m feeling pretty hot now *laughs*
Ayana: Yeah same! *laughs* When we first entered the room it was pretty cold too!

– When talking about anime figures they mention that they often receive them from various anime they’ve been involved with. Kana mentions that she’s got a Black Rock Shooter figure.

– Ayana laughs that the great thing about figures is that you can see the panties ahaha. Kana agrees with that as well :D

– Ayana hasn’t seen Azumanga Daioh :O Kana mentions offhandedly that Osaka’s really cute but Ayana has no idea who she is.

– Ayana mentions that she recieved the DVD box of CardCaptor Sakura as a gift :O

– Oh wow the two of them talk about abbreviations and “JC” comes up. Apparently it stands for “Joshi Chuu Gakusei”/”Middle School Girl”. Ahh Suddenly that Moshidora radio episode makes sense now. Gonna need to go back and fix that.

– A listener sends in a mail talking about a “Hanatatsu Kana” being in episode 13 of OreImo formed from Hanazawa Kana and Taketatsu Ayana which confuses them. Apparently the white board in the club room had something written down about this in the anime and going back to check it… There it is :O 花達香菜!They laugh and say they should just create that unit :D

Ahh Kana x Ayana love is always so wonderful <3.

It looks like Nabatame Hitomi’s coming on to guest next episode :O The amount of episodes left till the end is ticking down slowly :( Sadly episode 24 marks the end of the radio, 5 more to go D:

Oh and by the way, the two of them reverted to calling each other “Kana-chan” and “Ayachi” instinctively haha.

Aoi, Saori’s New Show (`・ω・´) #11

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Name: あおい・さおりの新番組(`・ω・´)
Hosts: Hayami Saori, Yuuki Aoi
Guest: Sakura Ayane
Date: 2011.08.11

Amusingly they kept the name for the show with the slight change of removing the “Temporary Name” and turning it into the “Doya” emoticon. “Doya” in japanese is a kind of expression best described as a triumphant, sorta looking down on someone kind of face expression. This is also used in the email address of the show, which was changed to “doya@joqr.net”. The origin of the “doya” in the show is from the two of them wanting to grow into a mature and strong willed woman and the show has various corners centred around the two of them as they try to act as their ideal woman where they would commonly use this strong willed expression in an assortment of situations.

Sakura is currently in her summer vacation and says she hasn’t really been going out much during the holidays lol.

– The first time Aoi met Sakura was backstage last year at TBS Anime Festa, though they didn’t appear in the same event. She thought she was an adult woman but was shocked to find out that she was younger than her haha. Yeah Sakura gets a lot of comments about how she doesn’t look her age.

– Sakura remembers that Aoi was in a maid uniform lol

Sakura: She was in a maid uniform!
*Aoi laughs*
Hayami: Ah! I want to see a picture of that!
Sakura: I saved that image into my mind~ <3

– Hayami laughs that although she is Sakura’s senior in I’m Enterprise by three years, Sakura looks so mature that she forgets it all the time hah.

– Sakura recalls her first impression of Hayami was “Wow this person has a different aura to her than normal!”

– Drivers license

Sakura: I want to get a driving license…
Aoi+Hayami: Yeah same here…
Hayami: Let’s all get one!

Aoi: And I really want a car like that Transformers one!

The three of them hit it off really well and Sakura says that she would really love to come again and pronounces that she’ll definitely guest again in the future. Sakura and Aoi in particular laugh that they seem like they could be pretty close friends <3

I really love how well Sakura handles herself on radio. She’s an interesting and amusing person to listen to and she’s only 17! :O Also on an unrelated note, I find it amusing how both her last name and first name sounds like a female first name heh.

Mizuki Nana no M no Sekai #105

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Name: 水樹奈々のMの世界
Host: Mizuki Nana
Guest: Sawashiro Miyuki
Date: 2011.07.23

Sawashiro Miyuki guest episode! I haven’t actually heard these two together that often but I do know that they’re pretty close. Nana blogged about the recording of this episode on the thirteenth of July meaning that it was recorded a week and a half before it was broadcast.

– Nana laughs that Sawashiro’s roles are always so much more mature than Nana’s despite Sawashiro being younger than her.

– They mention that Basilisk was the first time they’ve worked with one another in an anime. Nana says that the first time they met was at an event for a game though. Sawashiro doesn’t remember though D:

– When Nana met Sawashiro again on Dragonauts after Basilisk she was really really happy to see her lol. Sawashiro was confused on why Nana seemed so energetic to see her again ahaha.

Nana: When we met again on Dragonauts I was like “Kyaa! We’re together again!!”
Sawashiro: Yeah and I was thinking “What’s with this person?!” You were like “Miyuki-chan lets go eat out together sometime!!” and I was thinking “Err did I do something to pique her interest…? …Why is she so interested in me?”
Nana: Hey what’s with that logical evaluation of my affection! You’re making it sound like it was all one sided!!
Sawashiro: No, no it wasn’t like that at all though!

– Sawashiro asks Nana if she intends to go on a World Tour one day and she says she’d love to… One day. Do it Nanaaaaaaa~! <3

– Sawashiro asks Nana in english “Would you tell us your dream as a singer in english?” And Nana panics and passes the question lol. As if Nana could answer that in english ahaha.

– It looks like Sawashiro’s on a learning (and using) English fever right now lol.

– When talking about learning english Sawashiro tells Nana that supposedly getting an english boyfriend is one of the best ways to learn english. They laugh about it saying that if he only spoke english how would they even start dating at first, let alone start communicating with one another haha.

– Wow… It looks like Sawashiro was scolded and slapped by a senior seiyuu before :O She thought it was pretty cool that the person cared about her that much to tell her off like that and says she wants to do that one day to her juniors lol. Nana was really surprised at first but laughs that guiding the juniors is good and all but she should probably let go of the slapping part lol. She doesn’t say who it was that slapped her. I wonder who it was :O

– Cabaret Clubs!

Nana: Have you gone to a Cabaret club before?
Sawashiro: No I haven’t! I’m interested in seeing one though… I want to see if that image I have of cabaret clubs from dramas and the media are really true or not!
Nana: Yeah I know what you mean!
Sawashiro: Like do they really have rankings and stuff for their girls based on popularity? *laughs*
Nana: Yeah yeah! Like where they’re all fighting for first place and stuff like that! *laughs*

It looks like Nana’s gone to one before though when she was young. Someone from King Records brought her there lol.

– Nana laughs that even she as a girl gets excited by Sawashiro’s sexy voice ahahha.

– Come again!

Nana: I hope you can come guest again!
Sawashiro: Uh.. I’ll think about it.
Nana: Haha whats with that?! …You’re such a tsundere… But I like that <3
*They both break into laughter*

Wow these two were so lovey dovey with one another <3. Well it was mostly Nana but Sawashiro’s tsundere love was evident :D

MoshiDoRadio #08

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Name: 程高放送部~もしドラジオ~
Hosts: Hanazawa Kana, Hikasa Youko
Guest: Suyama Akio
Date: 2011.06.06

Episode 8 has the childhood friend Kashiwagi Jiro’s seiyuu Suyama Akio.

– When talking about marriage Hikasa asks Kana if she wants to get married and Kana says she does. She says she’d like to have her marriage at a lone island or so :O

– Hikasa laughs that if they go to a lone island Kana will have to be naked for the wedding lol. Or at least topless. Kana laughs but tells her off for saying dirty material. It seems like Kana’s told Hikasa beforehand not to say dirty material on radio with her lol.

– Kana says there’s a surprise today, referring to the guest coming on to the show and Hikasa panics thinking that they’d play a prank on her lol. Kana laughs saying that as if that would happen and Hikasa laughs that it happens all the time on a certain other radio she works on. Yeah Momonoki’s traumatised her ahaha.

– They mention that they haven’t met with Suyama ever since the recordings, going on to say that it was quite a few months ago at around April. Oh that means the anime was aired almost immediately after the recordings were completed.

– Apparently the reason Suyama became a seiyuu was because someone else aiming to become one had encouraged him to do so as well :O

– Hikasa had left her script at home for one of the recordings. She laughed remembering that she wanted to go home and get it but there was only 5 minutes till the recording started D:

– Suyama’s hometown is Osaka. He adds that he’s been in Tokyo for longer than he’s been in Osaka now though.

– Suyama is a fan of Hello Project’s groups and says he attends their concerts waving lightsticks heh.

– When talking about SNSD the three of them comment that their legs are amazing lol.

– Suyama laughs that the crowd is so enthusiastic and active that when he attends their concerts he loses 2 kilos lol.

– Suyama talks about how he watched Space Battle Ship Yamato and Gundam when he was in school and they ask how old he is. He replies that he’s turning 43 this year to their complete surprise and they exclaim that he really doesn’t look it. I agree :O I thought he was 30 or so :O. Kana exclaims that it’s really hard to tell the ages of seiyuu from their looks hah.

– Hikasa says she was crying really hard at the end of the Moshidora last episode recording :O

– Suyama’s first impression of Kana was “Ah she looks like a mature and well behaved person”

– Hikasa says she’s actually pretty shy and quiet when meeting people for the first time and Kana says that she had thought she was a bit scary at first lol.

– Hikasa’s stomach grumbles during the recording lol. She laughs and says she wants to eat a donut =3

Hmm other than that long OreImo radio post, I haven’t been writing many transcripts in my posts recently. I’m not exactly sure what it is about an exchange that makes me want to transcribe and translate instead of blurb though.

Random Radio Scribbles 9

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Ueda Kana and Shimizu Kaori talking about the picture of Itou Kanae that was sent to her on twitter by Inoue Marina for her birthday on Marunage.

The two of them were talking about what surprises they’ve been having recently.

Kana: Ah speaking of surprises! Just the other day, oh this has something to do with Kanae by the way, on my birthday Marina sent me a birthday picture! I was like “Good Job Marina!” Kanae was holding a paper board with “Happy Birthday” written on it and Marina took the picture and sent it to me. It was sooo cute~
Kaori: Ah, this was on twitter wasn’t it?
Kana: Yeah yeah
Kaori: Yeah I saw that. I was thinking “Ah Kana’s gotta be ecstatic from this” when I saw it
Kana: Yeah I was.
Kaori: Well that was nice wasn’t it?
Kana: I still have the picture. It’s open on screen on my iPad.
*Kaori laughs*
Kaori: …I saw a glance of it just before…
Kana: …Did you see it?
Kaori: *laughs* I saw it.
Kana: Ahh how embarrassing… *laughs*
Kaori: *laughs* I was thinking “Ah it’s that picture…”
Kana: That was a wonderful surprise <3

I’ve been listening to quite a bit of Marunage recently. It’s such a fun radio <3

YuruYuri Radio YuriYurararaYuruYuri Housoushitsu #7 on 2011.08.13 hosted by Okubo Rumi, Mikami Shiori, Tsuda Minami, Otsubo Yuka. Guesting Taketatsu Ayana.

It’s kinda weird to see Ayana as a big senpai hah. The other four seem to be fans of her and fuss over her like kouhais <3

– The four of them were really happy with having Ayana as a guest :O They fangirled over her throughout the episode heh.

– Mikami Shiori also seems to be a fan of yuri :D

– Ayana laughs that the recording was really weird in that Midorikawa Hikaru’s voice was really cool but Ganbo’s appearance was really… Well, strange lol. She remembered smirking at this together with Yuuki Aoi throughout the recording :D

– I remember saying some time ago that Rumi’s voice reminded me of Ayana’s voice and hearing them together like this really strengthens that opinion :O

– Ayana says she loves yanderes lol. Craaazy.

– When describing the main characters, they laugh and describe Akari as an “atmosphere character” lol.

Ore no Imouto ga (Rajio Demo) Konna ni Kawaii Wake ga Nai #17

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Name: 俺の妹が(ラジオでも)こんなに可愛いわけがない
Hosts: Taketatsu Ayana, Hanazawa Kana
Guest: Hayami Saori
Date: 2011.04.08

The opening starts with an amusing little audio drama of Kuroneko and Ayase speaking with each other for the first time… And not getting along well with each other at all hah. It’s actually pretty amusing so I’ll translate it and put it here under the spoiler tag. Those interested in hearing it can hear it here:

Show Mini Audio Drama Transcript »

Ay, Ku and Ki stands for Ayase, Kuroneko and Kirino respectively.

Ay: Hello everyone listening in to the radio! It’s nice to meet you! This is Aragaki Ayase! It looks like it will be me and Kirino handling the short drama today. This’ll be my first time doing radio work so there may be some times when my inexperience shows but I’m looking forward to it!
Ku: …Would you mind not opening with such lies from the start?
Ay: Hmm? Who are you?
Ku: Kuroneko. I guess this is our first time meeting, Miss special guest Aragaki Ayase.
Ay: I… Guess so… Nice to meet you. *giggles* I was wondering who it’d be and it’s my very good friend Kuroneko-san! What brings you here today? You shouldn’t be appearing today? Ah I see! Perhaps you’ve made a mistake and come to the wrong place? Oh Kuroneko you can be so ditzy sometimes!
Ku: Thank you for being so irritating right from the start. And for you I’ve got a special announcement. Today’s radio will be done by you and me.
Ay: Haha What kind of funny things are you saying? Where is Kirino?
Ku: We’ve got her on the phone so hear it from her yourself.
Ki: Hello? Ayase? It’s me!
Ay: Kirino? Where are you right now?
Ki: Sorry Ayase! There was this new game I REALLY wanted to play! It has Hanazawa voicing a character! So could I leave the radio to you today?
Ay: Well then I guess there’s no helping it…… EH?!
Ki: Thanks! I’m just up to this really good part so I’m leaving it to you!
Ay: Hey wait! Kirino?? Kirino! Eh?? Eeeeehh?!?
Ku: And that’s how it is. Today we’ll be having Kuroneko and Ayase’s friendly combination on the radio.
Ay: “Friendly”?? We haven’t even spoken a word to each other on the anime!!
Ku: We’ve had some pretty fun conversations on the PSP game haven’t we?
Ay: For some reason I seem to recall us being at each other’s throats though?!
Ku: We both hope never to meet one another in the anime don’t we.
Ay: Agreed.
Ku: Well putting all that aside now, lets start reading mail from the listeners.
Ay: Are we really going to be doing this together?
Ku: We’ve got no choice do we? We’ve got that certain someone stuck in her little game putting her faith in you to fulfill her role after all. Would it be okay with you to not answer that?
Ay: Looks like that’s just how it is isnt it. Well lets do it then.
Ku: It looks like we’ve got someone asking you a question here.
Ay: Seems like they predicted my guest appearance!
Ku: Seems that way. Go on and read it.
Ay: Umm… “Hello Ayase-san” Hello! “I always enjoy reading about you and the way you punish Kyousuke. What kind of tools are you thinking of using on him next time?
Ku: …Thanks for the question. So to our guest… What’s your answer?
Ay: A lighter.
Ku: …L-Lighter?! You mean that set-on-fire lighter?
Ay: Yep!
Ku: I’m scared to ask this but… What kind of punishment are you thinking of doing with a lighter…?
Ay: Umm well… Something like burning or setting him on fire?
Ku: Haha… You say some weird jokes don’t you?
Ay: Eh?
Ku: ….”Eh“?
Ay: And of course I’m just joking!
Ku: Hahaha….. Why am I working with this devil on radio I wonder!
Ay: Aww don’t say that! I’m glad I got to meet you Kuroneko!
Ku: What are you saying??
Ay: When this radio is over lets talk more with one another! ….About Kirino that is.
Ku: …Wh-When this radio is over I’m going to be running off. As if my life depended on it.
Ay: Ah! It looks like we’re finishing here today! Then I’ll be closing the radio now! Thank you everyone for listening! Please look forward to the actual radio now!
*sound of running*

 – About the opening drama

Hayami: That opening drama was amazing wasn’t it? Ayase was so scary!
Kana + Ayana: Yeah Ayase was scaaary!
Kana: She made Kuroneko run away!
Ayana: Yeah to make Kuroneko run away in fear like that is no small feat!
Hayami: And she chased after her didn’t she!
Kana: Yeah! She was like all “OH YOU’RE RUNNING?!” Scary scary!
Hayami: Well she’s still a good girl though!
Kana + Ayana: Yeah.
Kana: She’s just a little, well, a bit on the darker side.
Hayami: She’s just honest with her feelings!
Kana: Yeah she just likes Kirino that much!
Ayana: She likes her too much!

– The two of them find out that Hayami’s turning 20 soon and laughs that she’s so capable even though she’s so young. She gets embarassed and tries to redirect the topic back to OreImo heh.

– The little scribbles at the bottom right were drawn by Hayami of Kuroneko lol.

– Hayami had read the original novels of OreImo before she auditioned :O

– Kana made fun of Hayami’s scribbles and Ayana laughs saying that Kana can’t make fun of her drawings when she herself drew that Kuroneko on the right ahaha.

– Ayase’s scary! Hayami’s scary!

Kana: What was it like for you when Ayase’s… “darker” side came out?
Hayami: I was really surprised! When I auditioned for her initially I went for a really cute image for her, and the original novels had her as a really cute character at the start!

Hayami: But that gap in her personalities was really interesting and made her a really rewarding character to play! It was really exciting and fun to do.
Kana: And Hayami, you were really lively when you were at the microphone for it!
Ayana: Yeah she was!
Kana: I was thinking that you were really having fun.
Ayana: And I got pretty scared for real. Like when Comiket had ended and Kirino met up with Ayase and she was all like “Why are you running away…?” while holding her arm! That was soo scary!
Kana: Weren’t you told that you were too scary sometimes by the director?
Hayami: Yeah that happened!
Ayana: After seeing that I was too scared to talk to Hayami for a while right after! *laughs*
Hayami: *laughs* Huh really?? Were you really??
Ayana: Like I wanted to ask you about something to do with the script but I was too scared and didn’t ask!
Hayami: Ehh really?
Kana: *laughs* Yeah Hayami you were too scary!

Haha poor Hayami sounded a bit depressed that she scared Ayana that much <3

– Ayana’s still reading out loving lines to Kana!

Ayana: “Kana-chan~
Kana: Hmm?
Ayana: When do you finish work today?
Kana: Today? At around 8 pm?
Ayana: “…Then okay I’ll wait for you until you finish~!
*Kana coughs and splutters then laughs*
Hayami + Ayana: Woah! That reaction! *laughs*

Kana: Ahaha! That was great! But does that mean I’ll be keeping Ayana waiting till 8?? *laughs*
Hayami: Yeah and It’s still the afternoon right now!
Kana: Ah I’m so happy!
Ayana: I’ll wait forever for you!

Ayana: You know if you had Ayase read that it would be really scary!
(They have Hayami read it in Ayase mode)
Hayami(Ayase): “Hanazawa-san! When do you finish work today?”
Kana: At around 8 pm?
Hayami(Ayase): “Oh okay! …I’ll be waiting for you when you finish…”
*The three of them scream and laughs*
All Three: That’s terrifying!!
Ayana: It’s like “What is she gonna do to her when Kana’s finished”?!

LOL Hayami turned to that yandere cold quiet voice when she said “I’ll be waiting for you…” Ahahah. That was so creepy!

– The radio has them doing impressions and it’s pretty fun to hear. The Wakamoto Norio one was especially great ahaha. Hayami’s was the most similar, Kana’s was sooo off lol. They laugh that everyone does it so they’ve seen plenty of seiyuu try it.

– They try to do the Mario jumping sound effect as well, Hayami does the sound of a coin being picked up instead and Kana’s one was really off again, but Ayana’s one was spot on.

– The subject of CardCaptor Sakura comes up and Hayami appears to have been a big fan of it as well. Ayana and Hayami start discussing really intently about the characters and clow cards while Kana goes completely silent in the back since she doesn’t know much about it lol.

Ahh Hayamin is fun to listen to <3 They want Hayami to come guest again and try to organise it there to get her to come on again, though it looks like she hasn’t appeared ever since and the radio has already ended :( The Ayase talk this episode was hilarious ahaha, I really enjoyed this episode :D


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