Ore no Imouto ga (Rajio Demo) Konna ni Kawaii Wake ga Nai #17

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Name: 俺の妹が(ラジオでも)こんなに可愛いわけがない
Hosts: Taketatsu Ayana, Hanazawa Kana
Guest: Hayami Saori
Date: 2011.04.08

The opening starts with an amusing little audio drama of Kuroneko and Ayase speaking with each other for the first time… And not getting along well with each other at all hah. It’s actually pretty amusing so I’ll translate it and put it here under the spoiler tag. Those interested in hearing it can hear it here:

Show Mini Audio Drama Transcript »

Ay, Ku and Ki stands for Ayase, Kuroneko and Kirino respectively.

Ay: Hello everyone listening in to the radio! It’s nice to meet you! This is Aragaki Ayase! It looks like it will be me and Kirino handling the short drama today. This’ll be my first time doing radio work so there may be some times when my inexperience shows but I’m looking forward to it!
Ku: …Would you mind not opening with such lies from the start?
Ay: Hmm? Who are you?
Ku: Kuroneko. I guess this is our first time meeting, Miss special guest Aragaki Ayase.
Ay: I… Guess so… Nice to meet you. *giggles* I was wondering who it’d be and it’s my very good friend Kuroneko-san! What brings you here today? You shouldn’t be appearing today? Ah I see! Perhaps you’ve made a mistake and come to the wrong place? Oh Kuroneko you can be so ditzy sometimes!
Ku: Thank you for being so irritating right from the start. And for you I’ve got a special announcement. Today’s radio will be done by you and me.
Ay: Haha What kind of funny things are you saying? Where is Kirino?
Ku: We’ve got her on the phone so hear it from her yourself.
Ki: Hello? Ayase? It’s me!
Ay: Kirino? Where are you right now?
Ki: Sorry Ayase! There was this new game I REALLY wanted to play! It has Hanazawa voicing a character! So could I leave the radio to you today?
Ay: Well then I guess there’s no helping it…… EH?!
Ki: Thanks! I’m just up to this really good part so I’m leaving it to you!
Ay: Hey wait! Kirino?? Kirino! Eh?? Eeeeehh?!?
Ku: And that’s how it is. Today we’ll be having Kuroneko and Ayase’s friendly combination on the radio.
Ay: “Friendly”?? We haven’t even spoken a word to each other on the anime!!
Ku: We’ve had some pretty fun conversations on the PSP game haven’t we?
Ay: For some reason I seem to recall us being at each other’s throats though?!
Ku: We both hope never to meet one another in the anime don’t we.
Ay: Agreed.
Ku: Well putting all that aside now, lets start reading mail from the listeners.
Ay: Are we really going to be doing this together?
Ku: We’ve got no choice do we? We’ve got that certain someone stuck in her little game putting her faith in you to fulfill her role after all. Would it be okay with you to not answer that?
Ay: Looks like that’s just how it is isnt it. Well lets do it then.
Ku: It looks like we’ve got someone asking you a question here.
Ay: Seems like they predicted my guest appearance!
Ku: Seems that way. Go on and read it.
Ay: Umm… “Hello Ayase-san” Hello! “I always enjoy reading about you and the way you punish Kyousuke. What kind of tools are you thinking of using on him next time?
Ku: …Thanks for the question. So to our guest… What’s your answer?
Ay: A lighter.
Ku: …L-Lighter?! You mean that set-on-fire lighter?
Ay: Yep!
Ku: I’m scared to ask this but… What kind of punishment are you thinking of doing with a lighter…?
Ay: Umm well… Something like burning or setting him on fire?
Ku: Haha… You say some weird jokes don’t you?
Ay: Eh?
Ku: ….”Eh“?
Ay: And of course I’m just joking!
Ku: Hahaha….. Why am I working with this devil on radio I wonder!
Ay: Aww don’t say that! I’m glad I got to meet you Kuroneko!
Ku: What are you saying??
Ay: When this radio is over lets talk more with one another! ….About Kirino that is.
Ku: …Wh-When this radio is over I’m going to be running off. As if my life depended on it.
Ay: Ah! It looks like we’re finishing here today! Then I’ll be closing the radio now! Thank you everyone for listening! Please look forward to the actual radio now!
*sound of running*

 – About the opening drama

Hayami: That opening drama was amazing wasn’t it? Ayase was so scary!
Kana + Ayana: Yeah Ayase was scaaary!
Kana: She made Kuroneko run away!
Ayana: Yeah to make Kuroneko run away in fear like that is no small feat!
Hayami: And she chased after her didn’t she!
Kana: Yeah! She was like all “OH YOU’RE RUNNING?!” Scary scary!
Hayami: Well she’s still a good girl though!
Kana + Ayana: Yeah.
Kana: She’s just a little, well, a bit on the darker side.
Hayami: She’s just honest with her feelings!
Kana: Yeah she just likes Kirino that much!
Ayana: She likes her too much!

– The two of them find out that Hayami’s turning 20 soon and laughs that she’s so capable even though she’s so young. She gets embarassed and tries to redirect the topic back to OreImo heh.

– The little scribbles at the bottom right were drawn by Hayami of Kuroneko lol.

– Hayami had read the original novels of OreImo before she auditioned :O

– Kana made fun of Hayami’s scribbles and Ayana laughs saying that Kana can’t make fun of her drawings when she herself drew that Kuroneko on the right ahaha.

– Ayase’s scary! Hayami’s scary!

Kana: What was it like for you when Ayase’s… “darker” side came out?
Hayami: I was really surprised! When I auditioned for her initially I went for a really cute image for her, and the original novels had her as a really cute character at the start!

Hayami: But that gap in her personalities was really interesting and made her a really rewarding character to play! It was really exciting and fun to do.
Kana: And Hayami, you were really lively when you were at the microphone for it!
Ayana: Yeah she was!
Kana: I was thinking that you were really having fun.
Ayana: And I got pretty scared for real. Like when Comiket had ended and Kirino met up with Ayase and she was all like “Why are you running away…?” while holding her arm! That was soo scary!
Kana: Weren’t you told that you were too scary sometimes by the director?
Hayami: Yeah that happened!
Ayana: After seeing that I was too scared to talk to Hayami for a while right after! *laughs*
Hayami: *laughs* Huh really?? Were you really??
Ayana: Like I wanted to ask you about something to do with the script but I was too scared and didn’t ask!
Hayami: Ehh really?
Kana: *laughs* Yeah Hayami you were too scary!

Haha poor Hayami sounded a bit depressed that she scared Ayana that much <3

– Ayana’s still reading out loving lines to Kana!

Ayana: “Kana-chan~
Kana: Hmm?
Ayana: When do you finish work today?
Kana: Today? At around 8 pm?
Ayana: “…Then okay I’ll wait for you until you finish~!
*Kana coughs and splutters then laughs*
Hayami + Ayana: Woah! That reaction! *laughs*

Kana: Ahaha! That was great! But does that mean I’ll be keeping Ayana waiting till 8?? *laughs*
Hayami: Yeah and It’s still the afternoon right now!
Kana: Ah I’m so happy!
Ayana: I’ll wait forever for you!

Ayana: You know if you had Ayase read that it would be really scary!
(They have Hayami read it in Ayase mode)
Hayami(Ayase): “Hanazawa-san! When do you finish work today?”
Kana: At around 8 pm?
Hayami(Ayase): “Oh okay! …I’ll be waiting for you when you finish…”
*The three of them scream and laughs*
All Three: That’s terrifying!!
Ayana: It’s like “What is she gonna do to her when Kana’s finished”?!

LOL Hayami turned to that yandere cold quiet voice when she said “I’ll be waiting for you…” Ahahah. That was so creepy!

– The radio has them doing impressions and it’s pretty fun to hear. The Wakamoto Norio one was especially great ahaha. Hayami’s was the most similar, Kana’s was sooo off lol. They laugh that everyone does it so they’ve seen plenty of seiyuu try it.

– They try to do the Mario jumping sound effect as well, Hayami does the sound of a coin being picked up instead and Kana’s one was really off again, but Ayana’s one was spot on.

– The subject of CardCaptor Sakura comes up and Hayami appears to have been a big fan of it as well. Ayana and Hayami start discussing really intently about the characters and clow cards while Kana goes completely silent in the back since she doesn’t know much about it lol.

Ahh Hayamin is fun to listen to <3 They want Hayami to come guest again and try to organise it there to get her to come on again, though it looks like she hasn’t appeared ever since and the radio has already ended :( The Ayase talk this episode was hilarious ahaha, I really enjoyed this episode :D


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