Mizuki Nana no M no Sekai #105

August 17th, 2011 § 4 comments

Name: 水樹奈々のMの世界
Host: Mizuki Nana
Guest: Sawashiro Miyuki
Date: 2011.07.23

Sawashiro Miyuki guest episode! I haven’t actually heard these two together that often but I do know that they’re pretty close. Nana blogged about the recording of this episode on the thirteenth of July meaning that it was recorded a week and a half before it was broadcast.

– Nana laughs that Sawashiro’s roles are always so much more mature than Nana’s despite Sawashiro being younger than her.

– They mention that Basilisk was the first time they’ve worked with one another in an anime. Nana says that the first time they met was at an event for a game though. Sawashiro doesn’t remember though D:

– When Nana met Sawashiro again on Dragonauts after Basilisk she was really really happy to see her lol. Sawashiro was confused on why Nana seemed so energetic to see her again ahaha.

Nana: When we met again on Dragonauts I was like “Kyaa! We’re together again!!”
Sawashiro: Yeah and I was thinking “What’s with this person?!” You were like “Miyuki-chan lets go eat out together sometime!!” and I was thinking “Err did I do something to pique her interest…? …Why is she so interested in me?”
Nana: Hey what’s with that logical evaluation of my affection! You’re making it sound like it was all one sided!!
Sawashiro: No, no it wasn’t like that at all though!

– Sawashiro asks Nana if she intends to go on a World Tour one day and she says she’d love to… One day. Do it Nanaaaaaaa~! <3

– Sawashiro asks Nana in english “Would you tell us your dream as a singer in english?” And Nana panics and passes the question lol. As if Nana could answer that in english ahaha.

– It looks like Sawashiro’s on a learning (and using) English fever right now lol.

– When talking about learning english Sawashiro tells Nana that supposedly getting an english boyfriend is one of the best ways to learn english. They laugh about it saying that if he only spoke english how would they even start dating at first, let alone start communicating with one another haha.

– Wow… It looks like Sawashiro was scolded and slapped by a senior seiyuu before :O She thought it was pretty cool that the person cared about her that much to tell her off like that and says she wants to do that one day to her juniors lol. Nana was really surprised at first but laughs that guiding the juniors is good and all but she should probably let go of the slapping part lol. She doesn’t say who it was that slapped her. I wonder who it was :O

– Cabaret Clubs!

Nana: Have you gone to a Cabaret club before?
Sawashiro: No I haven’t! I’m interested in seeing one though… I want to see if that image I have of cabaret clubs from dramas and the media are really true or not!
Nana: Yeah I know what you mean!
Sawashiro: Like do they really have rankings and stuff for their girls based on popularity? *laughs*
Nana: Yeah yeah! Like where they’re all fighting for first place and stuff like that! *laughs*

It looks like Nana’s gone to one before though when she was young. Someone from King Records brought her there lol.

– Nana laughs that even she as a girl gets excited by Sawashiro’s sexy voice ahahha.

– Come again!

Nana: I hope you can come guest again!
Sawashiro: Uh.. I’ll think about it.
Nana: Haha whats with that?! …You’re such a tsundere… But I like that <3
*They both break into laughter*

Wow these two were so lovey dovey with one another <3. Well it was mostly Nana but Sawashiro’s tsundere love was evident :D

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§ 4 Responses to Mizuki Nana no M no Sekai #105"

  • yisaker says:

    i love seiyuu that have personal profile as an otaku. Ex: Mizuki Nana, Taketatsu Ayana or Sugita Tomokazu (the hardcore otaku fan. sometime even i cannot understand what he is saying). Enjoy reading this translation

  • baka~ says:

    You rarely post some content involving Miyuki Sawashiro so I was suspecting that she rarely does radio shows with other seiyuus. Does a veteran seiyu like Sawashiro get mixed up often with other seiyuu like Pikasha or KanaHana?

    • Ambi says:

      Rather than that they’re rarely paired up with rookies it’s more like they don’t come to guest too often. They still do a couple of times throughout the year or more depending on the seiyuu but most of the time the organisers go for the cheaper, more readily available and comparably(?) popular younger seiyuu.

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