Hanazawa Kana no Hitori de Dekiru Kana? #095

August 21st, 2011 § 3 comments

Name: 花澤香菜のひとりでできるかな?
Host: Hanazawa Kana
Date: 2011.08.17

I usually leave HitoKana blurbs to the radio scribbles section but I found that I was writing more than I usually did so I might as well turn it into a full post, though I’ve only written about two separate points on the radio… So it’s more like another of those Hanazawa Kana Radio Scribbles posts hah.

– Houkago Tea Time’s (and Infinite Stratos’) surprise performance at TBS Anime Festa.

“We came as a surprise guest for Infinite Stratos at the TBS Anime Festa! There were really a lot of people there. Last year I came for Infinite Stratos as well and I thought “Wow it’s really been a year already…” …The only thing that’s changed is that Uchiyama’s [Kouki] hair has turned brown *laughs*

And also, K-ON performed there as a surprise guest just before we did as well! The whole audience was all like “Waah!”. They sung two songs and left. The audience was all burned out after that! *laughs* And I was thinking “Ehhh We have to go up on stage right after them?! I don’t want to go up there…” *laughs* But I was watching from the waiting room and they were really amazing! Performing with instruments really is cool isn’t it. And singing those difficult songs… I really thought they were so cool!”

I don’t think I’ve heard HanaKana talking about HTT often so I found this quite interesting <3

– HanaKana’s weight

HanaKana had made a goal quite a few episodes back on HitoKana to lose three kilograms over the summer and she’s been reporting on it with each episode lol. Amusingly, the staff asks her offhandedly everytime “How much do you weigh now?” to her despair and she tries to avoid the question everytime.

“I announced that I would try to lose three kilograms quite a while ago and now… I’ve achieved that and lost three kilos! I told you all! If I set my mind to losing weight I can lose it easily! I’ve been waiting for this day to say this! …But then it looks like I’ve gained a kilo again *laughs*

*Staff asks her weight*”So what’s your weight now?” Stop asking my weight! Eh? “Around 50 kilos?” What!? 50 Kilos?!!? What’s with that!! That’s horrible! It’s a bit closer to…. A bit closer to… That*HanaKana changes topic*

Ahaha So apparently she’s below 50 kg by quite a bit. With each episode we have more information on her weight! harhar /creepy

Kana is still terrified of her upcoming live performance at Anisama and brings it up a couple of times during the radio. She laughs that she can’t wait till the next broadcast of HitoKana since by then her performance will have passed and she can relax again haha.

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  • mask says:

    50 kilos doesnt really sound a lot.. . Kana looks great to me.. . . HTT is like the big Machine .. I would love to see them live once. . .

  • yisaker says:

    i think she is always talking about her weight these days.

    on the other hand: find the proof already. aya x kana suteki. now back to sugita tomokazu. watching 東京エンカウント right now.

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