Comchat Countdown #460

August 23rd, 2011 § 4 comments

Name: こむちゃっとカウントダウン
Hosts: Sakurai Takahiro, Iguchi Yuka
Guests: Hikasa Youko, Hanazawa Kana
Date: 2011.08.20

Comchat Countdown is a long time running show airing weekly since 2002 hosted by Iguchi Yuka and Sakurai Takahiro. The main thing the three of them are here to talk about is Ro-Kyu-Bu it seems. Amusingly Iguchi acts as a guest from Ro-Kyu-Bu for the show rather than it’s co-host. I’m not exactly sure what episode number this is but if I were to hazard a guess, I’d put it at about #460 …And what a guess, after looking it up a bit I found that I was spot on haha.

– Iguchi announces the guests as “Ro-Kyu-Bu’s Hanazawa Kana, Hikasa Youko and *laughs* Iguchi Yuka!” despite she herself being one of the hosts of Comchat Countdown haha.

– The three of them (or five including the other two members of Ro-Kyu-Bu that aren’t present) had to wake up at 5-6 AM for the shooting of the PV :O Kana commented that Iguchi had gone to record Comchat Countdown on the same day and admired how hard she worked :D

– Iguchi then laughed that while Kana had to practice shooting the basketball and stuff, she and Hikasa didn’t so they were always eating or laughing/playing together while Kana toiled away at the hoop haha. Kana remembers thinking “I can hear them” and jokingly yelled at them to go away lol.

– When talking about how nervous and excited they all are for the upcoming Anisama performance next week Kana goes all quiet and they laugh and ask her what’s wrong and she mumbles “I feel like vomiting when I think about it” ahaha.

– The three of them wore a blazer type sailor uniform for their high school, though interestingly Iguchi’s middle school didn’t have a uniform and they wore casual clothing there :O

– Iguchi and Kana said that if they were to say who was the most feminine out of Ro-Kyu-Bu’s members they would ironically pick Hikasa heh, saying that she’s really considerate and her cooking is good… And Hikasa as usual receives compliments pretty embarassedly and gets flustered haha.

– Iguchi says something that sounds like a dirty joke(though she herself denies it) and Hikasa + Kana tell her that she’s fired from Ro-Kyu-Bu ahaha.

– The three of them seem like they really enjoyed spending time together for the dance lessons and stuff like that for Ro-Kyu-Bu <3

The three of them kept going crazy when talking in between themselves and Sakurai had to keep reining them in to discuss Ro-Kyu-Bu lol.

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  • Aurey says:

    Listened to this earlier today. Sakurai seems like a very easygoing person and it fit really well with the other three constantly derailing the conversation. Derailing being an understatement too.

  • Keiri says:

    Great episode! Really enjoyed listening to the three girls chattering and squealing away. Although I find calm shows like Hayamin’s Freestyle soothing to listen to, I absolutely love chaotic eps where the personalities and guests just go nuts. It’s so hilarious sometimes! :D

    And my memory is really fuzzy at the moment, but I recall Sakurai was being pretty cheeky in this episode as well before Hikasa and Hanazawa came in. He was perving over the RO-KYU-BU “lolis” and remarked stuff like “RO-KYU-BU’s “RO” is for “LOw angle””, which earned him a quick telling off by Iguchi. XD

    • Ambi says:

      Haha yeah I love the crazy ones too, though they can be a bit overwhelming after a while they’re still great :D
      And yeah Sakurai was poking them throughout the episode lol I haven’t heard him much on radio but he was fun to listen to :D

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