Hayami Saori’s Freestyle #18

September 12th, 2011 § 5 comments

Name: 早見沙織のふり~すたいる♪
Host: Hayami Saori
Guest: Kotobuki Minako
Date: 2011.08.02

Although this is the first time we’ve heard Minako on the radio show, it seems like the two of them recorded a special episode for the release CD of the show with Minako guesting there as well, making this actually the second time she’s come on Freestyle. Apparently they spoke for over one and a half hours when recording for that episode lol. The two of them are really friendly with one another, with Hayami mentioning on a previous episode that the seiyuu she was the closest to was Minako. Incidentally Minako’s also really close with Yuuki Aoi, who is of the same age as both of them, though Hayami on the other hand had just gotten to know Aoi recently on their new radio show. It looks like ever since then the three of them have been pretty interlinked though <3

– Hayami mentions that she’s attended a Sphere live performance before :D

– Random trivia: Minako dislikes tomatoes.

– Ahaha apparently they had FRST Mints as merchandise for the show on sale at Comiket. Note the “HAYA MINT” on the top left of the box lol. – Minako mentions that she’s been growing out her hair :O

– The show has Minako measuring her grip strength on one of the corners. Incidentally, Hayami had done this test on a previous radio episode and her results were:

Right: 19.1 kg
Left: 16.9 kg

 Upon hearing this Minako comments “That’s… *laughs* Really weak isn’t it?” lol. Yeahh if I recall correctly thats well below average for women. Speaking of grip strength in seiyuu, I think Toyosaki Aki’s was at about 35 kg…? I think they had them measure up their grip strength in K-ON’s radio though I’m not 100% sure. Don’t quote me on it!
…Also I seem to recall Sugita being at about 45 kg perhaps? Yeah I’m not sure at all.

– Minako ends up with these results:

Right: 28.3
Left: 25.4

Amusingly her left hand is weaker… Even though she’s left handed lol. It seems like that’s about the average grip strength for women though.

– They did another activity afterwards where they had Minako count up the total of ten random coins and record her time compared to Hayami’s and she beat her in that too. Go Minako :O

– The two of them realise with surprise that this is the first time they’ve been in a radio studio alone together, the two of them are really close and have gone out together and spoken with one another often so the realisation that this was their first time in a radio studio together really shocked them. Incidentally I did mention above that this was Minako’s second time on Freestyle but it seems that the special episode wasn’t recorded in a radio studio booth, which is why this was their first time in a booth together.

Notes on Kotobuki Minako

Though I haven’t ever written anything about Minako, I’ve actually been more interested in her recently. I hadn’t paid much attention to her previously due to… Well honestly, I disliked her voice acting work and I really do prioritise that about a seiyuu before I decide to follow them. Lately I’ve been finding Minako’s seiyuu work to be reasonably more enjoyable though so I’ve let up on her and have started looking up her radio work.
…And on that topic, I’ve just recently gone through the whole Hyakka Ryouran radio with her and Yuuki Aoi which, although I haven’t written a thing about the show, I found really amusing to listen to. So that’s that. I like Mina-chan now <3.

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  • Aurey says:

    Lol, mina-chan is the youngest of the K-On cast members but in every behind the scenes videos of the concert, she always seem to give out the most “mature” aura about her. That’s sort of what makes her attractive too imo.


    That and her kotobuki hole.

  • raizoo says:

    lol Hocchan vs Minako staring contest. Would not want to be there.

    Quite interested in Sugita’s grip if it really is that high and I do remember the K-On! girls doing that grip test.

    Something about Toyosaki claiming to have crushed apples to death in high school iirc, LOL.

    • Ambi says:

      Yeah I seem to recall something about Aki having a really strong grip as well but I can’t remember. Well she was in the basketball club after all, maybe she got it from palming balls? lol

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