OreImo Talkshow Event Dialogue Translation

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This isn’t from radio but it’s still Ayana x Kana~ This was from an event that took place at Wonder Festival on 2011.07.24 at the Sega booth. The event was mainly to promote the new OreImo figures that were being released at the time. I didn’t attend the event, nor was there any recording of it but I found the dialogue parts amusing enough to translate in the event report done by KoePota at http://www.koepota.jp/news/2011/08/22/0203.html It looks like it was a fun event~

– Ayana talking about cosplaying as Kirino and Kana as Kuroneko. The Kuroneko costume Ayana refers to is her summer sleeveless clothing.

Ayana: Do they sell the uniform as well? If Kana-chan wears the Kuroneko costume then I’ll wear the uniform as well!
Kana: No way!
Ayana: But you wore that goth-loli clothing on December last year didn’t you!
Kana: There were sleeves on that costume last time!
Ayana: Everyone wants to see Kana-chan’s arms don’t they?!
Kana: Dont underestimate my arms! I could fly with them! *laughs* There are dreams stored within these arms! *laughs*

– About the new figures that will only be available if won from the UFO catcher/crane game machines.

Ayana: They’re wonderful! They make me think “Is it really alright to leave these in the game machine?!”. I wonder if you can see Kuroneko’s underwear? *laughs*
Kana: Don’t look! She’s definitely wearing those pumpkin panties, but it’s made so you can’t see them!
Ayana: “Pumpkin panties”? She’s got her goth-loli clothing theme on everything doesn’t she? *laughs*
Kana: How about Kirino?
Ayana: I don’t know if they are but, they might not be visible? *laughs*. Oh her hair color gradient has been properly colored.

– The event then had the two of them try and retrieve a figure from the game machine. To spice things up they had Kana play the boyfriend role and Ayana as the girlfriend in a situation where the two of them were on a date at the game center.

Kana: Hey theres a game center right there wanna go in?
Ayana: Yeah let’s go let’s go! There’s something I want from there!
Kana: What is it?
Ayana: Kana-chan can you get it for me?
Kana: Alright, if you really want it!
Ayana: There’s this thing I want from the really popular “OreImo” series..
Kana: “Oreimo“? What’s that? Imo? [Imo means potato in jp]
Ayana: No! It’s from that show “Ore no Imouto ga Konna ni Kawaii wake ga nai“. One of the characters is “Kuroneko” and she’s super cute. Hanazawa Kana’s voicing her character so she’s adorable! Kana-chan can you get her character for me?
Kana: Alright. I’m really good at these sort of games too!
Ayana: Really?? I’ll watch over you from here~! <3
Kana: Okay then, Aya watch this! If I get it for you I want a hug!
*And so Kana’s first attempt at the game machine is a fail*

Ayana: Ah looks like I won’t get to hug you. Lets try again!
Yamaken[MC of the event]: Ah what an uncool boyfriend!
Ayana: Kana-chan is the best boyfriend in the whole wide world so don’t say that!
Kana: Aya… I’m going to get this for you even if it costs me three months of my pay!
Ayana: Three months of pay on this?!
*And Kana’s second attempt is another fail*
Kana: Aya… It’s alright you can go play somewhere else until I get it…
Ayana: I’ll stay by your side Kana-chan! Keep at it!
*And with Kana’s third attempt she manages to barely, and unsteadily, grab the figure*
Ayana: Yay Kana-chan!
Kana: I got it Aya!
Ayana: Kyaa~! I really wanted it!!

And so in the end Kana was rewarded with a hug from behind by Ayana <3

– Closing impressions of the event.

Ayana: I had alot of fun. I didn’t do much other than flirt with Kana and play with the UFO Catcher *laughs*. It didn’t really feel like a normal event! I didn’t expect so many people to be in the audience as well and that makes me really happy. Thank you for today!
Kana: I was really excited about the event today but I didn’t imagine I’d be able to have such a wonderful experience *laughs*. Playing with the UFO Catcher with a cute girl is really fun isn’t it? *laughs*

More Kana x Ayana! I really wish they had streamed this event though ;_; Oh well, the event report was still plenty amusing :D

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