Radio Cross #02

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Name: Radio Cross
Hosts: Sakura Ayane, Yahagi Sayuri
Date: 2011.10.25

Episode 2 of Radio Cross! Oh and it looks like this was recorded on the same day as the previous episode.

– Sakura yells out “KANON SASHA” three times without stumbling but Yahagi laughs that it sounds like she’s hitting something with each yell lol.

– Yahagi asks what “Pivoting on one foot” means and Ayaneru shows her how to do it and gets her to try it as well. Lol the two of them pivot and stuff for a while… This is really weird ahaha.

– A listener asks how he should get over his nervousness and start talking to people so the two of them roleplay a situation where a male classmate tries to talk to a female classmate for the first time. Yahagi played the male classmate and she sneaks up behind Sakura and… Hugs her from behind, which makes Sakura squeal and jump in surprise ahaha. The two of them agreed in the end that this probably isn’t the best way to approach a girl lol.

Wow Sakura was really hyper this episode ahaha. These two are really starting to get along well with one another <3
For some reason or another the two of them started tasting some food midway through the show so I couldn’t really find much to write. Also the two of them really utilised the camera as they danced around, showed stuff to the camera and physically interacted with each other and I really loved this episode for it… But it doesn’t give me much to write about lol. I’m really loving this radio though, I laughed so hard at so many different points of it :D

Radio Cross #01

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Name: Radio Cross
Hosts: Sakura Ayane, Yahagi Sayuri
Date: 2011.10.18

A new radio that just started last week. As you may know already, I’m a fan of Ayaneru’s radio work though I haven’t written much about her so I’m glad she’s started up a new radio show~ <3 On top of that I’m a big fan of Yahagi’s voice work, I love her voice~ <3
This radio is for promoting a drama CD series called Quad Cross. Interestingly enough the radio is recorded along with a video of the two of them :D

– Sakura kept stumbling on her character’s name “Kanon Sasha” lol. The script then had her say her character’s name three times at the introduction lol.

Yahagi: The staff put your character’s name three times so you’d grow used to saying it and you’ll improve!
Sakura: …Ehhh…
Yahagi: What a wonderful radio program this is!
Sakura: …How meddlesome…
Yahagi: OI! *Staff laughs in the background* You can’t say stuff like that! That’s what being an adult is all about!
Sakura: Okay~!

– First impressions of one another

Yahagi: The first time we met was where Sakura was the main character and… I was the enemy.
Sakura: Yeah my enemy!
Yahagi: I was thinking “Ahh she’s really young…” since you were in your school uniform after all!
Sakura: Ah yeah I attended the recordings in my uniform.
Yahagi: It was pretty much just me watching something unknown! *laughs*
Sakura: Unknown?? *laughs*
Yahagi: A school uniform wearing unidentified animal!
Sakura: UMA!
Yahagi: But you were great~!

Sakura: I knew about you beforehand since you were my senior in the agency but we only started talking after that show… My first impressions were that when I saw you from behind I was thinking that your ankles were really pretty!
Yahagi: *laughs* Why do you keep saying that?! I ‘ve been hearing about that from everywhere! I’ve been told “Did you know that Sakura-san is aiming for your ankles!” pretty often!
Sakura: I am not!
Yahagi: And just before when we met you were like… “Legs~ ハァハァ~”!
Sakura: I was not!!
Yahagi: And I was thinking “What’s with this girl?!”
Sakura: You’re wrong! *laughs*
Yahagi: Are they really that nice?
Sakura: Yes!

Sakura then started drawing what she meant by “pretty ankles” to show her lol. Sakura really is good at drawing lol.
Incidentally the recordings the two of them were talking about is the Yumekui/Dream Eater Merry anime that aired earlier this year.
Amusingly I had heard about Sakura x Yahagi’s ankles before this point as well on a different recent radio hosted by Shitaya Noriko and Majima Junji (I absolutely love that radio by the way, despite me not writing anything about it or it’s two hosts :D)

– Upon finding out that Sakura has never played on the SNES before, Yahagi got really depressed over their age gap lol.

– Yahagi jokingly refers to herself as “obasan” which means aunt, or a mid age woman, to which Sakura yells at her to stop, laughing that she’ll grab her ankles if she does it again lol. Yahagi laughs that Sakura’s got some weird ways to punish Yahagi with haha. Amusingly Yahagi almost refers to herself as “obasan” again and Sakura pretends to go under the table to pinch her heel lol.

I really enjoyed this episode :D The two of them seem to be relatively friendly but not too close. It looks like they’ve gone out together to grab lunch/dinner on occasion but the two of them haven’t really spoken to one another for an extended period of time and don’t really know each other that well.
And since I loved this episode and I’ve been looking forward to seeing Ayaneru’s next radio show… I think I’ll start following this radio~ *adds to the pile* Oh… I sure have a lot to get through don’t I? OTL

Shimono Hiro and Ise Mariya’s “Ben-To” Radio “Radi-O” #02

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Name: 下野紘と伊瀬茉莉也の『ベン・トー』RADIO『ラジ・オー』
Hosts: Shimono Hiro, Ise Mariya
Guest: Yuuki Aoi
Date: 2011.10.12

Radio for the currently airing “Ben-To” anime. The radio is hosted by Satou You’s CV Shimono Hiro and Yarizui Sen’s CV Ise Mariya. This episode has Yuuki Aoi, who voices the character Oshiroi Hana, guesting on the show.

– Apparently Aoi’s been putting a lot of adlibs in her lines for the anime :O The other two loved her adlibs haha.

– Aoi mentions that she used to write stories as a hobby, similar in line to her drawing :O

– Your opinions and what you like about the show…

Aoi: The pacing and timing of the anime is great! The way they fight so seriously is weird but hilarious! Hmm what else… Oh.. And there’s… Butts and stuff… *trails off*
*Ise and Shimono laugh awkwardly*
Shimono: You’re going into that as well?
Aoi: But think about it! There’s tasty food! There’s laughs! And then there’s butts! It’s got all of mankind’s desires right there! It’s wonderful!
*Shimono laughs*
Ise: There’s breasts as well!
Aoi: Yeah!
Shimono: *laughs* …I see. Ben-To has mankind’s desires all in one place!
Aoi: Yep! So if you watch it you’ll be able to live a healthy life!
Shimono: *laughs* That is one AMAZING way to wrap up the anime!

– Ise laughs that she loves the fanservice haha.

– Your ecchi lines as Oshiroi…

Shimono: The show has Oshiroi saying some pretty… Explicit lines and stuff in the show. This might be kinda weird but what is it like saying these lines?
Aoi: Well, as a girl, at first I was quite taken aback with it…

Aoi: But you know how knowledge is power! The more you know! *laughs* You know how in the first episode Oshiroi was all… err.. moaning and stuff…
Shimono + Ise: Yeah that thing with her foot and all.
Aoi: Yeah, you know how if you go too far everyone finds it amusing so that’s been really fun! *laughs*

Aoi: And I’m still a minor remember! *laughs*

– Aoi says Oshiroi’s character song has some “amazing” lyrics that made her burst out laughing when she read them. She didn’t go into it that much but she mentioned something about “juices flying” lol. Yeahhhh.

I’ve missed hearing Aoi on radio~

RADIO IS Shucchouban

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Name: RADIO IS 出張版
Host: Shimoda Asami, Hikasa Youko
Guest: Yukana
Date: Sometime in between 2011.1.15 and 2011.1.29

This was a special episode of RADIO IS that wasn’t broadcast but instead was given out as a special with the release of the first Infinite Stratos DVD/Bluray. The title translate roughly to “tour” in the “Live Concert Tour” meaning. The two of them were laughing at the meaning, giving the reason that they were probably touring around peoples home with this episode. This episode looks like it was recorded in between RADIO IS #2 and #3 so I can’t really guess the exact date but it should be in that vicinity.

– The two of them were feeling each other’s hair at the start of the radio. Haha it’s nice to have them sitting next to each other for once so they can interact with one another physically lol.

– The two of them shower Yukana with compliments on how pretty, cute and elegant she is lol.

– The three of them think that Cecillia is the most child-like out of the girls, and agree unanimously that Charlotte is the most adult-like of them.

– Interestingly they started with the confession corner early in the episode this time :O Yukana pulled out the theme “Bag of Rice”. For once… She didn’t die and break down in embarrassment lol. Where’s my burrrnn?! The other two laugh that this was probably the way the corner is supposed to be done, not their writhing in shame corner they have right now ahaha.

– Corner where they have to name the good points about Ichika.

Yukana: (“err… None?”)
– He treats everyone equally
– He can use chopsticks
– He can debone fishes
– His sister is strong

Hikasa: (“Bad points about him come to mind much easier…”)
– He’s occasionally masculine.
– He’s nice enough to feed people going “aaahn”
– His denseness makes him cute
– He’s good at massaging

Asami: (“Good points? I can only think of bad points about him”)
– He’s got a good voice.
– He says some cool lines
– He’s skilled at controlling the IS
– He’s annoying in just the right amount

Lol what is with these “compliments”? Haha, Ichika really isn’t popular with them.

– They had a shiritori corner with confessions.. WHICH WAS ONE OF THE FUNNIEST THINGS I’VE SEEN IN A WHILE LOL. Ahhh they just keep burning each other, I can’t really describe it but it was hilarious haha.

– Apparently Yukana had hugged Hikasa just recently, which Hikasa was embarrassed but happy about lol.

Oh wow this episode started off pretttty awkward as the two hosts were completely put off balance by Yukana’s atmosphere lol. The two of them just stumbled over their words and continuously showered her with love ahaha. Yukana seemed a bit fidgety from being hit by so much praise as well ahaha. Hikasa and Asami really are close though, it’s wonderful to see~ But honestly, Hikasa becomes best friends with pretty much everyone she talks to lol, wait I think I’ve mentioned this before haven’t I? I really admire and love that about her so much <3

TamayuRadio ~hitotose~ #1

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Name:  たまゆらじお〜hitotose〜
Hosts: Taketatsu Ayana, Gibu Yuuko, Iguchi Yuka, Asumi Kana
Guest: Satou Junichi (Director of Tamayura)
Date: 2011.07.14

Radio for the new Tamayura anime TV series. Each episode of the radio, just like the previous radio for it’s OVA, changes the host combination with each episode. Other than the first episode, which has all four, the following episodes has a different combination of two seiyuu on each episode. The ones so far are: Ayana + Asumi, Iguchi + Gibu and Ayana + Iguchi… I’m pretty much just waiting until they match Asumi and Iguchi together :D Three combinations down, three more to go! The next episode has a 1/3 chance to match these two together :D. Though with that said, it’s not really that random, judging from the pattern it’s probably going to be Asumi + Gibu next episode and then after that should be Ayachi + Gibu finishing off with Iguchi x Asumi.
I wasn’t actually planning to write anything about this episode but… Asumi’s present to Iguchi was too wonderful to let pass <3. It’s… Probably too long to be included in a radio scribble post so I’ve put it in it’s own post.

– The four of them, Iguchi Yuka herself, Asumi Kana, Taketatsu Ayana and Gibu Yuuko celebrated Iguchi Yuka’s birthday on this episode . Each of them gave her a present but Asumi Kana’s present to Iguchi was… A ring lol.

Asumi: Here. Present. (Note: Asumi is speaking in a weird way, probably because she’s embarrassed~ Ahaha <3)
Iguchi: Eh?
Asumi: Birthday present. I went to a lot of places to look for your present!
Iguchi: *pretends to be shocked*…Asumi-san is giving me a birthday present…?
Asumi: Oi! You’re making it sound like I never give you a present for your birthday!
Iguchi: *laughs* That Asumi Kana-san is giving ME a present!
*Opens the present*
Iguchi: It’s a ring! A ring!
Ayana+Gibu: M-M-Marriage?! IS THIS A PROPOSAL?!
Iguchi: Ah I need to say something for this special moment… Can I have a moment please?
*Asumi laughs*
Asumi: Wait what—
Ayana+Gibu: Speech! Speech!
Iguchi: I wish for our happiness together. Both of us are still inexperienced but…
Asumi: …Yeah
Iguchi: But both of us, Asumi Kana and Iguchi Yuka—
Asumi: Huh? Who’s marrying you?
Iguchi: *mock surprise* Eh?!

Ahaha, they finally let Asumi explain herself at this point, though amusingly Asumi gets embarrassed as she explains it and her speech starts messy and gets messier and messier as she goes on to which they poke fun of her for. Err it’s hard to translate to english but yeah she did repeat herself and stumble over her sentences while she was explaining herself haha.

Asumi: Iguchi was… She was wearing this… This accessory a while ago…. Iguchi was wearing an accessory and that thing… I saw it… I saw it in a store—
Ayana+Gibu: We can’t understand you! Speak clearer!
Iguchi: She’s so cute!
Asumi: …And so I saw it and I thought it was cute when I found it there… and there was that ‘thing on the finger’ version of it… A ring version of that accessory… Which I found there… So I settled with that one…
Iguchi: Thank you~ It’s cute~
Asumi: …So I bought it as your present….
Iguchi: Asumi’s so cute~

Ahh Asumin you so tsundere~ <3
P.S. Translating and writing Asumi’s explanation was so…. OTL

– On a different note, amusingly the four of them talked to SatoJun about AKB48, though he doesn’t know much about them. They then brought an image of all of it’s members to him and asked him who he liked the best out of them from just their looks lol… This is kinda weird haha.
He then joked about bringing the girl he chose to voice act on Tamayura lol, to which the other four were like “Uwaah the power of being the director!”.

Ao no Exorcist Radio #4

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Name: 青エクラジオ みんなで魔神(サタン)を倒し魔SHOW!
Host: Okamoto Nobuhiko
Guest: Hanazawa Kana
Date: 2011.05.08

Radio for the Ao no Exorcist/Blue Exorcist anime hosted by Okumura Rin’s CV Okamoto Nobuhiko. The name of the radio is actually something like “AoEkuRadio Let’s Take Down Satan Together” with an english “Show!” stuck where a “shou” should be. It’s basically a play on words with the english pronounciation and the japanese pronounciation. There’s also another pun with the kanji in there but I really can’t bring myself to explain it lol.

– Okamoto as easily put off balance as ever ahaha. Right from the start.

Kana: Sorry for coming here with no makeup.
Okamoto: Huh? Waitwhatuhhuh? *laughs*
*Kana laughs*
Kana: I thought I should open up with that first.
Okamoto: Huh? But I completely— Without makeup– Sorry! Let’s just start! *laughs*
Kana: Oi I can’t understand you! *laughs* What do you mean “Without makeup”?!
Okamoto: Ah nothing! You look great without makeup! *laughs*
*Kana laughs as well*
Kana: What? Ah sorry for leading you into to saying something like that.
Okamoto: We’re starting!
Kana: Okay~

– First impressions about the character…

Kana: When I first saw her I thought she was a really cute character.
Okamoto: Yeah she’s cute, and your hair styles are exactly the same.
Kana: *laughs* Our hairstyles are identical?
*Okamoto laughs*
Kana: I guess that’s true, but this has nothing to do with me!
Okamoto: *laughs* Right sorry.

Amusingly Kana had originally voiced Shiemi to sound stupid and the staff had told her not to make her so stupid lol. Okamoto had her give an example there ahaha.

– Okamoto says that when he first saw Shiemi he had thought that Kana would be perfect for her. He then laughs and mentions again that their hairstyles are similar haha.

– Kana says that she’s really been seeing him a lot in different recordings recently.

– Okamoto mentions that he’s shy but puts effort to try to overcome it~

– What part of the story are you most interested in?

Kana: Well obviously it’s going to be–
Okamoto: “Obviously”?
Kana: Yeah obviously it’s gotta be Yuki-chan and Shiemi! *laughs*
Okamoto: …Yuki-chan? Not Rin-chan?
Kana: Eh?
Okamoto: …Eh?
Kana: Well you know how she was all over him!

– Finishing impressions…

Kana: Okamoto-kun is…
Okamoto: Oh? Something good!?
Kana: Is…
Okamoto: Is??
Kana: A pretty weird person.
Okamoto: …A weird person?
*Kana laughs*
Okamoto: Wait how am I weird??
Kana: “How“?
Okamoto: In what way?
Kana: No idea
Okamoto: “No idea“?? *laughs* Don’t say stuff  like that without putting much thought behind it!
Kana: *laughs* But seriously, the radio was fun!

This was a pretty fun episode~ These two are actually pretty friendly with one another with the two of them being similar in age, Kana being 22 and Okamoto at 24, but on top of that they’ve worked with one another in a heap of recordings, starting from when they first regulared with one another in Potemayo on 2007 and from then they’ve been regularing together in a slew of shows to this date. I wouldn’t be surprised to find that they’ve seen each other every week at some other recording or so for the past 2 years.

BlazBlue Radio Wide #3 ~TGS 2011 Special~

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Lol @ Sugita's face

Name: ブレイブルー公式WEBラジオ 「ぶるらじW 第3回 ~TGS2011ぶるらじW公開録音すぺしゃる~」
Hosts: Sugita Tomokazu, Imai Asami, Kondou Kanako
Guests: Isomura Tomomi, Kakihara Tetsuya, Ueda Kana (+ Faylan as another special guest to come sing the theme song)
Event Date: 2011.09.21
Broacast Date: 2011.10.13

This episode is actually recorded from the event held at the Tokyo Game Show 2011 on September last month. As you can tell from the picture above, the four girls, Isomura, Kana, Kanako and Imai cosplayed as their characters for the event. Sounds like a fun event :D

– Sugita comments that the people in the audience in cosplay there look amazing :D

– Apparently Toshimichi Mori(The produce for BlazBlue) drew that picture on Kakihara’s t-shirt :O

– They have them split into two groups, the radio hosts and the guests, to play a game where each group had to guess who would be the top three characters in a survey to the audience. The first survey question was “Who would you like to take with you to the Tokyo Game Show?”

– Kakihara started dancing while they were writing their answers lol

– Guest Team’s answers:
3. Kokonoe
2. Makoto
1. Sugita
Lol Kakihara was the one who wrote Sugita’s name in ahaha.

– Host Team’s answers:
3. Valkenhayn
2. Kokonoe
1. Makoto

– The survey’s results:
3. Noel
2. Ragna
1. Makoto

– Second question was “Who would do the best in a school’s culture festival’s activities?

– Guest Team:
3. Jin
2. Bang
1. Makoto

– Host Team:
3. Taokaka
2. Noel
1. Arakune

– Results:
3. Tager
2. Kokonoe
1. Bang

– At this point the only team that had scored points were the host team making it 1:0. They then had the two teams choose the person who they joke  “We don’t need in our team!” and trade them with the other person. Sugita chose poor Kanako with her squealing “Waah I’m the unwanted child ;_;” while Kana chose to get rid of Kakihara lol. This makes the two new teams as
Sugita, Imai, Kakihara
Kana, Kanako, Isomura
Imai laughs that in the end she’s the one who suffers since the girls get to talk with one another on their own team while she’s stuck with the boys on this side, Sugita laughs and tries to make things difficult for her by saying some vulgar things to her ahaha.

– The next game they played was a game where the teams had to put their hands in a box and feel what was inside it and guess at what it is.

– For Sugita’s team the box held a plastic golden card, a Mahjong tile and an Arakune cushion.

– All three of them are to put their hand in the box at the same time and…

Sugita: Ah.. this soft and warm hand.. Must be Imai’s hand~!
Imai: I think you’ve got that wrong…

It turns out it was Kakihara’s hand and they were fondling one another’s hand for a while ahaha.

Kakihara: Ah… This hand… Such a warm feeling… This is my first time…

– Sugita then reached out and grabbed Imai’s hand and she screeched “KYAA STOP DON’T TOUCH ME!” LOL Sugita continues to grope her hand and she keeps on screeching and screaming for him to stop ahahaha. “I’LL GET MY AGENCY TO SUE YOU”

– Imai then tried to pass the card she was holding to Kakihara but Sugita blocked them and stopped the pass lol. The both of them screamed at him “OI YOU! STOP GETTING IN OUR WAY!” ahaha.

– In the end they couldn’t find the third object lol. Imai guessed “Cushion” but they asked her for more details, she then reasoned that it should be Arakune and got it right \o/.

– Kakihara guessed the golden card right as well, leaving Sugita who didn’t even find the third object lol. Yeah he’s done for haha.

– Next was the guest team’s turn with the three items being a SNES game cartridge, Kinnikuman soldier rubber eraser and a fish sausage lol.

– Kana guessed kinda right, though she was a bit lost deciding between it being Kinnikuman and Ultraman. In the end they didn’t let her score because she had to guess the “Soldier” part as well haha, that’s harshh.

– Isomura guessed right with the game cartridge and they made Isomura guess the game as well.

– Kanako guessed right with the “Fish sausage” lol.

– In the end Sugita’s team won by one point and the prize to Sugita’s team for winning was:
Imai: Arakune Cushion
Sugita: Noel Dakimakura (lol)
Kakihara: Jin Dakimakura (LOL)

– Apparently this is Sugita’s 5th dakimakura haha.

Ahh more BlazBlue radio~ I want moar! I laughed so hard at the part when Sugita was fondling Imai’s hand while she screamed ahaha.

Hanazawa Kana no Hitori de Dekiru Kana? #099

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Name: 花澤香菜のひとりでできるかな?
Host: Hanazawa Kana
Date: 2011.10.12

Episode 99 of HitoKana :O Next episode is it’s 100th episode~

– Apparently Kana had wanted to form a band with some friends in high school :O

– Kana mentions that she’s lost a lot of weight probably due to the RO-KYU-BU dance lessons, saying that she’s passed her three kilo goal and is at about -4.5 less now. She laughs that no one has seemed to notice it about her though, but she mentions that people have said to her that she looks tired D: Look after yourself HanaKana~

– Listener says that he has the opportunity to talk to Ogura Yui for a minute and asks Kana what he should talk to her about.

Kana: Hmm what should he talk to her about? Well firstly… He should like, express his affection for her–”
Staff: Like “Yui-chan peropero~!”? *laughs*
Kana: NO! DON’T SAY YUI-CHAN PEROPERO! *laughs* You can’t say that to her! Yui-chan’s nice so she’ll probably say something like “Mmm? Pero… Pero?”! But you still can’t say something like that to her! You shouldn’t cause trouble for her! Anyways, you should start with something like  “Yui-chan’s really cute~ My angel! I can’t live without you!” *laughs* Express your love for her like that! And then you lead that into “Yui-chan’s really trying her best aren’t you~ I’ll be supporting you~” If you tell her something along those lines she’ll be really happy.

You should really compliment her on how hard she’s trying though~ She really tries her best~

– Kana played Supercell’s “Kimi no Shiranai Monogatari” on the show ;_; Oh by the way it seems like Kana’s a pretty big fan of Supercell, I remember her mentioning that the lyrics for Supercell songs really tugs at her heart strings~ <3
…Wait I think I’ve written something about this somewhere before? Have I? =S

– Azusa is composing and writing a song for Kana :O. Kana’s already gone to record the vocals it seems, I wanna hear ittt :D

Eeeehh? :O Kana used to live in the Philippines for a while when she was younger? Wow that’s the first time I’ve heard of this. I’m an idiot, I didn’t hear the context, please disregard this OTL I misheard it lol.

It looks like they might be planning to do something special for the 100th episode of HitoKana :O I’m hoping for them to bring in a guest… LIKE TOMATSU OR TAKETATSU :D :D
…They probably won’t though :( But I can hope! I BELIEVEEEE

For that matter, Hikasa or Iguchi would be great too. Well we’ll see when next fortnight rolls around, fingers crossed~


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Hosts: Shimoda Asami, Hikasa Youko
Date: 2011.03.26

It looks like their intended guest, the author of the light novels, Yumizuru Izuru, couldn’t make it for this episode :O The two of them continued calling this the final episode throughout the show. Ehhh is this really the last episode?!

– Ways to make each other blush…

Hikasa(Reading out mail from a listener): “The IS cast won’t lose to their characters in cuteness” *Hikasa smirks and laughs* “But is there something that makes you immediately embarrassed when you’re praised about?”
Asami: Having that said about us is pretty embarrassing already *laughs*
Hikasa: And the way the two of us blush and get embarrassed is pretty creepy! *laughs*
*Asami starts laughing, then stops and glares at her in mock anger*
Hikasa: *laughs even louder* Ooh You’re not happy with that last statement? Look at that face! Camera get that face!
*Asami turns her fake glare on the camera, then starts laughing*Hikasa: Whats with that face!
Asami: The way I blush is creepy?!
Hikasa: My nose flares when I get embarrassed!
Asami: That’s just you!

Hikasa: If someone says “I love you…” to me I’ll just go (Hikasa acts this out)*gasp* *sigh**laughs*
Asami: *laughs* Like (Asami copies what Hikasa did)”*gasp* *sigh*”?
*The two of them go on making sighing noises and gestures for a while lol*
Hikasa: Lets stop this already! You don’t need to follow me when I do stuff like this! *laughs*
Asami: I’m just wondering how long we could go on for just doing this *laughs*

Asami: All that love stuff is good too but… When I’m… Told I’m… Cute and stuff *smirks, squeals and embarrassedly covers her face with her hands*Hikasa: That’s pretty bad isnt it! Ahh that’s embarrassing! It’s like “Don’t say that! I’m not cute!” *strikes a pose*

Asami: Hiyocchi~
Hikasa: Mmm?
Asami: I love you~
Hikasa: *laughs* Stop it! *laughs embarrassedly and covers her face with her hands*Asami: Oh she’s done for.
Hikasa: Wait, my nose must be flaring like crazy *covers face*
Asami: Yeah please hold for a moment while we fix Hiyocchi~
*Video(and audio) cuts out with the text “Please hold for a moment”*

LOL What’s with these two?! OTL

– Would Ichika have ecchi books?

Asami: Would Ichika buy ecchi books?!
Hikasa: Wouldn’t… He?
Asami: He wouldn’t!
Hikasa: No he would! He would.
Asami: He’d have them?
Hikasa: Yeah, yeah his gender is a boy after all. As long as that’s so then he would.
Asami: No that’d be weird.
Hikasa: Would it?
Asami: He wouldn’t do something like that. But… He might have been excited when thinking about it.

Err would he? They didn’t reach a definite conclusion in the end haha.

– This is the final episode…

Hikasa: It looks like this is the last episode… But wait! There’s an important announcement!
Asami: An important announcement?! Whatever could it be?!
Hikasa: The radio has… Been extended!! YAAY!!
Asami: YAAAY!!
Hikasa: HAHAH! Last episode?! Fooled you all!

Or something like that, I knew it harhar. Well I am watching it over half a year later and all though lawl.

– The two of them laugh that they may be able to bring the last member of the Infinite Stratos main cast, Uchiyama Kouki on the show with this extension. They’ve always made fun of him by forgetting his character when talking about the main characters and apparently he himself has heard about them doing this lol.

– Confession corner featuring Asami! The theme for this episode is “Alarm Clock”.

Asami: *pippipipi* *pippipipi* *pippipipi**bang!* *Stares at camera* It’s morning! *keeps staring… Then breaks down in embarrassment*

I don’t think anyone has any idea what she intended to do with this lol OTL
But the burn was still as great as ever :D

So it looks like the radio will continue to it’s 11th episode or so. Also I never noticed it before and it might just be me but… The combination of her clothing, hairstyle and the low video quality is making Asami look like Mizuki Nana to me hah.


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Hosts: Shimoda Asami, Hikasa Youko
Guest: Inoue Marina
Date: 2011.03.12

Inoue Marina guesting on RADIO IS :D Amusingly Marina opens with “Guten Morgen!“, German for “Good Morning!” which completely confuses Hikasa lol, she had no idea what it meant so she laughed that Marina just opened with gibberish.

– Yukana had appeared in a previous event with them already so they mentioned that the whole main cast had appeared with them already… But then they gasp and realise that… They’ve forgotten poor Uchiyama Kouki, the main character ahaha.

– Marina and Asami laugh that Hikasa would look with an eyepatch and Asami sweetly offers to give her one, while holding up her fist lol.

– Asami laments that Lin’s role in the anime has become pretty murky, laughing that she hasn’t had much of a chance with Ichika lately haha. Marina laughs that Lin’s pretty much become a comedic relief character which Asami tries to stop her from saying out loud.

– On the other hand Hikasa says that Houki has pretty much done nothing but call out “Ichika!” the whole anime ahaha.

– The three of them scream that Charlotte is getting so far ahead with Ichika ahaha. YES CHARLOTTEEEEEE~!

– Marina embarrassedly admits that she’s called a sound director “sensei” instinctively, a reflex from when she responded to a school teacher.

– The three of them mention how much they love the members of the Infinite Stratos cast and how friendly they are with one another <3

– Confession corner, Marina version! The theme today is “Parfait”. Amusingly Marina pulled out a theme and then shoved it back in the box as soon as she read it ahaha. The other two laugh and tell her off for it. I wonder what it was :O

Marina: *Quietly taps a plastic bottle* This parfait is pretty tasty… I’ll.. Give you a bite… *offers spoon*

Ahaha Marina looked so embarrassed which made it sooo cute jsdafkjadslfkjads. It’s hilarious how they break down in embarrassment every time >:D

Err they announce that the next episode is the final episode where they have the author of light novels, Yumizuru Izuru, coming in… But I thought there were 11 episodes? Well we’ll see what’s up on the next episode I guess. :O
Oh and about the RADIO IS spam… I’m completely in love with it at the moment so that’s pretty much the reason =P (Also visuals are fun :D)

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