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Hosts: Shimoda Asami, Hikasa Youko
Date: 2011.01.15

I know I haven’t written anything about this radio in months and months but… I’m still interested in finishing it! …Eventually D:

– Hikasa laughs that she thinks her normal expression looks like a fish, Asami says it’s probably because her eyes are so big and Hikasa then widens her eyes and stares into the distance to show it and Asami laughs ahaha.

– The two of them try to move their ears on camera but are unable to do it and they look hilarious while trying it ahaha.

– Corner where the listeners give reasons why they think Ichika would be the only male able to pilot the IS.

Asami(Reading out loud): “Because Ichika wears womens underwear”
*They both pause and glance at each other, then break out laughing*
Hikasa: …Ichika’s wearing womens underwear? *laughs*
Asami: *laughs* Thats what it says.
Hikasa: Well… It’s not impossible! *laughs* But seriously, theres stuff like bras for men now!
Asami: …Huh?

– This time it’s Hikasa’s turn to do a love confession. I can’t remember if I described it properly on a previous post but near the end of the radio one of them is chosen to pick a theme from a box at random and make a love confession out of it. Basically it’s there to make the poor seiyuu squirm in embarrassment for our enjoyment >:D This episode’s theme is “Guitar”.

*Hikasa stands up and pretends to smash something into the table*
Hikasa: …Would you… Like to be broken like this guitar?
*Asami laughs*
*Hikasa breaks down and sinks to the floor*
Asami: Hikasa’s broken down!

Ah I miss Infinite Stratos~ Where is that second season?!

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