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Hosts: Shimoda Asami, Hikasa Youko
Date: 2011.01.29

Asami mentions that she watched the previous episode of RADIO IS on her own and laughed at how much Hikasa moved with her gestures while Asami in comparison had seemed like she just sat still and spoke. She decided that she should move more as well lol.

– Hikasa laughs that with Lin/Rin’s appearance in the anime, Houki’s already small screen time is just getting shorter ahaha.

– Oh it was Asami’s birthday :O They celebrated it on the show \o/

– They brought in a cake for Asami but instead of her name “Shimoda Asami” they had the name “Shimoneta Asami” written on it ahaha. Err I’ll just paste what I wrote about the Shimoneta thing from my Soup miniblog a while back:

“Shimoneta = Dirty jokes/material. The joke is a play on her name. Her actual name is written “下田” while what’s written is “下ネ田”, “下” is read as “Shimo”, the “ネ” is katakana for “ne” and “田” can be read as “ta” or “da”. Also she seems to like(?) this kind of humour, which was emphasised on Infinite Stratos’ radio.”

Hikasa laughs that it must’ve been embarrassing asking the cake shop to write it lol.

– The two of them find out for the first time that “Cosplay” comes from “Costume Play” lol

– This week’s confession handled by Asami! The theme she pulled out this time was “Sakura”.

Asami: *stares up at the invisible sakura* Ahh the sakura blossoms are so beautiful~ Ah! *pretends to catch a falling sakura petal* This is… A sakura petal– No wait! It’s a message… From you! “Please fall gently beside me” *gasps* Okay! *grasps it to heart*

Asami then broke into laughter and embarrassment right after ahaha. I would feel sorry for them having to go through this every episode… But I’m too busy laughing >:D

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  • Aurey says:

    Hahaha, as much as I <3 Aki as a VA and a person. I think I find way more joy in watching/listening to Hikasa Youko. She injects joy and excitement into anything (like finding two yolks in a single egg) and infects everyone around her. I wish I could do the same.

    • Ambi says:

      Yeah I really admire and love that about Hikasa as well <3 She seems like such a fun and lighthearted person while deep down she's still a really considerate and nice person :D

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