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Hosts: Shimoda Asami, Hikasa Youko
Date: 2011.03.26

It looks like their intended guest, the author of the light novels, Yumizuru Izuru, couldn’t make it for this episode :O The two of them continued calling this the final episode throughout the show. Ehhh is this really the last episode?!

– Ways to make each other blush…

Hikasa(Reading out mail from a listener): “The IS cast won’t lose to their characters in cuteness” *Hikasa smirks and laughs* “But is there something that makes you immediately embarrassed when you’re praised about?”
Asami: Having that said about us is pretty embarrassing already *laughs*
Hikasa: And the way the two of us blush and get embarrassed is pretty creepy! *laughs*
*Asami starts laughing, then stops and glares at her in mock anger*
Hikasa: *laughs even louder* Ooh You’re not happy with that last statement? Look at that face! Camera get that face!
*Asami turns her fake glare on the camera, then starts laughing*Hikasa: Whats with that face!
Asami: The way I blush is creepy?!
Hikasa: My nose flares when I get embarrassed!
Asami: That’s just you!

Hikasa: If someone says “I love you…” to me I’ll just go (Hikasa acts this out)*gasp* *sigh**laughs*
Asami: *laughs* Like (Asami copies what Hikasa did)”*gasp* *sigh*”?
*The two of them go on making sighing noises and gestures for a while lol*
Hikasa: Lets stop this already! You don’t need to follow me when I do stuff like this! *laughs*
Asami: I’m just wondering how long we could go on for just doing this *laughs*

Asami: All that love stuff is good too but… When I’m… Told I’m… Cute and stuff *smirks, squeals and embarrassedly covers her face with her hands*Hikasa: That’s pretty bad isnt it! Ahh that’s embarrassing! It’s like “Don’t say that! I’m not cute!” *strikes a pose*

Asami: Hiyocchi~
Hikasa: Mmm?
Asami: I love you~
Hikasa: *laughs* Stop it! *laughs embarrassedly and covers her face with her hands*Asami: Oh she’s done for.
Hikasa: Wait, my nose must be flaring like crazy *covers face*
Asami: Yeah please hold for a moment while we fix Hiyocchi~
*Video(and audio) cuts out with the text “Please hold for a moment”*

LOL What’s with these two?! OTL

– Would Ichika have ecchi books?

Asami: Would Ichika buy ecchi books?!
Hikasa: Wouldn’t… He?
Asami: He wouldn’t!
Hikasa: No he would! He would.
Asami: He’d have them?
Hikasa: Yeah, yeah his gender is a boy after all. As long as that’s so then he would.
Asami: No that’d be weird.
Hikasa: Would it?
Asami: He wouldn’t do something like that. But… He might have been excited when thinking about it.

Err would he? They didn’t reach a definite conclusion in the end haha.

– This is the final episode…

Hikasa: It looks like this is the last episode… But wait! There’s an important announcement!
Asami: An important announcement?! Whatever could it be?!
Hikasa: The radio has… Been extended!! YAAY!!
Asami: YAAAY!!
Hikasa: HAHAH! Last episode?! Fooled you all!

Or something like that, I knew it harhar. Well I am watching it over half a year later and all though lawl.

– The two of them laugh that they may be able to bring the last member of the Infinite Stratos main cast, Uchiyama Kouki on the show with this extension. They’ve always made fun of him by forgetting his character when talking about the main characters and apparently he himself has heard about them doing this lol.

– Confession corner featuring Asami! The theme for this episode is “Alarm Clock”.

Asami: *pippipipi* *pippipipi* *pippipipi**bang!* *Stares at camera* It’s morning! *keeps staring… Then breaks down in embarrassment*

I don’t think anyone has any idea what she intended to do with this lol OTL
But the burn was still as great as ever :D

So it looks like the radio will continue to it’s 11th episode or so. Also I never noticed it before and it might just be me but… The combination of her clothing, hairstyle and the low video quality is making Asami look like Mizuki Nana to me hah.

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