Radio Cross #01

October 25th, 2011 § 6 comments

Name: Radio Cross
Hosts: Sakura Ayane, Yahagi Sayuri
Date: 2011.10.18

A new radio that just started last week. As you may know already, I’m a fan of Ayaneru’s radio work though I haven’t written much about her so I’m glad she’s started up a new radio show~ <3 On top of that I’m a big fan of Yahagi’s voice work, I love her voice~ <3
This radio is for promoting a drama CD series called Quad Cross. Interestingly enough the radio is recorded along with a video of the two of them :D

– Sakura kept stumbling on her character’s name “Kanon Sasha” lol. The script then had her say her character’s name three times at the introduction lol.

Yahagi: The staff put your character’s name three times so you’d grow used to saying it and you’ll improve!
Sakura: …Ehhh…
Yahagi: What a wonderful radio program this is!
Sakura: …How meddlesome…
Yahagi: OI! *Staff laughs in the background* You can’t say stuff like that! That’s what being an adult is all about!
Sakura: Okay~!

– First impressions of one another

Yahagi: The first time we met was where Sakura was the main character and… I was the enemy.
Sakura: Yeah my enemy!
Yahagi: I was thinking “Ahh she’s really young…” since you were in your school uniform after all!
Sakura: Ah yeah I attended the recordings in my uniform.
Yahagi: It was pretty much just me watching something unknown! *laughs*
Sakura: Unknown?? *laughs*
Yahagi: A school uniform wearing unidentified animal!
Sakura: UMA!
Yahagi: But you were great~!

Sakura: I knew about you beforehand since you were my senior in the agency but we only started talking after that show… My first impressions were that when I saw you from behind I was thinking that your ankles were really pretty!
Yahagi: *laughs* Why do you keep saying that?! I ‘ve been hearing about that from everywhere! I’ve been told “Did you know that Sakura-san is aiming for your ankles!” pretty often!
Sakura: I am not!
Yahagi: And just before when we met you were like… “Legs~ ハァハァ~”!
Sakura: I was not!!
Yahagi: And I was thinking “What’s with this girl?!”
Sakura: You’re wrong! *laughs*
Yahagi: Are they really that nice?
Sakura: Yes!

Sakura then started drawing what she meant by “pretty ankles” to show her lol. Sakura really is good at drawing lol.
Incidentally the recordings the two of them were talking about is the Yumekui/Dream Eater Merry anime that aired earlier this year.
Amusingly I had heard about Sakura x Yahagi’s ankles before this point as well on a different recent radio hosted by Shitaya Noriko and Majima Junji (I absolutely love that radio by the way, despite me not writing anything about it or it’s two hosts :D)

– Upon finding out that Sakura has never played on the SNES before, Yahagi got really depressed over their age gap lol.

– Yahagi jokingly refers to herself as “obasan” which means aunt, or a mid age woman, to which Sakura yells at her to stop, laughing that she’ll grab her ankles if she does it again lol. Yahagi laughs that Sakura’s got some weird ways to punish Yahagi with haha. Amusingly Yahagi almost refers to herself as “obasan” again and Sakura pretends to go under the table to pinch her heel lol.

I really enjoyed this episode :D The two of them seem to be relatively friendly but not too close. It looks like they’ve gone out together to grab lunch/dinner on occasion but the two of them haven’t really spoken to one another for an extended period of time and don’t really know each other that well.
And since I loved this episode and I’ve been looking forward to seeing Ayaneru’s next radio show… I think I’ll start following this radio~ *adds to the pile* Oh… I sure have a lot to get through don’t I? OTL

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