Radio Cross #02

October 29th, 2011 § 2 comments

Name: Radio Cross
Hosts: Sakura Ayane, Yahagi Sayuri
Date: 2011.10.25

Episode 2 of Radio Cross! Oh and it looks like this was recorded on the same day as the previous episode.

– Sakura yells out “KANON SASHA” three times without stumbling but Yahagi laughs that it sounds like she’s hitting something with each yell lol.

– Yahagi asks what “Pivoting on one foot” means and Ayaneru shows her how to do it and gets her to try it as well. Lol the two of them pivot and stuff for a while… This is really weird ahaha.

– A listener asks how he should get over his nervousness and start talking to people so the two of them roleplay a situation where a male classmate tries to talk to a female classmate for the first time. Yahagi played the male classmate and she sneaks up behind Sakura and… Hugs her from behind, which makes Sakura squeal and jump in surprise ahaha. The two of them agreed in the end that this probably isn’t the best way to approach a girl lol.

Wow Sakura was really hyper this episode ahaha. These two are really starting to get along well with one another <3
For some reason or another the two of them started tasting some food midway through the show so I couldn’t really find much to write. Also the two of them really utilised the camera as they danced around, showed stuff to the camera and physically interacted with each other and I really loved this episode for it… But it doesn’t give me much to write about lol. I’m really loving this radio though, I laughed so hard at so many different points of it :D

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  • raizoo says:

    Hokay, next time I see a cute girl that I want to talk to, I’ll hug her from behind.
    (ゝω・)v ~ ♥


    • Ambi says:

      Coincidentally I actually saw people doing this the other day in the city but they were wearing a sign saying “Free Hugs” so it seemed like it was a-okay lol.

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