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Hosts: Shimoda Asami, Hikasa Youko
Date: 2011.02.12

I’m really in love with this radio series <3 A shame there’s only 11 episodes :(

About Uchiyama Kouki at the recordings.

Hikasa(Reading out mail from a listener): “What is Uchiyama like during the recordings as he’s surrounded by girls? Is he loved by everyone? Is it a harem?!”
*Asami laughs*
Hikasa: Why did you burst laughing? *laughs*
Asami: Well every time I look at him he looks pretty bored in the recordings *laughs*
Hikasa: Bored? He’s like the grandfather there watching over us. And I’m like “Oi! You’re surrounded with girls! You should be enjoying this!” I really love the IS recordings!

– Hikasa mentions that she loved the scene where Uchiyama and Hanazawa Kana adlibbed in episode six where Charlotte had Ichika feed her some fish since she didn’t know how to use chopsticks. Err I couldn’t quite remember what scene they were talking about until I went to check it up and found it amusing that it was adlibbed. I’m guessing a lot of people can’t remember the scene as well so I’ll put down what I think was adlibbed.

Charlotte: Umm I’d like some rice next…
Ichika: Ah, rice? Sure, give me a second.
Ichika: Here, say “aahn”
Charlotte: “aahn~”
*I suspect this part onwards was the adlibbed part*
Ichika: Oh you’ve got a grain of rice stuck on you.
Charlotte: Oh! …Take it off for me~
Ichika: Huh? I guess I have to then.
*Charlotte giggles*

AHH INFINITE STRATOS~! AHH CHARLOTTE~! <3 <3 If you haven’t realised, I’m a very avid Charlotte fan askjdfkljdsljadfa CHARLOTTE~! <3 <3
Err yeah anyways back to the radio. Hikasa laughed that watching the scene as Houki made her very unsettled about how far Houki’s falling behind, or rather how far ahead Charlotte is getting in the love race haha.

– The two of them try to touch their elbow with their chin and laugh that they look ridiculous while doing it. As you may know most people can’t touch their elbow with their chin due to, well, normal human anatomy. Oh and, hands up if you gave it a try after reading this ahaha o/ (I couldn’t do it too lol)

– A listener sends in a confession from Ichika towards Houki as “I love you! I want to be your dustpan!” to which the two of them burst out laughing. For those that don’t get it, the word “Houki” can mean broom in japanese lol.

– Hikasa mentions that she’s been miscalled “Hisaka-san” quite often lol. Reminds me of the LonE and Nipponsei tagging incidents on the K-ON songs and more ahaha.

– Confession corner! This time handled by Hikasa with the theme as “Low in Sugar” or in japanese as “Bitou

Hikasa: *sighs* My heart is low in sugar! Bitou! BitouBit..ter… Bitter… Bitter! Bittersweet! *falls over in embarrassment taking down the poster next to her along with her*

Lol this confession corner is definitely the highlight of each episode :D

The next episode is the episode where they had Hanazawa Kana guest on the show, which I actually wrote something about already a few months back at So it’s onwards to episode 6 with Inoue Marina coming in to guest!


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Hosts: Shimoda Asami, Hikasa Youko
Date: 2011.01.29

Asami mentions that she watched the previous episode of RADIO IS on her own and laughed at how much Hikasa moved with her gestures while Asami in comparison had seemed like she just sat still and spoke. She decided that she should move more as well lol.

– Hikasa laughs that with Lin/Rin’s appearance in the anime, Houki’s already small screen time is just getting shorter ahaha.

– Oh it was Asami’s birthday :O They celebrated it on the show \o/

– They brought in a cake for Asami but instead of her name “Shimoda Asami” they had the name “Shimoneta Asami” written on it ahaha. Err I’ll just paste what I wrote about the Shimoneta thing from my Soup miniblog a while back:

“Shimoneta = Dirty jokes/material. The joke is a play on her name. Her actual name is written “下田” while what’s written is “下ネ田”, “下” is read as “Shimo”, the “ネ” is katakana for “ne” and “田” can be read as “ta” or “da”. Also she seems to like(?) this kind of humour, which was emphasised on Infinite Stratos’ radio.”

Hikasa laughs that it must’ve been embarrassing asking the cake shop to write it lol.

– The two of them find out for the first time that “Cosplay” comes from “Costume Play” lol

– This week’s confession handled by Asami! The theme she pulled out this time was “Sakura”.

Asami: *stares up at the invisible sakura* Ahh the sakura blossoms are so beautiful~ Ah! *pretends to catch a falling sakura petal* This is… A sakura petal– No wait! It’s a message… From you! “Please fall gently beside me” *gasps* Okay! *grasps it to heart*

Asami then broke into laughter and embarrassment right after ahaha. I would feel sorry for them having to go through this every episode… But I’m too busy laughing >:D


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Hosts: Shimoda Asami, Hikasa Youko
Date: 2011.01.15

I know I haven’t written anything about this radio in months and months but… I’m still interested in finishing it! …Eventually D:

– Hikasa laughs that she thinks her normal expression looks like a fish, Asami says it’s probably because her eyes are so big and Hikasa then widens her eyes and stares into the distance to show it and Asami laughs ahaha.

– The two of them try to move their ears on camera but are unable to do it and they look hilarious while trying it ahaha.

– Corner where the listeners give reasons why they think Ichika would be the only male able to pilot the IS.

Asami(Reading out loud): “Because Ichika wears womens underwear”
*They both pause and glance at each other, then break out laughing*
Hikasa: …Ichika’s wearing womens underwear? *laughs*
Asami: *laughs* Thats what it says.
Hikasa: Well… It’s not impossible! *laughs* But seriously, theres stuff like bras for men now!
Asami: …Huh?

– This time it’s Hikasa’s turn to do a love confession. I can’t remember if I described it properly on a previous post but near the end of the radio one of them is chosen to pick a theme from a box at random and make a love confession out of it. Basically it’s there to make the poor seiyuu squirm in embarrassment for our enjoyment >:D This episode’s theme is “Guitar”.

*Hikasa stands up and pretends to smash something into the table*
Hikasa: …Would you… Like to be broken like this guitar?
*Asami laughs*
*Hikasa breaks down and sinks to the floor*
Asami: Hikasa’s broken down!

Ah I miss Infinite Stratos~ Where is that second season?!

Art: Seiyuu 3D -> 2D Sketches

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I used to draw a bit a while back but for some reason I’ve kinda stopped sometime along this year. I managed to find some motivation to draw recently though due to a blog post on KoeNews about a forum thread where people drew 2D versions of seiyuu photos and I found it interesting enough to try it out myself. I first started with Itou KanaeBecause Kanae is a miracle of the universe <3. I found that drawing these were pretty fun to do and didn’t take much effort compared to a full drawing so I got pretty into it and drew a couple more.

I then went on to draw Taketatsu AyanaAmusingly, Ayana’s hair was pretty hard to draw, that wavy long hair looks great but takes some effort to get right :O Ayachi’s so pretty though~

I then drew Toyosaki Aki which should look familiar since I’ve used it as the background of the blog:Drawing her was really fun. This is actually not the first time I’ve drawn Aki and Aki has always been fun to draw since she’s got a wonderfully unique smile and her poses are adorable <3. I found this pose in particular so cute~

I then took a break from drawing for quite some time and then half-heartedly tried to draw Mimori Suzuko, which probably reflected in the sketch. Sorry Mimorin~!I have to say that I’m pretty enamored with Mimorin’s smile though (*´▽`*) It’s such a radiant, bright, cheerful, lovely, _______________ etc. etc. smile~ (*´Д`)
Err… That aside, I had quite some trouble with this drawing, one of them was getting the smile right D: Amusingly I had drawn many versions of her smile before I settled on this one, ranging from realistic, which just looked plain weird haha, to a simple anime “:D” smile. In the end I couldn’t quite get it down right so I settled with the one you see there.

These were pretty fun to draw~ I might draw a couple more later on, I’m looking at doing a Tomatsu Haruka one as well as a Hanazawa Kana sketch before finishing up.

Oh and, umm if anyone’s interested in seeing any other drawings I’ve got a Pixiv page at  m(_ _)m (Warning: It’s kinda NSFW lol)

Hanazawa Kana no Hitori de Dekiru Kana? #098

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Name: 花澤香菜のひとりでできるかな?
Host: Hanazawa Kana

Guest: Shimono Hiro
Date: 2011.09.28

Shimono Hiro guesting on HitoKana :O It’s a rare combination to see but the two of them seem to be pretty friendly and Shimono voices a character on Hanazawa Kana’s Drama CD project so he’s not too random a guest.

– Shimono Hiro guesting?

Kana: Today we have a guest coming on to the show with absolutely no prior announcement! It’s that person that when we go drinking at a bar he’s always shouting *laughs* Everyone listening probably can’t tell who that is from that *laughs* At the end of the recording of last episode we were talking about having a guest come on to the show and my manager was just like “Oh what about Shimono?”and then started dialing the agency on his phone *laughs* And that was how it happened. Amazing organisation *laughs*

– Kana wishes (while looking at the staff, Shimono and her manager lol) that someone would gift her the ToraDora BluRay box for christmas haha.

– Shimono laughs that he didn’t appear in ToraDora but since Kugimiya Rie and Majima Junji voiced the main characters and are both affiliated with I’m Enterprise, Shimono’s agency he may be able to get her the ToraDora BluRay box set lol.

– Kana’s “Coming Out” 

Kana: I was fangirling over Ogura Yui and I’ve been thinking recently… My hearts been skipping a beat with girls recently…
Shimono: I see… And… What kind of response are you expecting from me with that? *laughs*
Kana: *laughs* Well you’re my senpai after all!

Kana: So what should I do?
Shimono: Well it’s okay isn’t it? If something interests you then good for you!

– They mention that they’ve known each other for quite a while now starting from Sketchbook ~Full Color’S~ on late 2007 and then to Kannagi. That’s probably why these two seem so friendly with one another when I can’t remember when I’ve seen these two on radio together.

I don’t really cover the corners for HitoKana since I can’t really find much to write about them since you would really have to hear her to enjoy them but they really amuse me <3… And it’s also why I don’t usually write much for HitoKana hah.

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