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Hosts: Kayano Ai, Kaji Yuuki [Apart from #0, the hosts alternate with each episode]
Guests: Nakamura Yuuichi for #1, Shimamura Yuu for #2
Date: 2011.11.07, 2011.11.14, 2011.11.21

Radio for the currently airing Guilty Crown. Interestingly enough the radio has Kayano Ai and Kaji Yuuki as hosts but they alternate with each week. It looks like the male guests will be handled by Kaji and the female guests will appear with Kayano. The only time the two of them are together are for the first episode, episode 0.

– Kayano laughs that her first impression of Kaji Yuuki is that of a cute person, comparing him to a puppy haha. She then apologizes for saying that even though he’s older than her and her senpai as well.

– Kaji says he found out about her on his own from when he heard her in a certain “secret base” anime lol. Anohana!! It looks like he’s a fan of it and he’s bought the BluRays for it as well~ Kaji then opens the radio with “Ah… Anohana was great”

Kaji: Ah… Anohana was great.
Kayano: What? What’s this all of a sudden??
Kaji: I just thought I might as well just say the title out loud (Instead of saying “a certain ‘secret base’ anime” lol) This is Noitamina afterall!
Kayano: Yeah we’re all comrades!
Kaji: Yeah as Noitamina anime!

– The two of them were full of praise for Supercell’s songs and Redjuice’s art. I’m a huuuge fan of both of them so I was happy to hear stuff like this from the two seiyuu <3

– Kayano say’s she’s no good at english, although she took a lot of classes for them in high school she laughs that she doesn’t remember a thing at all from them anymore.

Note: M = Masochist, or in this light context, someone who enjoys being teased. S = Sadist, once again in this context it means someone who likes to tease people a lot.
– Kayano tries to push Kaji into saying some embarassing lines for the radio and Kaji laughs that Kayano is definitely an S lol. Kayano laughs saying that she’s been told that often, but she herself thinks that she has a bit of both M and S in her. Kaji says he’s an S as well. Err is that really true? I don’t know for myself but I’ve heard otherwise from fans lol.

– One of the corners has Kayano saying embarassing lines to seduce someone and Kayano laughs that she’d want to hear Taketatsu Ayana and Hanazawa Kana say these instead ahaha.

Kayano: I want to hear things like these from Taketatsu-san. Or Hanazawa-san!
Kaji: Oh?
Kayano: I want to hear it from them! *laughs*
Kaji: Kayano-san, you’ve got a bit of a boy’s mindset in you don’t you *laugh*
Kayano: Yeah I agree. There are times when I think I’m actually a boy…
Kaji: *laughs* How in the world can you think you’re a boy from someone like you?
Kayano: I’ve been told that my personality is pretty manly from a long time female friend.

– Kayano says that she’s a fan of No.6[Previous Noitamina anime where Kaji voices the lead character] as well and knows Kaji from there :D

I want to see Hanazawa Kana come guest :D It’s pretty likely she’ll appear too since the staff seems intent on bringing the whole cast in \o/

GUILTY CROWN RADIO COUNCIL #2 guesting Shimamura Yuu on 2011.11.21.

– The two of them stayed up to watch the first episode of Guilty Crown :O It aired at 1:30 AM if I recall correctly.

– Nakamura Yuuichi and Kaji Yuuki sent the two of them a message from the previous episode asking them a question each. Kaji’s question was to Shimamura: “Your skin is really fair~ Do you do anything special to it?” He commented on how he thought  Shimamura was half Japanese when he first saw her as well and Nakamura agreed.

Shimamura: Eh? My skin is really fair? Kaji’s skin is even more so isn’t it?
Kayano: Rather than “fair” his skin is more “pallid” *laughs*

– Nakamura on the other hand mentioned that he heard that Kayano and Kaji spoke to each other about if they were an S or an M but… The way Nakamura put it was “a talk about S&M” OTL (For those not in the know, S&M is… Actually I don’t want to explain it, look it up lol) Kaji then quickly corrected him that they were talking about S and M personalities and Nakamura laughed that he didn’t say it in that way on purpose. Which Kaji didn’t believe haha. Either way he asked if the two of them were an S or an M. We all know Kayano’s an S from the first episode of the radio, as well as from Ben-To’s radio but it looks like Shimamura’s an S as well. Shimono was right!! There are so many girls in the seiyuu industry that are S and the guys are all M ahaha.

– It looks like Kayano and Kaji cosplayed in their character’s school uniforms :O Kayano commented that it was really comfortable and Shimamura says she wants to try it on too.

I’m really in love with Kayano’s voice right now (*´▽`*) I should probably just add her to the “Seiyuu I’m Following” page at this point lol.
I’m pretty much just absentmindedly running through the first few episodes of this radio to keep an eye on it so the post is rather messy and might feel more similar to a Random Radio Scribble post. I’m watching to see what kind of guests come on~ :D

About Post Formatting…

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The previous OreImo post was probably the longest post I’ve written so far and I’m wondering… Do people mind long posts or are they too bloated to read at this point? I usually try not to get my word count too high per post since a long post in point format may be a pain to read but if people would prefer to read more I might just stop worrying about the word count.

On that note, I’m also wondering if people prefer the transcription format or the summary blurbs for the note points. Summary blurb points normally take a lot less room and I usually cover more points of the radio with them, on top of that it may be easier as well as faster to read so I’m not really sure which one to use more of.

You can see an example of a full summary blurb post at this other episode of OreImo Radio. You might notice that I end up writing about a lot more different points of the radio since it takes a lot less space if I use summary points compared to transcriptions where I only cover a few points of the radio. I started with this sorta format and I’ve been gravitating to the transcription format over time but if people find it harder to read I can stick with the notes. Keep in mind that I’ll most likely continue to use a mix of the two, I’d just like to see which one people would prefer to read and I’ll probably just tip the balance of the two within a post more in favor of the dominant choice.

I tried to use the transcription format for the most part of the previous OreImo Radio post but it may have just become a really bloated and long winded post. So once again to reiterate, 1. Which format would you prefer to read? and 2. Are long posts a pain to read?

Which type of post formatting do you prefer?

  • I prefer the summary blurbs, that way there'll be more content and it's easier to read for me. (5%, 6 Votes)
  • I prefer transcriptions, they're easier to read for me and I enjoy reading them more. (68%, 78 Votes)
  • I don't mind either one. (27%, 30 Votes)

Total Voters: 114

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Do you prefer longer posts?

  • I prefer shorter posts which I can read and absorb quickly with no hassle. (1%, 1 Votes)
  • I prefer longer posts so I can read about the radio in more detail. (87%, 104 Votes)
  • I don't mind either way. (12%, 14 Votes)

Total Voters: 119

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Ore no Imouto ga (Rajio Demo) Konna ni Kawaii Wake ga Nai #20

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Name: 俺の妹が(ラジオでも)こんなに可愛いわけがない
Hosts: Taketatsu Ayana, Hanazawa Kana
Date: 2011.05.27

The opening character drama has Kuroneko and Kirino talking about next episode’s guest, Tamura Manami (AKA. Satou Satomi is coming in as a guest next episode). It looks like Kirino doesn’t get along well with Manami haha.

– The love between these two are always at it’s strongest without a guest ahaha.

Ayana: It’s the 20th episode today!
Kana: That’s quite long now. We’ve become a lot closer since the first episode haven’t we?
Ayana: Yeah at the time I couldn’t even make eye contact with you! *laughs*
Kana: Oh really? That might be true thinking back on it.
Ayana: So I was talking while looking at the wall behind you! *laughs*
Kana: That’s a bit scary putting it that way *laughs* It’s like “Ayachi… Are you seeing something behind me?!”
Ayana: I was trying hard to look at you but then settling on the wall behind you.
*The two of them laugh*
Kana: I was a bit fidgety at the start too…
Ayana: Yeah at the start you weren’t someone who’d try and touch my thighs too *laughs*
Kana: That’s right *laughs* Something went wrong with me somewhere along the way.
Ayana: Yeah! And just now you asked me out of nowhere “Hey… Are you bare legged?!” and I was like “Does it really excite you that much?!”
Kana: It’s because you’re wearing a short skirt today to charm me!!
Ayana: “Charm you”?! *laughs* Why would you think that?!
Kana: …Oh so you weren’t trying to? :(
Ayana: Yeah!
Kana: Oh… That’s a disappointment…
Ayana: What’s with that high school male reaction?!
Kana: But since Ayachi’s baring her legs today I’ll be a a bit more excited than normal, prepare for it.
Ayana: What’s with that?!
*The two of the laugh*
Ayana: What are you trying to say?!
Kana: You know how you can get excited by bare legs?
Ayana: But you’re showing your legs as well!
Kana: Yeah but no one will get excited by my legs…
Ayana: What?! I will!
Kana: …Wait a moment *laughs*
*Ayana laughs*

– Ayachi’s on the front cover of the Seiyuu Grand Prix[Seigura] magazine!

Kana(Reading mail from a listener): “This was a while back but when Ayana had said that she hasn’t worn the sweet loli type clothing before Kana-chan screeched “SEIGURA-SAAAAN!!!” to get them to do a photoshoot of Ayana in loli clothing and this month’s Seigura has Ayana in loli clothing!”
Ayana: Yeah it has…
Kana: Ayachi you dressed up in loli clothing?!
Ayana: Yep!
Kana: Why didn’t you tell me?!
Ayana: Ehh? Err… Didn’t I tell you?
Kana: No you didn’t…

Kana: And you were on the front cover as well??
Ayana: Yeah.

Ayana: It’s… Got me in sweet loli type clothing smiling faintly as it’s front cover image.
Kana: Ayachi, you’re amazing! You’re not even promoting anything in particular and you got the front cover!
Ayana: Yeah I didn’t even have to promote anything!
Kana: But seriously, having Ayachi on the front cover would make everyone buy it!
Ayana: Really…? I was thinking… You know how my face is on the cover of magazine right?
Kana: Yep.
Ayana: Then wouldn’t it be my fault if their sales dropped?! What should I do?!
Kana: It’ll definitely be alright. Everyone will be licking the front cover!
Ayana: …. ….That in itself is… *laughs*
Kana: That’s probably not too good. *laughs*
Ayana: It won’t happen, everyone’s not like Kana-chan after all!
Kana: Yeah everyone’s different to me!
Ayana: Everyone’s a gentleman! They’re refined ladies and gentlemen! They wouldn’t do that!
*The two of them laugh*
Kana: Yeah sorry for saying that everyone.

LOL Kana’s saying she would lick the magazine photo if it was Ayana?! OTL

– Doujinshi, BL and yuri…

Kana: A friend of mine showed me a One Piece doujinshi before… *laughs*
Ayana: Hmm? How was it?
Kana: It was… Amazing *laughs*
Ayana: In what way?
Kana: Well… Sanji and Zoro were… like… Waahhhh! *laughs* [AKA. R18 BL doujinshi lol]
*Ayana bursts out laughing*
Ayana: It was THAT type of doujinshi?!
*The two of them keep laughing*
Kana: And I was like “AAHHHH!” and closed it shut.
*The two of them laugh*
Kana: Saying “My Sanji!! What is happening to my Sanji?!”
Ayana: That’s pretty crazy!

Ayana: And I bet there are some made by people who wants to see the coupling of Kuroneko and Kirino as well!
Kana: Yeah I bet there are!
*Ayana gasps*
Kana: I want to see some OreImo doujinshi now~
Ayana: Yeah but… They’ll probably be pretty crazy.
Kana: Crazy?
Ayana: Yeah… Like the type that makes you go “UWAAAHH” like the doujinshi you saw.
Kana: Huh?! Something like Kyousuke with Akagi?! *laughs* [LOL]
Ayana: *laughs* Yeah. Or something more Yuri~
Kana: Ah I see.
Ayana: With girls going… “Yaay!”
Kana: If it was yuri I’d be probably able to read it.
Ayana: Ah really??
Kana: Yeah probably.

Ayana: This one time I had the chance to do some work with a yuri theme and I bought the manga to take a look at what it was like. At the time I didn’t really know anything about yuri and when I read it in my room it was… A crazy sight *laughs* It was really crazy! I was like “UWAAHH!” and closed it instantly and shut it away at the deepest part of my bookshelf. *laughs*
Kana: *laughs* You hid it away?

Ahh so Kana’s open to yuri~ >:D
I’m not exactly sure which Yuri manga Ayana’s referring to here. My guess would be at Love DNA XX possibly? The time frame certainly fits for it’s drama CD but I… Don’t think it was explicit enough to make her react like that though? Maybe it was haha.
Or perhaps she bought YuriHime Wildrose instead of the normal Yurihime lol, who knows.

– Kana laughs that she’s sat next to someone on the train with a bag with one of her characters she’s voiced on the front. Amusingly he didn’t notice her.

– Ayana laughs that as she was walking to the recording studio she saw Kana in front of her and somehow she lost sight of her. Kana then came from behind and touched her shoulder to greet her lol. Ayana was really shocked and laughed that she should’ve called out to her first instead of randomly just grabbing her from behind without saying anything ahaha.

– Ayana laments that she hasn’t seen any of Kana’s event cosplays outside of Kuroneko’s at the OreImo event. Ayana also mentions that she hasn’t cosplayed for an anime event before. If I recall correctly, I don’t think she’s ever cosplayed at an anime event until Yuruyuri’s where she cosplayed as Mirakurun, about 4 months after this episode.

– The two of them joke about putting a photobook out, at first just laughing at the idea of Ayana putting out a cosplay photobook but then Ayana pulls Kana in and says she’d do it if Kana joins her for an AyaKana photobook. They really should make it happen! >:D

– Ayana x Kana!

Ayana: But Kana-chan’s really cute!
Kana: Really…?
Ayana: Yeah seriously, I’ve thought a lot of times in my head “Kana-chan’s really cute *huehehe~*” though I never say it out loud.
Kana: Ehh? Say it out loud!
Ayana: You know that time when we went out to lunch together.
Kana: Yeah.
Ayana: We were sitting next to each other at the time and talking with one another and when Kana-chan peered up at me you were REALLY cute~! Looking at me with those big and round eyes~!
*Kana laughs*
Kana: What’s with that?! You should of said something to me!
Ayana: I was thinking of that but we were talking about other things so I couldn’t bring myself to say it!
*The two of them laugh*
Kana: I see…
Ayana: So I just left with “See you later!” with that in my mind. *laughs* Thinking “Kana-chan really is cute~”.
Kana: Ahh… So there was a chance for me like that and I just missed it…

Ayana: And on top of that you were in short shorts at the time! The type that shows your thighs! And you weren’t wearing anything to cover your legs as well!
Kana: Yeah *laughs*
Ayana: I was trying to look for an opportunity to touch you! *laughs* I was trying hard to find the right timing!
*Kana laughs*
Ayana: Since we were sitting next to each other I could’ve touched you but I was too embarrassed to do it!!
*The two of them break in to laughter*
Kana: Ayachi you’re actually a bit of a chicken in that regard aren’t you? *laughs*
Ayana: Yeah, it was like being a high school boy where I was imagining touching a girl but not being able to do it in reality *laughs*
Kana: I see… That’s pretty bad for me, that means I’m already passed that point and become a perverted old man since I do it rather than just think about it *laughs*
Ayana: Yeah when we met one time at a studio you just called “Good morning!” and hugged me!
Kana: Yeah I did…
Ayana: I was really surprised by that… But also really happy~ I was like “Huh? Kana-chan??” *laughs*

Oh wow these two ahaha. The two of them closed up the conversation saying that they were getting embarrassed by the talk ahaha.

– Kana jokes that all these guests coming on the show probably means that the show is going to come to an end soon and Ayana wails that she doesn’t want it to end and that they should do a second season. I AGREEEE!!!
Little does Kana know that her joke is the truth and the radio has only got a couple more episodes till the end ;_;

Kana: I mean, think about it. All these guest coming all of a sudden is weird!
Ayana: Nooo! Noooo! I don’t want it to end!
Kana: And the DVDs and BluRays are about to finish releasing…
Ayana: ….Aww…. What about a second season?! Where’s the second season?!
Kana: Yeah!
Ayana: Uuuuuu ;_;
Kana: What should we do?
Ayana: I don’t need pay!
*Kana laughs*
Kana: Yeah we just want to see it continue!
Ayana: I don’t need pay! As long as I can be with Kana-chan I’ll be happy!
Kana: *laughs* Wanna come be my wife?!
Ayana: Okay~!
Kana: What’s is this! *laughs*
*The two of them laugh*

– Kana jokes that if Nakamura comes then it’ll really be the end. Oh Kana you’re so right ahaha.

– Ayana laughs that if it really does end she’ll record the radio with just the two of them at the computer and upload it to her website ahahah.

I really enjoyed this episode <3 The two of them were wonderful :D

But putting that aside…

This post REALLY ended up longer than it should be OTL There were too many parts of the radio I wanted to write about lol. I think I’m gonna need to talk about post formatting sometime soon…

Ore no Imouto ga (Rajio Demo) Konna ni Kawaii Wake ga Nai #19

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Name: 俺の妹が(ラジオでも)こんなに可愛いわけがない
Hosts: Taketatsu Ayana, Hanazawa Kana
Guest: Nabatame Hitomi
Date: 2011.05.13

This episode has Saori Bajiina’s voice Nabatame Hitomi coming in as a guest. Just like every other time they bring in a guest they have Nabatame draw her character. You can see it on the right of the title image. On top of the the left circle is Ayana’s drawing and Kana’s is the crazy one on the bottom lol.

– More loving lines from Ayana!

Ayana: “Hey… Can I come over to your place to play sometime?”
Kana: Ooh, okay!
Ayana: “Then I’ll bring my pajamas as well!”
*Kana splutters and coughs*

Kana(To Nabatame): Sorry for the weird atmosphere *laughs* it’s like a tradition sort of thing for the radio.
Nabatame: Ah I see…
Kana: It’s something to please me~
Ayana: Something to make her heart skip a beat!

– Apparently Nabatame collects hand towels.

– Nabatame has played Tokimeki Memorial before, the first one in particular :O Amusingly Ayana knows about and has played the game herself lol. Ayana’s really knowledgeable about this stuff haha.

– Bust size troubles lol.

Ayana(reading mail from a listener): “My school is having an overnight school trip and it looks like everyone’s going to have to enter the onsen together… But even though I’m in the 2nd grade of Middle school I don’t have a big chest at all! Almost everyone in my grade is wearing a bra except for me! I really don’t want to enter the onsen with everyone with this kind of body… What should I do?! If you know any ways to increase your breast size please tell me! I’m seriously troubled by this!”

Ayana: It’s written here that from information given by Nakahara Mai it looks like Nabatame has increased her bust size to a D.
*Nabatame laughs*
Ayana: What’s this?!
Nabatame: Why’d the information come from Mai-chan? *laughs* Well last year I made a goal to become a D cup and I put a lot of thought into it and I ended up with talking to myself to increase my bust size.
Kana: Talking to yourself?!
Nabatame: Saying stuff like “You’re a D cup!” to myself throughout the year *laughs*
Ayana: And with that you became a D cup?!
Nabatame: Yeah *laughs* It’s like that power of words sorta thing! So after saying that for a year I measured my size again I had grown! I was over D at that point!
Kana + Ayana: Wow that’s amazing!
Nabatame: And then I said that my dreams had come true on radio with Mai-chan… Then after that we laughed about how we probably shouldn’t have talked about something like that on radio *laughs*
Ayana: Yeah *laughs*
Kana: I guess you were too happy about it to not say anything about it *laughs*
Ayana: Huh, so just speaking to yourself can do that? Saying “You’re a D cup…”?
Kana: I’ll try that… *laughs*
Ayana: Huh?!
Nabatame: You’re fine though! You’re plenty big!
Kana: Rather than that—
Nabatame + Kana: THAT GIRL IS BIG! *towards Ayana LOL*
*Ayana laughs*
Nabatame: That girl had a bit of her chest showing through her shirt just before! It was really concerning me!
Kana: Yeah!
Ayana: It was concerning me too so I went to fix it!! D:<
Nabatame: You needing to fix it irritates me even more!
Kana: Seriously!
*The three of them laugh*
Ayana: But it opens on it’s own and you can see in between the shirt! Between the buttons!
Nabatame + Kana: How nice…
Nabatame: I wish I could say something like that too…
*Ayana laughs*

Ayana: Well size isn’t everything!
Kana: Yeah and that’s coming from you…
*The two of them laugh*
Nabatame: But yeah entering the public bath as a girl around the middle school era can be pretty troubling…
Ayana + Kana: Yeah…
Nabatame: I was absolutely flat at around the sixth grade of elementary school…
Kana: Really?
Ayana: Everyone in elementary school is the same aren’t they?!
Nabatame: No! There are girls that have breasts! There are even 4th grade girls with some!
Ayana: Really…?
Nabatame: And when I was seeing other girls like that around that time I was thinking “Ah that’s what it’s like to be a girl…” And I had no chest as well as being short so I was thinking “Huh… Maybe I’m actually a boy…” *laughs*
Kana: What’s with that!? *laughs*

Kana: But they’ll grow eventually.
Ayana: Yep! They’ll grow!

Ayana: But closing up, as long as the shape is nice then it doesn’t matter about size!
Kana: *laughs* Really?
Ayana: Yeah! And you know how they say big busted people have their own problems to worry about!
Kana: Yeah I guess so…
Ayana: Yep so you shouldn’t worry about your bust size too much!
Kana: Are you saying that to me?? It feels like you’re saying it to me!!
Ayana: Jiiii~ [Japanese sound effect of staring lol]
Kana: Uh okay then…
*The two of them laugh*
Kana: I’ll do my best…

This was a really long conversation but I found it too hilarious to exclude ahaha. Ayana’s chest really is big isn’t it? Lol OTL. I love how she seems to shy away from showing it or talking about it though~ <3

I’ve missed this feeling, I haven’t written anything about OreImo Radio for a while now have I? :O It’s still as wonderful as ever though <3


Radio Cross #05

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Name: Radio Cross
Hosts: Sakura Ayane, Yahagi Sayuri
Date: 2011.11.15

Sakura starts off as energetically hysteric as ever lol. Yahagi on the other hand sounds pretty tired haha.

– When the two of them realise they’re wearing a similar top Sakura starts to take off Yahagi’s shirt ahaha.

– When they announce the seiyuu for another of the characters in the drama CD as Hayami Saori Sakura sings “Freestyle~~!”, the name of Hayami’s solo radio show lol.
But putting that aside, Hayami Saori’s the third seiyuu in a row from I’m Enterprise that’s in the cast so far :O I wonder if the rest of the cast will be from I’m Enterprise as well?

– Listener asks if they’ve ever gone on a diet before.

Sakura: I haven’t gone on one before. Well I’ve always been a bit on the chubby side but I’ve never actually gone beyond that.
Yahagi: Really? You’re not chubby though…
Sakura: I’m chubby! But I never go past it.
Yahagi: …Really?
Sakura: How about you?
Yahagi: Well if I was to pick one I’d probably be on the thinner side…
Sakura: You’re too thin!
Yahagi: I’m pretty careful about my weight.
*Sakura checks Yahagi’s body out lol*
Sakura: There was a mirror just there right? And I was thinking “I really don’t want to be caught lining up with Yahagi here…”
Yahagi: No way!
*Yahagi laughs*
Yahagi: But during middle school I was really thin, I had legs like a duck’s
Sakura: Huh? Legs like a duck’s?
Yahagi: You know how you like my thin heels, they were even thinner back then.
Sakura: Your heels?
Yahagi: Yep. During middle school due to my club activities. But when I stopped doing those club activities upon entering high school I became pretty chubby.
Sakura: Your heels are really pretty now though. *Looks underneath the table at Yahagi’s legs* Really really pretty…
Yahagi: Stop looking at them!! Stop looking down there!

Lol Sakura stop checking her out!

– Talking about how they dress for the cold season.

Yahagi: I’m really sensitive to the heat. Even when I’m indoors I get really hot. I’m probably sweating already.
Sakura: Really? Are you alright? *starts fanning Yahagi’s face with her hands*
Yahagi: Uh… Huh…
*Yahagi stares at Sakura’s hands in confusion as she fans her and then they both break into laughter*

– The two of them play a game using “Battle Pencils”. Battle Pencils are pencils which you take turns to roll and each side of the pencil has a special move on it that does damage to the opponent or casts some kind of spell such as hp recovery or skipping the enemy’s turn. Each pencil is it’s own character with it’s own skill set and HP stats as well so they’re really popular between children in Japan. Yahagi uses the old generation of battle pencils from about 15 or so years ago while Sakura uses the latest released series against her. Amusingly due to this the balance is completely out of whack and Sakura pretty much beats Yahagi hands down lol. Yahagi complains about how overpowered the new versions are while Sakura brags that she must be a genius for beating a veteran like Yahagi, who played with these pencils as a child while Sakura on the other hand had only just learnt about the pencils and the rules beforehand lol.

A lot of the humor is in the video and the games they play rather than straight dialogue so I don’t really write as much as I’d like to lol. On another note though, this is definitely one of the more hilarious radios I’m watching/listening to right now and the show looks like it’s really starting to pick up some popularity too :D


Yuuki Aoi Travels Back Through Time to Meet Little Hayami Saori!

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….Well not really, the two of them just spontaneously started this little act in the middle of their radio lol. This was from their “あおい・さおりの新番組(`・ω・´)/Aoi, Saori’s New Show (`・ω・´)” episode #25 on 2011.11.17. This was a part that I found particularly amusing~ I actually wrote about this on my Soup Mini-blog initially but it ended up longer than I expected so I decided to turn it into a full post here instead.

Note: Hayami calls Aoi “Oi-chan” while Aoi calls her “Misao”.

The video I embedded doesn’t actually start from this point, this is just a bit of background info I translated from the original radio that wasn’t included in the audio excerpt.

Hayami: What would you do if you could travel through time?
Aoi: Rather than going to the future I’d like to go back in time.
Hayami: Hmm? How far back would you go?
Aoi: Maybe sometime around kindergarten?
Hayami: Oh that would be interesting!
Aoi: Playing soccer and stuff back then was so fun…
Hayami: Yeah it was wasn’t it.
Aoi: That was happiness right there.
Hayami: Yeah~ But there’s plenty of happiness in the present as well!
Aoi: Yeah definitely!

————Video starts here————–

Aoi:…But now that we’ve come this far I’ll say this… I think I’ve actually got the ability to travel through time.
Hayami: …?! Huh? What? What is this all of a sudden? *laughs*
Aoi: Well it’s Autumn and it’s really pretty and all so it’s awakened the power sleeping within me. So I can travel through time now.
Hayami: *laughs* Really? You’ve got that power now?
Aoi: Yep.
Hayami: No way! Then do it!
Aoi: Okay I’ll go see you as a child for a bit!
Hayami: What? No way! Uh… Okay go for it…
Aoi: I’m off! Tiiiime LEAP!
*Aoi makes sound effects of her traveling through time and then landing*
Aoi: Hmm? Could you be little Misao?
Little Hayami[AKA. Hayami using a loli voice lol]: Who’s Misao? My name is Saori…
*Little Hayami makes squirming noises (*´▽`*)*
Aoi: Ahh sorrry for being so creepy~
Little Hayami: Eehh?
Aoi: I love little girls! *laughs* [LOL]
Little Hayami: Eeehh? What?
Aoi: In the future, when Saori-chan grows up, me and you will be super close friends!
Little Hayami: With onee-chan? [Note: Little Hayami calls Aoi “onee-chan”]
Aoi: Yup!
Little Hayami: Onee-chan who are you?
Aoi: Well you see, that’s for you to look forward to in the future!
Little Hayami: Eh?
Aoi: Well it’s time for me to head back before I lose control.
Little Hayami: Aww I don’t want you to go! Onee-chan don’t go!
Aoi: AHHH YOU’RE TOO CUTEE! I’m getting enveloped by the light! TIME LEAAAP! *laughs* What’s with this act?!
Hayami: Ohh! Oi-chan you’re back! *laughs*
Aoi: Ah I’ve used all my remaining magic points… In many ways. *laughs*
Hayami: You’re back! Where’d you go?
Aoi: I actually went back to visit little Misao.
Hayami: Oh? What was it like?
Aoi: You were cute~
Hayami: Really??
Aoi: So cute~
Hayami: I wasn’t a little brat?
Aoi: You were really cute. You were saying “Wait~ Don’t go!” to me as I left~ I was thinking that maybe I should’ve just stayed there…
Hayami: *laughs* You can’t do that! We won’t be able to continue on if you do!
Aoi: Yeah that’s right… Not until our MariColle event at least [Note: MariColle is their radio event they’re holding on the 26th of November. The name comes from a shortening of it’s full name, Marine Collection]
Hayami: MariColle! MariColle!
Aoi: MariColle! MariColle! *laughs* [Note: The two of them are laughing at how similar this sounds to “なにこれ!/What’s with this?!”]
Hayami: And this is how we wrap this up?! *laughs*

The remaining few seconds is of the two of them talking about how she won’t make it to their upcoming radio event if Aoi stays behind in the past. [Edit: I added the remaining few lines of text with an explanation of MariColle, I couldn’t be bothered to translate it the first time round due to not really wanting to the explain their little joke of “なにこれ!” into “マリコレ” as well as what MariColle refers to lol]

Hayami’s loli voice was so adorable~ <3 I’m so amused that Aoi just started this little drama impromptu in the middle of the radio and Hayami just followed through so naturally ahaha.

BlazBlue Radio W #4

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Name: ブレイブルー公式WEBラジオ 「ぶるらじW」
Hosts: Sugita Tomokazu, Kondou Kanako
Guest: Ueda Kana
Date: 2011.11.17

Episode four of BluRaji Wide! Imai’s not present at this recording so they bring Ueda Kana as a replacement :O She actually feels like one of the hosts rather than a guest in this episode.

– Sugita mentions that Imai is probably dancing and cooking right now so… Is she at some Im@s related job?

– Sugita says he got to play with the Playstation Vita. What’s interesting is that he mentioned that he did it on a show with Nakamura meaning… Tokyo Encount! The next couple of episodes should be coming soon!

– The three mention that they haven’t seen each other since the BB Event at TGS on August.

– Sugita laughs that when he grabbed Imai’s hand at the BlazBlue event he had actually thought it was Kakihara’s hand and was surprised when she shrieked ahaha. He says he was actually shocked by how repulsed Imai acted lol. Poor Sugita ;_;

Sugita: When I grabbed her hand, I actually thought it was Kakihara’s hand.
*The other two laugh*
Sugita: And then Imai let out this terrified shriek…
*The other two laugh harder*
Sugita: And so I realised how much she really is repulsed by me….
Kanako: It’s your fault for sexually harassing her at a public event!
Kana: Well if she blushed and got embarrassed that would be pretty awkward though *laughs*
Sugita: That’s true, that’d be worse, I’ll leave it at that and she just did the right reaction.

Sugita! If Imai really hated you she wouldn’t react in that way at all! In fact it’s proof of how much she does like you! >:D

– Sugita does an imitation of Isomura Tomomi and Ueda laughs that it’s really similar haha.

– When talking about how similar Ueda Kana and Kondou Kanako’s first names are they start talking about how there are heaps of seiyuu with “Kana” in their name as well. Yeah I’ve been thinking this as well. Just off the top of my head there’s these two, then Kanae, Hanazawa, Asumi and Yukana. :O Kana mentions that there are a lot “Yui”s as well. Kanako laughs that she should change her name to Konaka and Sugita jokes that it sounds like Konata from Lucky Star.

– Oh? Kanako’s releasing an album? :O

– The two of them pressure Kanako to wear Noel’s battle costume, rather than her uniform that she wore at the event, which she embarrassedly refuses. Lol yeahhh Kondou’s battle costume is a no sleeve and no back shirt lol.

– Sugita mentions the name of the cosplayer that wore Kondou’s battle costume at the event as an “Ushijima-san” Err… Would that be a certain Ushijima-san that I’m thinking of? Lol.
[EDIT: After poking around a bit, it appears that she was present at the event so most likely it was her lol.)
[P.S. FWIW I’m not usually someone who knows much about cosplayers(or ero cosplayers for that matter lol) but due to some circumstances I learnt about this person lol. Don’t ask OTL]

It looks like they’ve decided to do a next episode of BluRaji W already :O I’m glad that it’s an actual radio show series now instead of one off specials \o/

Last Exile Kartoffel Communications #1

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Name: ラストエグザイル カルタッファル通信
Hosts: Toyosaki Aki, Kayano Ai, Yuuki Aoi
Date: 2011.11.11

The first episode of the currently airing second season of “Last Exile: Fam, the Silver Wing”‘s radio that just started a couple of days back. The three hosts for the radio are Gizelle’s CV Yuuki Aoi, Fam’s Toyosaki Aki and Milia’s Kayano Ai though it appears that the radio members may change with each episode :O They do mention something about there possibly being only two out of the three present in future episodes or bringing in a fourth person so it looks like the radio will continue to be centred around these three members rather changing the hosts out completely. Well it didn’t seem like they knew much about it themselves so we’ll see how it changes as it goes on.

– Nicknames! Aki still calls Aoi “Ao-chan” but Aoi has reverted to calling her “Toyosaki-san” which tickles Aki.

Aki: This is the first time the three of us has been on radio together!
Aoi: Yeah it is!
Kayano: I… Don’t think I’ve ever met you two on radio before at all.
Aki: I have with Ao-chan before!
Aoi: Yeah I’ve worked on radio with Toyosaki-san before!
Aki: That name, *laughs* “Toyosaki-san“, lets get close enough to get over that name! *laughs*
Aoi: *laughs* Yeah! I really want to!
Aki: Being called “Toyosaki-san” is different and nice in it’s own way but… Let’s get friendlier with one another!
Aoi + Kayano: Let’s make up nicknames for each other! What do people normally call you?
Aki: I get called Aki-chan a lot but I don’t mind making a new nickname just for this radio~
Aoi + Kayano: Then we’ll go with “Aki-chan” it’s sounds cute already!
Aki: Ahh.. You’re both too nice~
*The three of them laugh*

Kayano: For Ao-chan, we’re in the same agency and she’s actually my senpai there but she told me I can call her “Ao-chan” so that’s what I call her <3
*Aoi laughs embarrassedly*
Aki: Then “Ao-chan” it is!

Aoi: For Kayano I was initially thinking to call her something elder sisterly but with us as Aki-chan and Ao-chan we have to call her “Ai-chan
Aki: Oh right! We’re all A! AAA! Triple A!

– Amusingly Aoi mentions she calls Okamoto Nobuhiko “Anija/あにじゃ” an old and formal version of “elder brother” ahaha.

– When saying her character’s name, Aki yells out “FAMFANFAN!” in quick succession and the three of them laugh that her name is pretty weird.

– Fam Fan Fan is my…

Aoi: Fam is cool!
Aki: Yeah her personality is pretty cool!
Aoi: Right! She’s such an ikemen! [a handsome, popular with ladies type man] Though she’s a girl *laughs*
Kayano: Ao-chan’s great at this sort of subject~
*The three of them laugh*
Aki: That’s great! Lets talk about how ikemen Fam is! *laughs*
Aoi: I want her to be my husband!
Aki: My wife!

– The three of them admire and love their beloved “Sawashiro Miyuki-senpai”. Hyuuhyuu~ Miyukichi so popular ahaha.

– Talking about each other’s atmospheres.

Aki: Kayano’s got a really refined atmosphere!
Aoi: She really does!
Aki: The refinedness just flows out of her!
Aoi: Yeah!
Kayano: *laughs* I think that’s the first time I’ve been told that I reek of refinedness.
*The three of them laugh*
Kayano: Thanks~
Aki: You seem really feminine!

Aki: You’re the warm and fuzzy type!
Kayano: That’s definitely more of an Aki-chan trait though! *laughs*
Aoi: Definitely!

– Aoi’s goal…

Aoi: My goal is to… Be able to speak with the both of you more informally! [Note: Japanese has a formal and polite version it’s language called “keigo/けいご/敬語” which Aoi uses with the two of them]
Aki: You should just start speaking informally with us then! Lets achieve your goal today!
Aoi: Today?! Today! Okay I will fulfill that goal today. I will “do” it today! “I’ll” do it today! I’ll [Note: Aoi stumbles a bit and repeats herself awkwardly as she rearranges her sentences into the informal versions]
*The three of them laugh*

Aoi: You’re all my elders so I do it instinctively!
Kayano: Even though you’re our senpai we still dote on you *laughs* It’s because you’re cute! Aoi’s so cute~
Aki: So cute~
Kayano: So we do it reflexively~
*Aoi gets embarrassed*

Ah Aoi, as easily flustered when praised as ever~ <3
It’s interesting to note that Aoi’s been in the seiyuu industry for the longest out of the three despite being the youngest by about 4-5 years. Aoi made her seiyuu debut on 2003 when she was 11(though she didn’t specifically become too active as a seiyuu until after Kurenai on 2008/2009) while Aki debuted three years later on 2006 and Kayano started just last year on 2010.

– Aoi continued to stumble over her informal and formal language throughout the radio to the other two’s amusement <3

Aoi’s worked with Aki on radio before (along with Hikasa Youko) on Ichiban Ushiro no Daimaou but that was over a year and a half ago and it looks like the two of them haven’t spoken with one another much outside of work. On that note, Kayano, other than talking with Aoi a bit due to being in the same agency, also seems pretty new to the two of them. I might follow the radio a bit more since I’m curious to see Aoi being paired with Kayano or Aki so I’ll probably keep an eye on it. Oh and I’d love to see Tatiana’s CV Kitamura Eri come on to guest as well. When was the last time I’ve seen her with any of these three? :O Speaking of which, Aki and KitaEri were pretty close friends but I haven’t seen the two of them together since Kanamemo’s Hayane Hayaoki radio back in late 2009. Aoi as well is reasonably friendly with her from Sora no Woto + Madoka activities and events but I don’t think Kayano and KitaEri has had much contact with one another. Bring KitaEri on!

Hanazawa Kana no Hitori de Dekiru Kana? #101

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Name: 花澤香菜のひとりでできるかな?
Host: Hanazawa Kana

Date: 2011.11.09

Episode 101 of HitoKana. I mentioned something on twitter about not writing anything on episode 100 due to it being full of games and stuff so she didn’t talk too much and amusingly Kana points that out on this episode as well.

– Bring in Tomatsu Haruka for the Christmas episode!
A bit of background info: Every year on Christmas so far Kana has brought Yahagi Sayuri and Tomatsu Haruka in to guest. Amusingly they talk about eating turkey on the episode but they always bring in and eat KFC instead.

Kana: I was talking with Tomatsu Haruka the other day in a recording and we got on the subject of how long HitoKana has been running for. She told me to call her to come on for Christmas again. She kept talking about the turkey we had at the time *laughs* and I kept telling her “Umm Tomatsu, that wasn’t turkey…” *laughs* I hope we can have a Christmas episode again! It’d be great to have a video broadcast again for that episode.

Ahh I hope they bring the two of them to guest again for the coming Christmas episode :D

– Girls attending the ROKYUBU live concerts.

Kana: There are actually quite a number girls coming to the ROKYUBU live concerts! After the concert is over we’re given letters brought in by the audience and there’s quite a lot of letters from girls! Just thinking that they’re jammed inside that audience *gasp* Good job on toughing that out! I was really happy to find that out though. When I’m singing I’ve noticed some girls in the audience as well and I watch them while I’m singing up there *laughs*

– Photobook shooting in Switzerland!

Kana: I went to Switzerland! Yayy!!! It was a really nice place. It’s kinda rare for me to go overseas especially on a trip where the plane ride was so long. Including the return trip it was about fourteen hours! [EDIT: So it looks like I misheard the including of the return trip part wrong. My bad m(_ _)m] It was about 14 hours and there was the return trip as well! I was wondering what to do while I was in transit. I took photos on the plane to pass the time… And I got pretty into it and took over 20 photos of nothing in that small area *laughs*. Oh and I read a book. And I watched a movie! That “Big” movie starring Tom Hanks. It was really interesting! It was about… Err, A kid in his 10’s suddenly becoming… Tom Hanks. *laughs* Something like that! *laughs* That’s a really bad explanation.

So after having fun on my own like that on the plane ride we finally reached Switzerland. It was beautiful! I was so surprised at how pretty the place was. Walking around the city was like seeing pages from a picture book.

The staff had makeup artists and stylists there and I got to put on make up and costumes I never get to try. Oh and… I had a lot of clothes that bared my shoulders as well. It might look a bit weird *laugh* but… I’d still like everyone to see it! Please look forward to it!

As a random bit of trivia, this episode was most likely recorded quite a bit before her guest appearance on Iguchi’s Mu~~~n so don’t count the other two’s guest appearances out yet!
…But really, I’m still pretty skeptical that she’ll bring them in next episode :( Well I can still dream!

Shimono Hiro and Ise Mariya’s “Ben-To” Radio “Radi-O” #04

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Name: 下野紘と伊瀬茉莉也の『ベン・トー』RADIO『ラジ・オー』
Hosts: Shimono Hiro, Ise Mariya
Guest: Kayano Ai
Date: 2011.10.26

Episode 4 of Ben-To’s radio. This episode has Shiraume Ume’s seiyuu Kayano Ai coming in to guest. For some reason I’ve always thought Kayano was in her late 20’s but she’s only 24 :O

– Are you an M? S?
Note: M = Masochist, or in this light context, someone who enjoys being teased. S = Sadist, once again in this context it means someone who likes to tease people a lot.

Kayano: Are you an M Shimono?
Shimono: Eh?! Whats is this all of a sudden?!
Ise: *laughs* I’m also interested in hearing this! Shimono-san are you an M?
Shimono: I’m not an M! I’m not a pervert as well!
Ise: Ehh how boring…
Shimono: What was that?!
Ise: *laughs* Nope, nothing!
Kayano: Ehh I thought being an M would fit you perfectly…
Shimono: What?! What are you saying?!
Kayano: Well it fits your character. So I thought you’d definitely be an M.
Shimono: Ah so you thought I’d be an M but not in the perverted way?
Kayano: Nope. Perverted as well.
Shimono: …What?
*Ise laughs*

Ise: But if Shimono was to call himself as S I’m pretty sure no one would believe him!
*Kayano laughs*

Shimono: What about you Kayano-san? Which would you say you are?
Kayano: Hmm I’d say I’m a bit… S. Actually I thought I wasn’t that much of an S before doing this role but… I am an S.
Shimono: I’ve noticed a lot of the cast who appears in Ben-To are all S… Especially the girls.
*Kayano and Ise laughs*
Ise: Ahh I think you’re right.
Shimono: And I think a lot of the guys are M *laughs*
*Kayano and Ise laughs*
Ise: You’re right! A lot of the guys seem like they want to be teased *laughs*
Kayano: They’re getting teased a lot aren’t they.
Ise: They’re all nice so even if you poke them a bit it seems like you can go further.
Kayano: Yeah and so you just keep going!

– What’s it like playing Shiraume, a character completely different from your previous characters?

Kayano: She really is different from any other character I’ve voiced so far. A girl like her that’s this S. I had to pull out as much S as I could from within myself to play her. And… Because of that I think my expression in front of the microphone must be really terrifying!
*The three of them laugh*
Shimono: Ah I really know what you mean.
Kayano: I must be putting out a really scary glare up there.
Ise: I think you’ve really done a great job with her though!
Kayano: Really?
Shimono: Yeah
Ise: Definitely!

– The staff brings in convenience store bentous in for the three of them, to their absolute delight :D

– Apparently Kayano’s stomach was grumbling so the appearance of the bentous made her really happy haha.

– In the last 5 minutes they say goodbye to Kayano… But it looks like she’s still there next to them, she’s just eating lol. You can hear her laughing or mmhmm’ing while chewing lol. She does make sure to point out “Ah Shimono-san you’ve got rice stuck on your mouth” with a full mouth though, even when he himself knew about it and was taking it off already haha.

Shimono: Why would you make sure to point that out when I already know about it! Oh… To make sure it gets recorded on radio… -__-

The two girls continued to tease and bully poor Shimono(senpai!) throughout the episode lol.
On a different note, I’ve been getting more interested in Kayano’s radio work recently. Perhaps I’ll start following her a bit more :O

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