Radio Cross #03

November 3rd, 2011 § 0 comments

Name: Radio Cross
Hosts: Sakura Ayane, Yahagi Sayuri
Date: 2011.11.01

Episode three of Radio Cross! Apparently Production I.G. has entered the sponsor list which means…. Is Quad Cross aiming for an eventual anime adaptation? :O Interesting.

– Listener sends in mail cheering Yahagi on through her trouble reining Sakura in when she goes crazy…

Sakura : Are you having trouble?? Are you?! *evil laugh*
Yahagi: Well… That’s what everyone’s saying…
Sakura : Are you?! Are you?!
Yahagi: …Yeah
Sakura : What should I do!? *links arms with her*
Yahagi: I guess you should just keep trying your best…?

Sakura has no intention of stopping ahaha.

– Listener sends in mail saying that Sakura is a big fan of Yuri. Note: Sakura is still linking arms and holding hands with Yahagi.

Yahagi: Umm Sakura-san? The mail says that you’re a big fan of yuri?
Sakura: I guess so. If I really had to say it, then yeah.
Yahagi: Really??
Sakura: Yeah!
Yahagi: Ehh… Really now…? *Tries to unlink arms with Sakura lol*
Sakura: Yep! *Tries to hold on to her arm and when Yahagi finally frees her arms, puts her arm around Yahagi’s shoulders instead ahahaha*

Sakura: I’m looking forward to working on this radio with you! Together! Together alone! ….Just the two of us…
Yahagi: …Yeah… Okay…

Run Yahagi! This girl is dangerous!!

– Upon finding out that Sakura hasn’t seen Sailor Moon before Yahagi gets really surprised and tells her to go watch it lol.

– Apparently Sakura was a tomboy as a child and she only watched boy oriented cartoons and shows, she wanted to watch girl oriented cartoons but she was too embarassed to haha.

Sakura’s getting crazier and crazier with each episode lol. Keep at it Yahagi! Do your best! Lol.

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