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Host: Shimoda Asami, Hikasa Youko
Date: 2011.04.09

Episode 8 of RADIO IS. Interestingly enough the radio actually fully intended to end on it’s 7th episode, the last episode but due to the radio’s popularity they had it extended. I’m so glad it didn’t end at it’s 7th episode :D

– Laughing at Houki’s role in the anime…

Hikasa: She’s like air! Always around, you don’t notice her but you need her!
Asami: She didn’t even wear a swimsuit!
Hikasa: She did at the very end so it’s fine!

Hikasa: Since everything’s been aired we can talk about anything we like now! …Like Houki! She was great in that last episode wasn’t she! Finally something to show that she’s the main heroine! *laughs*
Asami: Yeah for the past 7 or so episodes you were fretting about that weren’t you? *laughs*

Asami: And what about Lin?!
Hikasa: Err well.. For a couple of episodes at the start she was strong… Then she kinda disappeared *laughs*
Asami: …Yeah.

– Hikasa mentions that the first time she met Uchiyama Kouki was the recording for the Infinite Stratos PV.

– Hikasa laughs that their audio commentary for an episode of IS with Shimoda Asami was pretty chaotic lol.

– Asami laments that although the radio show has been extended past the 7th episode, she wishes the length of each episode had been extended as well and Hikasa agrees. That would be great D:

– Confession Corner! Hikasa’s turn with the theme “Cell Phone Strap”

Hikasa: With you as the cell phone, and me as the strap we’ll always be together! But if the strap breaks we’ll break apart! No!!! *lies back and dies of embarassment*

Next episode looks like it has the original author Yumizuru Izuru and and the light novel’s artist okiura as guests coming on to the show. Interesting, I wonder how it’ll turn out :O

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