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Host: Shimoda Asami, Hikasa Youko
Guest: Yumizuru Izuru, okiura
Date: 2011.04.23

The two guests are the author of the original light novels and it’s artist and character designer. They had originally planned to come on episode 7 but due to the earthquake that happened at the time they couldn’t make it.

– Shimoda laughs that Hikasa always makes funny faces to the camera :D

– Do you ever think “Let’s kill them!”? (One of Lin’s lines)

Shimoda: Not really… We’re nice after all~
Hikasa: Yep yep! We’re angels! *holds hands together and looks to the sky… Then snorts in laughter*

– Who do you like the most out of the characters?

okiura: If I’m limiting it to the heroines only… I’d choose Houki, I have the most memories with her.
*Hikasa rejoices*

Yumizuru: They’re like my children! I love them all for their uniqueness.

Shimoda: So which one do you like the best?!
Yumizuru: Well… If I had to pick one…. Maybe…. Chifuyu?

– The radio had okiura draw Lin and Houki for them right there.

– Upon hearing how well the DVD/BluRays have been selling the two of them say “Let’s just do a second season now!” YESS I’M WAITINGGGG

– Interestingly enough they had the confession corner handled by Yumizuru for this episode and he wrote a confession from Houki and Lin’s character using the themes pulled out of the box. They then had the two seiyuu read them out in character.

The drawings that okiura did there ended up looking like this by the way:Ah I love the Infinite Stratos art style <3

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