Iguchi Yuka no Mu~~~n ⊂( ^ω^)⊃ #58

November 9th, 2011 § 11 comments

Name: 井口裕香のむ~~~ん ⊂( ^ω^)⊃
Host: Iguchi Yuka

Guest: Hikasa Youko, Hanazawa Kana
Date: 2011.11.07

My dream combination comes true!! Iguchi brings her fellow ROKYUBU members Hanazawa Kana and Hikasa Youko on to guest! \o/ Interestingly enough, Iguchi had asked the two of them herself on short notice at a rehearsal if they were free to come guest :D

– Hikasa laughs that they look like they have beards in Iguchi’s drawing of them haha.

– Iguchi jokingly calls the three of them the “Adult Team” within ROKYUBU lol.

– Hikasa’s legs…

Iguchi: Kana-chan has mostly cute costumes but Hiyocchi has really sexy costumes!
Hikasa: Really? Are they really that sexy?
Kana: They so are sexy!
Iguchi: Really!
Hikasa: I’m really scared of how short the skirt is though… *laughs*
Iguchi: Yeah it really is short isn’t it.
Kana: Well you’re all about your legs though! *laughs*
Hikasa: What are you saying?! *laughs*
Kana: Hiyocchi you’re all legs!
Hikasa: “I’m all legs”?! Don’t say that!
*The three of them laugh*
Iguchi: But really, your legs are SO pretty!
Kana: Yeah!
Hikasa: …Really? …Thanks…

– Iguchi’s costumes…

Kana: Yuka-chan has a lot of yellow costumes doesn’t she?
Iguchi: Yeah due to Maho’s colour being yellow and all. And my costumes have me baring my shoulders very often.
Hikasa: You’re pretty much half naked!
Iguchi: …What?!
*The three of them laugh*
Iguchi: Say that again!
Hikasa: You’re h-a-l-f n-a-k-e-d!
Iguchi: Whaat?! Wait I mustn’t have heard right again! Say it again!!
Hikasa: It’s like you’re wearing a bath towel!
*The three of them burst into laughter*
Iguchi: As if I am!!
Kana: But she does have a point!
Iguchi: Well how about this! If Hiyocchi bares her lower body I’ll bare my upper body!
*The three of them screech in laughter*
Kana: Oi! Don’t do that!!
Hikasa: But really! When I’m next to her I’m thinking “Ah… Why is this person always half naked?”
*Three of them laugh*
Kana: You’re really thinking that?!
Hikasa: I’ve been thinking about talking about that during the MC portions.
Iguchi: I’m really getting embarrassed by this now!
Hikasa: It’s pretty much the exact same thing as a bath towel!

LOL These three are so close to one another~ It’s so wonderful to see a no holds barred conversation like this <3

– The three of them get pretty sad thinking about ROKYUBU ending with the tour and that they’ll really miss seeing each other for practice and stuff when it finishes ;_;

– The three of them dance to a ROKYUBU song there :D It’s really cute… But halfway through Hikasa stuffs up and she runs up to the camera and goes crazy while the other two follow ahaha.

– Kana brings in a magazine with a photoshoot where Hikasa’s doing a funny pose with a flower and the three of them laugh about it lol.

– Hikasa brings in a… Oppai/butt mousepad with Hinata’s character on it and the three of them laugh at how perverted it is lol. What are you doing bringing that in Hiyocchi?!!? Amusingly Hikasa brought it in because she thought the mousepad using the character’s butt instead of their chest was a pretty new thing ahaha.

– For some reason Hikasa was given that mouse pad by the ROKYUBU staff and had thought that everyone else was given one… She then found out that she was the only one given one ahaha.

– The three of them start wondering if they could have this setup for Kana’s solo radio as well :O That would be greattt. It probably won’t happen though :(

– The three of them make fun of each others poses in the upcoming ROKYUBU photobook lol.

– Wow apparently Kana’s upcoming photobook was shot in Switzerland :O

I really loved this episode (*´▽`*). The three of them really are close with one another~ They really seemed like they were having so much fun just speaking with each other there <3. I really love the combination of these three, I want more!

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§ 11 Responses to Iguchi Yuka no Mu~~~n ⊂( ^ω^)⊃ #58"

  • Aurey says:

    Much as I love Aki’s mofumofuness… I think Hikasa’s become my #1 favourite seiyuu. @_@ She’s so exhuberant it’s like her energy is limitless.

    ^I think I’ve said that quite a few times but I think it still needs to be said.

    • Ambi says:

      Yeah Hikasa is so wonderful <3

    • Aurey says:

      She’s so amusing and such a funny person. And being able to joke and laugh at herself is such an amazing personality trait to have. She’s funny without having to resort to taking advantage of the people around her. Instead it’s her that’s usually taken advantage of..

      仕方ないなぁー ドMだろう

  • Keiri says:

    Ahaha those three are really 芸人すぎ, which of course is a wonderful thing♥. I wish there are more of them but the seiyuu world would probably go nuts if they have too many folks like Hikasa. Moderation is probably best I guess. XD

    Anyway, absolutely brilliant episode! If only they would have more combis like this. Maybe next time Iguchi can drag the entire ROKYUBU gang over and let chaos happen. And likewise, it would be nice if they have the same thing over at HitoKana. :)

  • Furuba-tan says:

    ehh?! hanazawa kana shot her album in Switzerland?! why didn’t she said that earlier… I’m from Switzerland…
    and Hyocchi is with Akkyo my absolute favorite seiyuu~

  • stairs says:

    Muuuuuuuun has been really good lately, the halloween episode was hilarious!

    btw, I haven’t commented before, but I really like this blog, your recaps and commentary are really fun to read.

    • Ambi says:

      Thanks :D I’m glad you enjoy reading them.

      And I agree, Mu~~~n has been really entertaining lately, Iguchi’s such a delight to watch/listen to <3

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  • mask says:

    ahhhh dream team!!!!!

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