Radio Cross #04

November 11th, 2011 § 10 comments

Name: Radio Cross
Hosts: Sakura Ayane, Yahagi Sayuri
Date: 2011.11.08

Episode 4 of Radio Cross. It looks like they’ve switched back to recording one episode per session again. Or rather the one time they recorded two episodes in one session was an exception. Sakura was as hyper as ever in this episode lol.

– Yahagi calls herself “obasan(old lady)” and Sakura remembers… To go under the table to grab her ankles lol. Yahagi then screams “Oi! Pervert!!” when she grabs her ahaha. Sakura then finds out that she’s wearing boots and throws a tantrum lol. She calls her wearing boots equivalent to bullying her lol.

– Sakura says she only takes 20 minutes to get ready to leave in the morning, to Yahagi’s surprise. Amusingly she doesn’t do anything special in terms or brushing her hair or makeup. On the other hand Yahagi says she wakes up about one and a half to two hours before work to get ready, including commute.

– Yahagi comments that she’s always in a really bad mood when she wakes up and she showers to get rid of that feeling lol.

– The radio had them doing an English test and going over their answers lol. This should be interesting.

– When grading Sakura’s test Yahagi skipped over all the answers that Sakura got right since “It wouldn’t be interesting to hear about”, to Sakura’s outrage lol.

– One of the questions was to translate the English sentence “The house shakes each time a train passes” into Japanese, which Sakura incorrectly translated into: “A train passes in front of a house on occasion”Lol where did the “Shake” disappear to?!

– Another question was translating “I am looking forward to your visit” which Sakura amusingly translated into “I am watching your future so I can appear” lol. “Watching your future”!? Yahagi laughs and says that it sounds really scary.

– Question to translate the Japanese sentence “私、本気です!!/I’m serious!!” into English. Hilariously Sakura translated it into “I am gachinko!” with “gachinko/ガチンコ” being Japanese slang for something along the lines of being eager to compete ahaha. Oi Ayaneru! That’s still Japanese!

– They then switched roles with Sakura grading Yahagi’s paper lol. Incidentally this was what Yahagi’s answer sheet looked like:– Question to translate the Japanese sentence “君は夜型人間ですね。/You’re a nocturnal/night person” into English. Yahagi wrote “You aer night tape man.” complete with the spelling error lol.

Sakura(reading out in English): “You are… Night tape man” *Bursts out laughing*
Yahagi: I’m great aren’t I?! I put a lot of thought into this!
Sakura: If this was to translate into Japanese it would be “You are a night tape person” *laughs* What in the world is that?!
Yahagi: Right! It’s a person who stays up late with his tapes!
Sakura: That’s seems like a really suss person!
Yahagi: But I got it right didn’t I?!
Sakura: Saying all nocturnal people are like that is rude to them!
Yahagi: No wait! It’s just that this particular person happens to be like that!
Sakura: This particular person?!
Yahagi: Yeah!
Sakura: Umm for “tape” did you actually mean to write “type”?
Yahagi: *laughs* Err… No! I meant tape! Since tape is right!
*Sakura bursts out laughing*
Sakura: Type is spelt with a “y”~
Yahagi: I know!! I wanted to write tape!! D:<

Yeah right Yahagi!

– For the “私、本気です!!/I’m serious!!” into English question Yahagi wrote “I am maji!!” with “maji/マジ” once again being Japanese slang for “serious” ahaha. Oi Yahagi you ate her out for putting “Gachinko/ガチンコ” but you yourself didn’t answer much better than Sakura!

– Yahagi reasons that she got the questions wrong because it’d be more interesting that way. Yeah right Yahagi!!

– Amusingly if you look at the image of Yahagi’s answer sheet you can see a question asking to translate “How do I get to Hamamatsuchou[A place in Tokyo]” into English and rather than translating it Yahagi wrote directions to Hamamatsuchou instead ahahaha.

– In the end I think Sakura did better in the test than Yahagi haha.

Most of the episode was taken up with the grading of the tests but it was hilarious <3 I love it when seiyuu struggle with English ahaha >:D

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  • Raph says:

    Man, I feel like everything I’ve come across involving Yahagi and English is entirely hilarious. I also laughed my head off at this clip from Seitokai Yakuindomo and pretty much all her lines in Softenni, lol.

    First time commenter but I’ve been reading for a while, so I may as well take the chance to say thanks for all your hard work. I have a lot of fun reading your posts!

    • Ambi says:

      Thanks for the compliment :D
      But yeah I forgot that she had to do some English work in SYD didn’t she ahaha. Seiyuu struggling with English is always so wonderful >:D

  • Furuba-tan says:

    ambi, you really chose a good radio show to follow. I am maji!!
    and do you have a link to this episode? can’t find anything. I really want to see and hear this action~

  • j1m0ne says:

    Engrish so awesome. Totally gonna call all my night owl friends ‘night tape men’ now.

    • Ambi says:

      When I first saw “night tape man” from the image before hearing her elaboration I was so confused lol. How do you get to “night tape man” from “late sleeper”?! Amusingly, I actually thought I had misread 夜警 for 夜型 and her “night tape man” was a distorted engrish “nightwatchman” at first haha. I love seeing them play with Engrish >:D

  • Aurey says:

    Is it just me or did the intro sound like “yuru yuri hajimaru yo~~~”

  • Andrew says:

    Heh, part of the reason why it’s so difficult between the two languages is because English word order is mainly subject-verb-object (SVO) while Japanese is SOV, plus Japanese is “pro-drop” (eg they drop out a lot of the smaller “function” participles); most people just say “Pen desu” rather than “Kore wa pen desu.”

  • […] while Sakura introduces herself as “I am Gachinko, Sakura Ayane” lol. Remnants from the previous English test […]

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