Hanazawa Kana no Hitori de Dekiru Kana? #101

November 14th, 2011 § 9 comments

Name: 花澤香菜のひとりでできるかな?
Host: Hanazawa Kana

Date: 2011.11.09

Episode 101 of HitoKana. I mentioned something on twitter about not writing anything on episode 100 due to it being full of games and stuff so she didn’t talk too much and amusingly Kana points that out on this episode as well.

– Bring in Tomatsu Haruka for the Christmas episode!
A bit of background info: Every year on Christmas so far Kana has brought Yahagi Sayuri and Tomatsu Haruka in to guest. Amusingly they talk about eating turkey on the episode but they always bring in and eat KFC instead.

Kana: I was talking with Tomatsu Haruka the other day in a recording and we got on the subject of how long HitoKana has been running for. She told me to call her to come on for Christmas again. She kept talking about the turkey we had at the time *laughs* and I kept telling her “Umm Tomatsu, that wasn’t turkey…” *laughs* I hope we can have a Christmas episode again! It’d be great to have a video broadcast again for that episode.

Ahh I hope they bring the two of them to guest again for the coming Christmas episode :D

– Girls attending the ROKYUBU live concerts.

Kana: There are actually quite a number girls coming to the ROKYUBU live concerts! After the concert is over we’re given letters brought in by the audience and there’s quite a lot of letters from girls! Just thinking that they’re jammed inside that audience *gasp* Good job on toughing that out! I was really happy to find that out though. When I’m singing I’ve noticed some girls in the audience as well and I watch them while I’m singing up there *laughs*

– Photobook shooting in Switzerland!

Kana: I went to Switzerland! Yayy!!! It was a really nice place. It’s kinda rare for me to go overseas especially on a trip where the plane ride was so long. Including the return trip it was about fourteen hours! [EDIT: So it looks like I misheard the including of the return trip part wrong. My bad m(_ _)m] It was about 14 hours and there was the return trip as well! I was wondering what to do while I was in transit. I took photos on the plane to pass the time… And I got pretty into it and took over 20 photos of nothing in that small area *laughs*. Oh and I read a book. And I watched a movie! That “Big” movie starring Tom Hanks. It was really interesting! It was about… Err, A kid in his 10’s suddenly becoming… Tom Hanks. *laughs* Something like that! *laughs* That’s a really bad explanation.

So after having fun on my own like that on the plane ride we finally reached Switzerland. It was beautiful! I was so surprised at how pretty the place was. Walking around the city was like seeing pages from a picture book.

The staff had makeup artists and stylists there and I got to put on make up and costumes I never get to try. Oh and… I had a lot of clothes that bared my shoulders as well. It might look a bit weird *laugh* but… I’d still like everyone to see it! Please look forward to it!

As a random bit of trivia, this episode was most likely recorded quite a bit before her guest appearance on Iguchi’s Mu~~~n so don’t count the other two’s guest appearances out yet!
…But really, I’m still pretty skeptical that she’ll bring them in next episode :( Well I can still dream!

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  • Furuba-tan says:

    there she mentions the photoshoot, but I wanted to hear more.
    and I already planned to ask you if you could ask her about the shoot via radio mail or something like that. (≧▽≦)

    • Ambi says:

      She didn’t really talk much about it other than that. She normally goes into a bit more detail about that sorta stuff so I’m guessing she’s holding back information at least until the photobook is released, either that or the photobook itself has more information about her experience on the trip so she’s not intending to talk more on it on radio. And err no, I have no plans to message her about it >_>

  • Andrew says:

    Saw the pics on Hashihime’s site. She looks really cute in a dirndl (a traditional Alpine dress).

    Interesting that they flew all the way to the Alps for a photoshoot. (Was there a convention as well?)

    Slightly surprised that she hasn’t heard of “Big”. Yeah, I know it might not be as well-known in Japan, but someone once said American culture is like a one-way mirror (other people can look in on us and know lots of trivia about us, but we don’t know as much about them). And heh, the movie libraries are the best things about long-distance flights. When I went to Australia (about 14 hrs one-way from Los Angeles) I watched at least two movies.

    • Ambi says:

      I think she only flew in for the photoshoot and then headed back.
      I’m not surprised she hasn’t heard of Big though, that movie is older than she is haha.

  • yu3 says:

    I look all over at your blog about the Christmas special you are saying but, I think you didn’t write a blog about that. I’m really interested in what they are doing and talking about that episode, wish you could blog about it. ^__^

  • lora says:

    I’m just curious, how do you listen to Kana-sans Radio show? Are you from Japan? If not, can you tell us where do you listen to their radios?

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