Radio Cross #05

November 21st, 2011 § 2 comments

Name: Radio Cross
Hosts: Sakura Ayane, Yahagi Sayuri
Date: 2011.11.15

Sakura starts off as energetically hysteric as ever lol. Yahagi on the other hand sounds pretty tired haha.

– When the two of them realise they’re wearing a similar top Sakura starts to take off Yahagi’s shirt ahaha.

– When they announce the seiyuu for another of the characters in the drama CD as Hayami Saori Sakura sings “Freestyle~~!”, the name of Hayami’s solo radio show lol.
But putting that aside, Hayami Saori’s the third seiyuu in a row from I’m Enterprise that’s in the cast so far :O I wonder if the rest of the cast will be from I’m Enterprise as well?

– Listener asks if they’ve ever gone on a diet before.

Sakura: I haven’t gone on one before. Well I’ve always been a bit on the chubby side but I’ve never actually gone beyond that.
Yahagi: Really? You’re not chubby though…
Sakura: I’m chubby! But I never go past it.
Yahagi: …Really?
Sakura: How about you?
Yahagi: Well if I was to pick one I’d probably be on the thinner side…
Sakura: You’re too thin!
Yahagi: I’m pretty careful about my weight.
*Sakura checks Yahagi’s body out lol*
Sakura: There was a mirror just there right? And I was thinking “I really don’t want to be caught lining up with Yahagi here…”
Yahagi: No way!
*Yahagi laughs*
Yahagi: But during middle school I was really thin, I had legs like a duck’s
Sakura: Huh? Legs like a duck’s?
Yahagi: You know how you like my thin heels, they were even thinner back then.
Sakura: Your heels?
Yahagi: Yep. During middle school due to my club activities. But when I stopped doing those club activities upon entering high school I became pretty chubby.
Sakura: Your heels are really pretty now though. *Looks underneath the table at Yahagi’s legs* Really really pretty…
Yahagi: Stop looking at them!! Stop looking down there!

Lol Sakura stop checking her out!

– Talking about how they dress for the cold season.

Yahagi: I’m really sensitive to the heat. Even when I’m indoors I get really hot. I’m probably sweating already.
Sakura: Really? Are you alright? *starts fanning Yahagi’s face with her hands*
Yahagi: Uh… Huh…
*Yahagi stares at Sakura’s hands in confusion as she fans her and then they both break into laughter*

– The two of them play a game using “Battle Pencils”. Battle Pencils are pencils which you take turns to roll and each side of the pencil has a special move on it that does damage to the opponent or casts some kind of spell such as hp recovery or skipping the enemy’s turn. Each pencil is it’s own character with it’s own skill set and HP stats as well so they’re really popular between children in Japan. Yahagi uses the old generation of battle pencils from about 15 or so years ago while Sakura uses the latest released series against her. Amusingly due to this the balance is completely out of whack and Sakura pretty much beats Yahagi hands down lol. Yahagi complains about how overpowered the new versions are while Sakura brags that she must be a genius for beating a veteran like Yahagi, who played with these pencils as a child while Sakura on the other hand had only just learnt about the pencils and the rules beforehand lol.

A lot of the humor is in the video and the games they play rather than straight dialogue so I don’t really write as much as I’d like to lol. On another note though, this is definitely one of the more hilarious radios I’m watching/listening to right now and the show looks like it’s really starting to pick up some popularity too :D


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  • Keiri says:

    I’m kind of conflicted about my feelings towards Yahagi’s position. On one hand, I feel sorry for her whenever Sakura toys with her. On the other, I’m cheering on Sakura to continue bullying her ahaha. Those parts where Yahagi self-destructs doing “Cross!” are delightful since Sakura seems to deliberately avoid doing it together with her just to embarrass her. The epic BGM just made it all the better. >:D

    • Ambi says:

      Haha yeah I really know what you mean, I think Yahagi is enjoying herself in some way though, after that last bit where they both tried to bait each other into saying “CROSS” it seemed like Yahagi was actually enjoying herself on the radio :D

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