Ore no Imouto ga (Rajio Demo) Konna ni Kawaii Wake ga Nai #20

November 24th, 2011 § 13 comments

Name: 俺の妹が(ラジオでも)こんなに可愛いわけがない
Hosts: Taketatsu Ayana, Hanazawa Kana
Date: 2011.05.27

The opening character drama has Kuroneko and Kirino talking about next episode’s guest, Tamura Manami (AKA. Satou Satomi is coming in as a guest next episode). It looks like Kirino doesn’t get along well with Manami haha.

– The love between these two are always at it’s strongest without a guest ahaha.

Ayana: It’s the 20th episode today!
Kana: That’s quite long now. We’ve become a lot closer since the first episode haven’t we?
Ayana: Yeah at the time I couldn’t even make eye contact with you! *laughs*
Kana: Oh really? That might be true thinking back on it.
Ayana: So I was talking while looking at the wall behind you! *laughs*
Kana: That’s a bit scary putting it that way *laughs* It’s like “Ayachi… Are you seeing something behind me?!”
Ayana: I was trying hard to look at you but then settling on the wall behind you.
*The two of them laugh*
Kana: I was a bit fidgety at the start too…
Ayana: Yeah at the start you weren’t someone who’d try and touch my thighs too *laughs*
Kana: That’s right *laughs* Something went wrong with me somewhere along the way.
Ayana: Yeah! And just now you asked me out of nowhere “Hey… Are you bare legged?!” and I was like “Does it really excite you that much?!”
Kana: It’s because you’re wearing a short skirt today to charm me!!
Ayana: “Charm you”?! *laughs* Why would you think that?!
Kana: …Oh so you weren’t trying to? :(
Ayana: Yeah!
Kana: Oh… That’s a disappointment…
Ayana: What’s with that high school male reaction?!
Kana: But since Ayachi’s baring her legs today I’ll be a a bit more excited than normal, prepare for it.
Ayana: What’s with that?!
*The two of the laugh*
Ayana: What are you trying to say?!
Kana: You know how you can get excited by bare legs?
Ayana: But you’re showing your legs as well!
Kana: Yeah but no one will get excited by my legs…
Ayana: What?! I will!
Kana: …Wait a moment *laughs*
*Ayana laughs*

– Ayachi’s on the front cover of the Seiyuu Grand Prix[Seigura] magazine!

Kana(Reading mail from a listener): “This was a while back but when Ayana had said that she hasn’t worn the sweet loli type clothing before Kana-chan screeched “SEIGURA-SAAAAN!!!” to get them to do a photoshoot of Ayana in loli clothing and this month’s Seigura has Ayana in loli clothing!”
Ayana: Yeah it has…
Kana: Ayachi you dressed up in loli clothing?!
Ayana: Yep!
Kana: Why didn’t you tell me?!
Ayana: Ehh? Err… Didn’t I tell you?
Kana: No you didn’t…

Kana: And you were on the front cover as well??
Ayana: Yeah.

Ayana: It’s… Got me in sweet loli type clothing smiling faintly as it’s front cover image.
Kana: Ayachi, you’re amazing! You’re not even promoting anything in particular and you got the front cover!
Ayana: Yeah I didn’t even have to promote anything!
Kana: But seriously, having Ayachi on the front cover would make everyone buy it!
Ayana: Really…? I was thinking… You know how my face is on the cover of magazine right?
Kana: Yep.
Ayana: Then wouldn’t it be my fault if their sales dropped?! What should I do?!
Kana: It’ll definitely be alright. Everyone will be licking the front cover!
Ayana: …. ….That in itself is… *laughs*
Kana: That’s probably not too good. *laughs*
Ayana: It won’t happen, everyone’s not like Kana-chan after all!
Kana: Yeah everyone’s different to me!
Ayana: Everyone’s a gentleman! They’re refined ladies and gentlemen! They wouldn’t do that!
*The two of them laugh*
Kana: Yeah sorry for saying that everyone.

LOL Kana’s saying she would lick the magazine photo if it was Ayana?! OTL

– Doujinshi, BL and yuri…

Kana: A friend of mine showed me a One Piece doujinshi before… *laughs*
Ayana: Hmm? How was it?
Kana: It was… Amazing *laughs*
Ayana: In what way?
Kana: Well… Sanji and Zoro were… like… Waahhhh! *laughs* [AKA. R18 BL doujinshi lol]
*Ayana bursts out laughing*
Ayana: It was THAT type of doujinshi?!
*The two of them keep laughing*
Kana: And I was like “AAHHHH!” and closed it shut.
*The two of them laugh*
Kana: Saying “My Sanji!! What is happening to my Sanji?!”
Ayana: That’s pretty crazy!

Ayana: And I bet there are some made by people who wants to see the coupling of Kuroneko and Kirino as well!
Kana: Yeah I bet there are!
*Ayana gasps*
Kana: I want to see some OreImo doujinshi now~
Ayana: Yeah but… They’ll probably be pretty crazy.
Kana: Crazy?
Ayana: Yeah… Like the type that makes you go “UWAAAHH” like the doujinshi you saw.
Kana: Huh?! Something like Kyousuke with Akagi?! *laughs* [LOL]
Ayana: *laughs* Yeah. Or something more Yuri~
Kana: Ah I see.
Ayana: With girls going… “Yaay!”
Kana: If it was yuri I’d be probably able to read it.
Ayana: Ah really??
Kana: Yeah probably.

Ayana: This one time I had the chance to do some work with a yuri theme and I bought the manga to take a look at what it was like. At the time I didn’t really know anything about yuri and when I read it in my room it was… A crazy sight *laughs* It was really crazy! I was like “UWAAHH!” and closed it instantly and shut it away at the deepest part of my bookshelf. *laughs*
Kana: *laughs* You hid it away?

Ahh so Kana’s open to yuri~ >:D
I’m not exactly sure which Yuri manga Ayana’s referring to here. My guess would be at Love DNA XX possibly? The time frame certainly fits for it’s drama CD but I… Don’t think it was explicit enough to make her react like that though? Maybe it was haha.
Or perhaps she bought YuriHime Wildrose instead of the normal Yurihime lol, who knows.

– Kana laughs that she’s sat next to someone on the train with a bag with one of her characters she’s voiced on the front. Amusingly he didn’t notice her.

– Ayana laughs that as she was walking to the recording studio she saw Kana in front of her and somehow she lost sight of her. Kana then came from behind and touched her shoulder to greet her lol. Ayana was really shocked and laughed that she should’ve called out to her first instead of randomly just grabbing her from behind without saying anything ahaha.

– Ayana laments that she hasn’t seen any of Kana’s event cosplays outside of Kuroneko’s at the OreImo event. Ayana also mentions that she hasn’t cosplayed for an anime event before. If I recall correctly, I don’t think she’s ever cosplayed at an anime event until Yuruyuri’s where she cosplayed as Mirakurun, about 4 months after this episode.

– The two of them joke about putting a photobook out, at first just laughing at the idea of Ayana putting out a cosplay photobook but then Ayana pulls Kana in and says she’d do it if Kana joins her for an AyaKana photobook. They really should make it happen! >:D

– Ayana x Kana!

Ayana: But Kana-chan’s really cute!
Kana: Really…?
Ayana: Yeah seriously, I’ve thought a lot of times in my head “Kana-chan’s really cute *huehehe~*” though I never say it out loud.
Kana: Ehh? Say it out loud!
Ayana: You know that time when we went out to lunch together.
Kana: Yeah.
Ayana: We were sitting next to each other at the time and talking with one another and when Kana-chan peered up at me you were REALLY cute~! Looking at me with those big and round eyes~!
*Kana laughs*
Kana: What’s with that?! You should of said something to me!
Ayana: I was thinking of that but we were talking about other things so I couldn’t bring myself to say it!
*The two of them laugh*
Kana: I see…
Ayana: So I just left with “See you later!” with that in my mind. *laughs* Thinking “Kana-chan really is cute~”.
Kana: Ahh… So there was a chance for me like that and I just missed it…

Ayana: And on top of that you were in short shorts at the time! The type that shows your thighs! And you weren’t wearing anything to cover your legs as well!
Kana: Yeah *laughs*
Ayana: I was trying to look for an opportunity to touch you! *laughs* I was trying hard to find the right timing!
*Kana laughs*
Ayana: Since we were sitting next to each other I could’ve touched you but I was too embarrassed to do it!!
*The two of them break in to laughter*
Kana: Ayachi you’re actually a bit of a chicken in that regard aren’t you? *laughs*
Ayana: Yeah, it was like being a high school boy where I was imagining touching a girl but not being able to do it in reality *laughs*
Kana: I see… That’s pretty bad for me, that means I’m already passed that point and become a perverted old man since I do it rather than just think about it *laughs*
Ayana: Yeah when we met one time at a studio you just called “Good morning!” and hugged me!
Kana: Yeah I did…
Ayana: I was really surprised by that… But also really happy~ I was like “Huh? Kana-chan??” *laughs*

Oh wow these two ahaha. The two of them closed up the conversation saying that they were getting embarrassed by the talk ahaha.

– Kana jokes that all these guests coming on the show probably means that the show is going to come to an end soon and Ayana wails that she doesn’t want it to end and that they should do a second season. I AGREEEE!!!
Little does Kana know that her joke is the truth and the radio has only got a couple more episodes till the end ;_;

Kana: I mean, think about it. All these guest coming all of a sudden is weird!
Ayana: Nooo! Noooo! I don’t want it to end!
Kana: And the DVDs and BluRays are about to finish releasing…
Ayana: ….Aww…. What about a second season?! Where’s the second season?!
Kana: Yeah!
Ayana: Uuuuuu ;_;
Kana: What should we do?
Ayana: I don’t need pay!
*Kana laughs*
Kana: Yeah we just want to see it continue!
Ayana: I don’t need pay! As long as I can be with Kana-chan I’ll be happy!
Kana: *laughs* Wanna come be my wife?!
Ayana: Okay~!
Kana: What’s is this! *laughs*
*The two of them laugh*

– Kana jokes that if Nakamura comes then it’ll really be the end. Oh Kana you’re so right ahaha.

– Ayana laughs that if it really does end she’ll record the radio with just the two of them at the computer and upload it to her website ahahah.

I really enjoyed this episode <3 The two of them were wonderful :D

But putting that aside…

This post REALLY ended up longer than it should be OTL There were too many parts of the radio I wanted to write about lol. I think I’m gonna need to talk about post formatting sometime soon…

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§ 13 Responses to Ore no Imouto ga (Rajio Demo) Konna ni Kawaii Wake ga Nai #20"

  • Aurey says:

    Lost post is really long but long posts are the best.

    By the way, Hiyocchi isn’t doing any active radio shows at the moment, is she?

  • Furuba-tan says:

    I’m a bit surprised that ayacchi doesn’t seem to get along with satou satomi, cause they worked together in K-ON!. and satou satomi has a fujoshi past, afaik, so ayacchi as an otaku should probably get along with her.
    and also surprised that ayacchi seems so repellant against ero doujins. (〃∇〃)

    • Ambi says:

      Oh Ayana gets along with Satou Satomi perfectly fine, the opening drama was about the character Kousaka Kirino not getting along well with the other character Tamura Manami.

  • r3 says:

    Pfft, most girls will go EEEK ERO~~~~ in a public-y setting. But dawwww, these two are cute. I want You-Kyan to come on so I can fa―


    • Ambi says:

      Nakamura has already come lol and I skipped ahead to it cause I couldn’t wait ahaha.

      Hanazawa is getting reaallly really cute. And she’s pretty proud of the fact that she’s losing weight like crazy too :O

      • r3 says:

        WAIT I FAINTLY REMEMBER THIS. I think any shows that have both Nakamura and Sugita on make me forget.

        I hope she’s losing weight healthily. I STILL WANT TO PINCH HER CHEEEEEEEEEEEKS.

        It’s ‘kay ’cause I’m a girl, right, Kana? >:3

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  • Miharu~ says:

    After reading this post I went to heard the show on nico nico douga and agghhwwww hearing both talking and laughin is soo cute :3

    I wonder wich yuri manga Ayacchi read? Could be Sasameki koto or yuruyuri? Because those mangas have not a real hard content of yuri… but well nice transcription I enjoyed reading it twice!! x3!

    • Ambi says:

      I’m not exactly sure which Yuri manga she’s referring to here as well. My guess would be at Love DNA XX maybe? The time frame certainly fits for it’s drama CD but I… Don’t think it was explicit enough to make her react like that though? Maybe it was haha.
      Or perhaps she bought YuriHime Wildrose instead of the normal Yurihime lol, who knows.

  • mask says:

    i just love their role playing, it too much magic.. Ayana is just super cute..

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