Square Enix Channel “SquEniChan!” #13

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Host: Yasumoto Hiroki
Assistants: Arikawa Chiri, Nishi Asuka
Guests: Sugita Tomokazu, Nakamura Yuuichi
Date: 2011.12.29

Square Enix’s sponsored radio hosted by Yasumoto Hiroki. The radio airs weekly and started recently on October 2011. The members in the photo from left to right are: Yasumoto, Sugita, Nakamura, Nishi and Arikawa. Arikawa is a 21 year old gravure idol with hopes(?) of becoming a seiyuu and Nishi is a rookie seiyuu in her early 20’s(I think?) currently employed at Sigma 7, the same agency as Nakamura. She hasn’t taken a main/supporting anime role yet as far as I can tell. The assistants don’t quite talk much, leaving most of the talking to the main personality Yasumoto, for the most part they help out with announcements and corners. Arikawa is there for most of the recording but Nishi swaps in for a corner for about 10-15 minutes midway through the episode.

The two guests, Sugita and Nakamura are here to promote two anime, one is Danshi Koukousei no Nichijou and Inu x Boku SS. Nakamura doesn’t appear in Danshi Koukousei no Nichijou though, while the three of them appear in Inu x Boku SS so it looks like he sits out for the first 10-15 minutes while they talk about the anime.

– Sugita’s commute to high school was 40-50 minutes by bicycle :O Wow. He then secretly got a motorbike license and rode it to school, though he parked far away so as to not get found out. Apparently his school didn’t allow it and would’ve taken his license if he was caught.

– It looks like Yasumoto went to a boys high school.

– Err I’m not sure if this is obvious information or not but Nakamura mentions that Fujiwara Cocoa, the mangaka for Inu x Boku SS is a girl.

– Nakamura mentions that Hikasa Youko’s the eldest girl at the Inu x Boku SS recordings and she’s called “old lady” there ahaha. Arikawa is shocked at first to hear this but Yasumoto explains to her that Hikasa enjoys and brings that sorta humor on herself haha.

– Hikasa…

Sugita: Hikasa-san’s the type of person that if you tell her “Ah you don’t need to say anything funny, just sit and relax” the atmosphere would become super awkward.

Yasumoto: But yeah she’s a good person.
Sugita: Yeah I agree.
Yasumoto: If she’s there the place becomes a lot brighter.
Sugita: Yeah.

Yasumoto: But yeah that’s what the recordings are like. Where everyone teases and plays with Hikasa-san.
Nakamura: Yeah really. Wait no, it’s different! I’m not that I want to tease her! It’s cause she’s so annoying! *laughs*
Yasumoto: *laughs* Oi! I just wrapped up this topic so nicely and you continue with that?!
Nakamura: She’s noisy!
Yasumoto: Well yeah if I had to say…
Nakamura: Hanazawa-san [Hanazawa Kana] reacts that way too! She’s like “You’re annoying!”
Yasumoto: Ahh well she’s the type that digs in pretty hard.
Nakamura: Yeah.
Yasumoto: Well everyone, just know that Hikasa’s a nice person. *laughs*
Nakamura: Right, we’re not saying this in a bad way. *laughs*

Ahh the Hanazawa x Hikasa combination going as strong as ever~ :D

– Arikawa’s a big fan of anime, which of their shows is her favourite?

Yasumoto: So which of Nakamura’s anime that he’s appeared in is your favourite?
Arikawa: Huh?
Nakamura: Oh? Are we gonna ask her that?
Arikawa: Umm.. Er… The throwing balls with a huge action one. [Lol AKA. Ookiku Furikabutte]
Yasumoto: Ah that one.

Yasumoto: And what about Sugita?
Arikawa: Mmmm…. Well it’d have to be the one where he’s being led around by a girl who loves aliens. [Aka. Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuutsu!!!!]
Sugita: Ah the one with “yare yare” in it [Kyon’s pet phrase]
Arikawa: Yep that one!

– When Nishi embarrassedly says that she’s never played Final Fantasy before Nakamura yells at her “Why are you here on this radio then?!” lol. She then mentions that she’ll be playing the new FFXIII-2 though and Sugita + Nakamura yell at her again to at least play the first FFXIII before she does that haha.
I… Haven’t played a single Final Fantasy game before too lol OTL.

– Lol poor Nishi was bullied by the three of them quite a bit during the radio. Mostly by Nakamura, her senior in the same seiyuu agency heh.

– Nakamura mentions that he’s heard from anime staff that this year, 2011, has had a lot of original anime do well mentioning Madoka Magica off the top of his head.

It looks like Nakamura and Sugita will be guesting again on next week’s episode \o/.


TamayuRadio ~hitotose~ #6

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Name:  たまゆらじお〜hitotose〜
Hosts: Iguchi Yuka, Asumi Kana
Date: 2011.12.08

The combination I’ve been waiting for is here!! And a bit earlier than I expected too! I thought they were gonna finish off with this combination :O

– Iguchi’s stomach rumbled at the start of the episode lol. If you put up the volume you can actually hear it ahaha.

Iguchi: We’ll talk about the Hiroshima event later! But for now we’re gonna talk about–
*Iguchi’s stomach grumbles*
Iguchi: …My stomach grumbling *laughs*
*Asumi laughs*
Asumi: Your stomach just grumbled!! Yeah! *sarcastic* Iguchi-san?! Was that coming from you?!
Iguchi: Noo!! It wasn’t me!! IT WASN’T ME!! *You can hear her flailing about in embarrassment lol*
Asumi: Iguchi-san?! Iguchi-san?!?
Iguchi: Maybe it was me… *laughs*
Asumi: Yeah… You’re the only other person here after all… Your hair is a mess now *laughs*
Iguchi: Even though you just lent me a comb too…
Asumi: Yeah really!

Apparently it’s about 5 pm there at the time of recording haha.

– The two of them mention that the anime recordings for Tamayura had already finished at this time.

– The staff and cast had a work party after the last recording and there was alcohol served but the two of them didn’t drink any. Taketatsu Ayana on the other hand though…

Iguchi: Ah Ayacchi drank a bit didn’t she!
Asumi: Yeah she did!
Iguchi: She just sipped a bit of it.
Asumi: Huh?! What?! It got really bad!
Iguchi: What??
Asumi: She was different!
Iguchi: Really??
Asumi: She was really tipsy and airheaded! Way more than usual!

Iguchi: Was she really that tipsy?
Asumi: She was really really tipsy.
Iguchi: Did she get drunk?
Asumi: Yup. It was probably the first time I’ve seen her like that.
Iguchi: Wow…
Asumi: It was fun!
Iguchi: Ahh I would’ve loved to have seen that… Why is everyone always having so much fun when I’m not around!
*Asumi laughs*
Iguchi: I had something else work related to run to so I couldn’t stay for long…
Asumi: Yeah that’s right.
Iguchi: It was like “Hi everyone! Cheers! *Taps glasses* I’m off now!”
Asumi: You’re just unlucky!
Iguchi: Yeah really…
Asumi: Even more than me.
Iguchi: Even more than you… That’s so terrifying…
Asumi: What?!

– About the latest episode…

Iguchi: So much happened in that latest episode! Where could we start from!
Asumi: …Take responsibility for what you’ve done.
Iguchi: …Hmm? What for?
Asumi: For making that thing appear in the anime!
Iguchi: *laughs* I realised something from that… When you put real life things in anime… They look great! *laughs*
*Asumi laughs*
Iguchi: It was so cute!
Asumi: That’s such a positive way to look at it *laugh*
Iguchi: It was cute wasn’t it?!
Asumi: …The colours maybe…?

For those that don’t know what they’re talking about, Iguchi was filmed in a Tamayura related series of videos where she had to bake a cake and the cake she ended up cooking up was… This:

Real life version on the top, anime version on the bottom.

The cake then made it’s way into the anime and that’s what’s being discussed here. For those interested in watching the videos you can see it on the Tamayura website. Look for videos with the title “井口裕香のとびきりスイーツ”

– A listener asks what instrument would they play in a band if they were to choose one…

Iguchi: They should take advantage of this idea! Then Tamayura could have a movie release as well!

She then proceeds to claim the “left-handed bassist” position with Asumi choosing the drums. I smell K-ON references ;)

– It doesn’t look like Asumi watches K-ON but Iguchi on the other hand seems pretty knowledgeable about it :O Does she watch K-ON?

– Iguchi says that if everyone wears mini-skirt Santa outfits at the upcoming Christmas Eve Tamayura event she would too… Though she’d prefer to just see everyone in them. Asumi mumbles that their agencies probably won’t allow it and Iguchi grumbles about how the agencies always stop these things from happening. They then laugh that since Gibu Yuuko is freelance she can wear it so she’ll end up being the only one there in a mini-skirt Santa outfit lol.
EDIT: They actually did end up dressing in Santa costumes for the event :D

– Asumi then says she’d be okay with wearing a reindeer costume and Iguchi says that the reindeer costume would be a full-body tights costume ahaha. Asumi then refuses to go anywhere near something like that.

– One of the corners have the two of them answering questions about each other to find out how close the two of them are and the first one is “What three things do you think Iguchi needs to improve about herself?” where Iguchi has to guess at what Asumi would answer.

– The first guess by Iguchi was “How irritating I am!” lol, which was wrong, Asumi answered “How fickle minded she is”. Iguchi acknowledged that Asumi’s right about that. Asumi does say that she doesn’t think Iguchi is irritating at all though~ <3

– Iguchi’s second guess was “How she’s always late”. Asumi laughs and says that it applies to both of them though Iguchi’s usually worse. Apparently when they went out together one time Iguchi was super late. Asumi answer was “How she likes to play pranks on people” Iguchi laughs that it sounds like a cute attribute to have. Asumi then gives an example of how Iguchi like to play pranks on people during recordings and… Iguchi laughs that she touches Asumi’s butt during recordings when they’re not quite supposed to be making any noise to prank her LOL. OTL That’s pretty crazy ahaha. She laughs that Asumi’s reaction is really cute~

– Iguchi’s third and final guess was “How she goes shopping too often” which Asumi fully agrees with and tries to change her answer to that but… To no avail. Asumi’s answer was actually “How stubborn she is”.

– It was then Iguchi’s turn with the question “What good points would only Iguchi know about Asumi?” with Asumi guessing at Iguchi’s answers. Iguchi wails that Asumi got to talk about Iguchi’s bad points while Iguchi has to talk about Asumi’s good points.

– Asumi’s first guess was “How accepting I am” Iguchi agrees but… Actually answered “How warm and fluffy she is” she then goes on…

Iguchi: Her atmosphere is like that~ …Also her butt as well *laughs*

Ahaha. They then laugh how it might end up on her wikipedia article as “Asumi Kana’s butt is warm and fluffy – By Iguchi Yuka” ahaha. The two of them state that the listeners shouldn’t put that on Wikipedia and… Checking Asumi’s page, it’s not written there right now but it looks like there were some edits that had added it in and was then removed shortly after OTL.

– Asumi’s second guess was “How serious she is”, Iguchi’s answer was “How considerate she is”.

– Asumi’s last guess was “How maternal she is” to which Iguchi bursts out laughing.

Iguchi: Oh? Asumi-san do you think of yourself as ‘maternal‘? Ohohoh!

Ahahah Asumi then breaks down in embarrassment and tries to get out that Iguchi might have said that about her before. In the end Iguchi’s answer was “We seem to match”.

– Apparently Asumi is the youngest child of her family.

– Asumi mentions that she’s been noticing Iguchi’s become more fashionable recently~

– Asumi wishes that she could be popular among other girls so Iguchi says…

Iguchi: You are! After all you have this… Super avid fan here right in front of you! *laughs*
Asumi: What’s with that *laughs*

– It looks like the two of them had been talking for almost one and a half hours, meaning that over 25 minutes had been cut from the episode :(

Ah these two were as wonderfully close as ever <3 I love listening to these two together~ By the way, Iguchi’s stomach continued to grumble a couple more times throughout the episode haha.
It looks like next episode has the four hosts back together again. So my original prediction was kinda right in that they would finish off the radio with this combination. Sorta.

Oh and Merry Christmas everyone!

Odoroki Sentai Momonoki 5 #140

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Name: おどろき戦隊モモノキファイブ
Hosts: Nakamura Eriko, Hikasa Youko
Date: 2011.12.12

The notorious and long time running radio hosted by Nakamura Eriko and Hikasa Youko. What I was mostly interested in for this episode was the parts about てへぺろ which was selected recently as #2 on a ranking of popular chat lingo for middle and high school girls in Japan. For those who don’t know what てへぺろ means, it’s romanised as “tehepero” and was made up and used often by Hikasa Youko for situations when you’ve lightly slipped up in some way to which you cheekily giggle with “tehe” and stick out your tongue “pero“.

– Nakamura Eriko had offhandedly predicted as a joke in 2009 that young girls will be saying “てへぺろ” eventually and the two of them laughed in shock that she predicted it right ahaha. …Even though the two of them completely forgot about her prediction until a listener reminded them about it haha.

– Higasa Youko…

Hikasa: I initially started it so people in the agency would remember my name—-
Eriko: And now everyone knows you as Higasa Youko right?
Hikasa: Higasa! Yeah Higasa’s from that news program!? On Saturday!
*Eriko laughs*
Hikasa: And everyone just keeps sending mail about it! How much more mail do you all want to send on that?!
Eriko: Yeah all the messages go along the lines of “I saw the news! Congratulations on having てへぺろ being selected as the runner up!”
Hikasa: Yeah and then they lead into “They called you ‘Higasa Youko‘ lololol” Shut up about that already!!
*They burst into laughter*
Hikasa: All of you sending mail like that over and over again is what makes it all the more irritating!! *laughs*

For those interested in seeing the video where the announcer mispronounces Hikasa’s name as “Higasa” you can see it here at around the 1:24 mark lol.

– So continuing from how she started てへぺろ…

Eriko: So? Continue on.
Hikasa: Eh? What were we talking about again? *laughs*
Eriko: Something about your agency *laughs*
Hikasa: Ah right *laughs*, yeah I did the pose and everyone thought it was really weird and creepy, and so I realised it actually was pretty bad…

Eriko: And you were going to stop doing it?
Hikasa: I didn’t want to end up as someone like ToneKen [Tone Kentarou, fellow seiyuu in the agency] *laughs*
Eriko: Yeah ToneKen himself is the embodiment of weird and creepy *laughs*
Hikasa: But then I heard that ToneKen was using it a lot, that guy likes to use other people’s jokes a lot. Anyway why are we talking about him, enough of him I don’t want to talk about him anymore *laughs*
Eriko: And you were the one who brought him up first *laughs*
[Note: These two are actually pretty good friends with Tone Kentarou lol]
Hikasa: And then the first time I used it in public was on Momonoki.
Eriko: Yeah!

– Apparently her parents hasn’t said anything to her about てへぺろ spreading.

– The two of them laugh the show received an outstanding number of mail this week and they’re all about the てへぺろ subject ahaha.

– A while back Hikasa did an imitation of Kanae that sounded nothing like her, it actually sounded like she was making fun of her lol and apparently Kanae heard about it and jokingly yelled at her for it.

– Hikasa mentions that she gets called out for directions by foreigners a lot and that it happened to her recently just the other day. She concluded that… Her English is at a terrible level haha.

Momonoki 5’s as hilarious as ever <3

Shimono Hiro and Ise Mariya’s “Ben-To” Radio “Radi-O” #07

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Name: 下野紘と伊瀬茉莉也の『ベン・トー』RADIO『ラジ・オー』
Hosts: Shimono Hiro, Ise Mariya
Guest: Katou Emiri
Date: 2011.11.16

I kinda skipped this episode but I had the urge to hear some Emirin so I went back to listen to it. This episode has Shaga Ayame’s voice Katou Emiri on as a guest.

– Emiri was surprised that she landed the role of Ayame, thinking “Oh I can play these types of characters too!”. She mentioned that she auditioned for Oshiroi as well and thought it was a really difficult role :O The other two said they were surprised as well when they found out Emiri was playing that character but agreed that it worked out really well.

– Emiri laughs that she hasn’t voiced many characters with a big chest lol.

– The size of Ayame’s…

Shimono: What’s something about Ayame that you can’t quite agree with?
Emiri: Well… The size of her boobs! *laughs*
*Ise laughs*
Shimono: Yeah thats….
Ise: They’re pretty big aren’t they *laughs*

– Ise says that similarities appear between the characters and seiyuu after a while, pointing out Emiri and Ayame and goes on to mention the same for Yuuki Aoi and Kayano Ai as well. Emiri then laughs that Shimono is exactly like his character lol.

– About one of her character songs…

Emiri: The lyrics were really sexy! *laughs* Too sexy! Seriously!
Shimono: Yeah *laughs*, you showed us the lyrics one time a while back.
Emiri: Yeah saying “I’ll be singing this song!
Shimono: As well as “I haven’t heard the music yet but look at these lyrics! Aren’t they crazy?!” as you showed it to us *laughs*

Emiri laughed that she showed her manager and he was stunned by it but okay’d it lol. Shimono was surprised that he let it go by.

– Apparently Asaura, the author for the light novels, is there with them today :O He doesn’t say anything during the recording though.

– For some reason they start talking about Shimono’s fetishes lol. He mentions that he loves glasses as well as zettai ryouiki. Ise and Emiri then push him to talk about more and… It gets censored out lol. I wonder what it was they were talking about ahaha.

– Shimono reaffirms again that the girls in Ben-To are scary after being bullied by both Emiri and Ise throughout the episode ahaha.

Emiri(along with Ise as always) stabs Shimono pretty relentlessly lol, they get along pretty well it seems :O Now that I think about it Emiri and Shimono probably got to know each other from Baka Test. Well Shimono gets along well with pretty much anyone though~ :D

Danshi Koukousei no Nichijou Kaiwa #01

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Name: 男子高校生の日常Webラジオ『男子高校生の日常会話』
Hosts: Sugita Tomokazu, Irino Miyu
Date: 2011.12.09

“Daily Conversations of High School Boys” Radio for the upcoming anime series “Danshi Koukousei no Nichijou/Daily Lives of High School Boys”. The radio is really short at around only 15 minutes long.

– Sugita mentions that he came from a countryside town and that when he first came to Tokyo and breathed in the the air he choked at how much more polluted it was OTL.

– First names…

Irino: The radio script says to call each other by our first names just like in the anime but… Let’s just leave that be. We’ll just call each other how we always do.
Sugita: Yeah. I mean “Miyu~~” That’s kind of weird…
Irino: “Tomokazu~~” *laughs*
Sugita: What’s with that?? *laughs*

– Sugita calls the show an “S&M Radio, featuring Sugita and Miyu” lol.

– Nakamura Yuuichi…

Sugita: I initially started Twitter to talk with Nakamura.
Irino: Ah I see.
Sugita: He was like “You should go on twitter! At this rate it’ll look like I’m just talking to myself over here!
Irino: That’s pretty cute~ He wont tell you directly that he wants you there with him *laughs*
Sugita: Yeah, that’s him.

Sugita: What is he like towards you?
Irino: Huh? Well he’s like “You’re annoying…” and stuff to me. *laughs*
Sugita: Don’t worry, if he thought you were really annoying he wouldn’t talk to you at all *laughs*

I’ll probably follow the radio but I’m not sure if I’ll write something about it every episode. Perhaps depending on the guest?

BlazBlue Radio W #6

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Name: ブレイブルー公式WEBラジオ 「ぶるらじW」
Hosts: Sugita Tomokazu, Kondou Kanako, Imai Asami
Date: 2011.12.17

Once again Toshimichi Mori is present in the recording room though he doesn’t really speak much unless spoken to until the end.

– Sugita calls Kanako’s new album “Nazo Jam” due to how they both end with the same syllable, a reference to Akiko’s “mystery jam” from Kanon lol.

– Sugita talks about a time when he escorted a lost kid to their mum and the woman then told him “Ah… If that’s all you’re here for could you please leave already?” lol. That is haaarrsh OTL. He mentions that he passed the character audition that he took right after though as a positive point.

– When asked to rank the three characters in order of how well they’d fare at seducing the other sex out of Carl, Relius and Valkenhayn, Imai puts
1. Carl
2. Valkenhayn
3. Relius
Reasoning that Carl will definitely grow to be a handsome young man and he’d appeal to the shotacons out there lol… Kanako then reminds her that the question was who’d be the best at seducing and Sugita laughs that this isn’t supposed to be a ranking of “Who Imai would like to date” ahaha. Imai then admits that she likes Carl.

– Incidentally Sugita wrote:
1. Be-san
2. Sawashiro
3. Motomu-san
…In other words, the voice actors of each character lol, Be-san is Suwabe Junichi’s nickname.

– And lastly Kanako wrote:
1. Relius
2. Valkenhayn
3. Carl
This is exactly how I would’ve ranked them too.

– The net survey ended up with these results:
1. Valkenhayn
2. Relius
3. Carl

– On the other hand, they also took this survey at Shinjuku, asking the normal people there what they thought and ended up with these results:
1. Valkenhayn
2. Relius
3. Carl
It’s… Exactly the same lol.

The next episode is set to broadcast on January 26th, 2012 :O Yessss more BluRaji!

Shimono Hiro and Ise Mariya’s “Ben-To” Radio “Radi-O” #09

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Name: 下野紘と伊瀬茉莉也の『ベン・トー』RADIO『ラジ・オー』
Hosts: Shimono Hiro, Ise Mariya
Guest: Taketatsu Ayana
Date: 2011.11.30

Episode 9 of Ben-To’s radio, incidentally all the guests they’ve brought on so far are girls, in order they were: Yuuki Aoi, Kayano Ai, Aimi (OP singer), Katou Emiri and now Inoue Asebi’s voice Taketatsu Ayana. By the way the guy in the photo on the floor at the back is Shimono Hiro haha.

Shimono laments that every time they bring a guest on he always gets picked on lol.

Ayana: Hmm? What do you mean “gets picked on“?
Shimono: Don’t ask…
Ise: Well every time we bring a guest, well they of course talk about their character and all while they’re here but on top of that, when Shimono-san is here they… Well look at him, don’t you feel it as well?
Ayana: Ahh
Ise: This feeling to…
Shimono: Hold on, stop! What are you leading this into?!
Ayana: I know what you mean!
Shimono: You do?!
Ayana: I’ve thought it from when we first met each other! *laughs*
Shimono: Wait what?! That was a very long time ago now though??

Shimono: That was a REALLY long time ago when we first met!
Ayana: It must be several years ago now.
Shimono: Really, from when we first met you were thinking this?!
Ise: She knows!

– What’s it like playing Asebi?

Shimono: What’s it like as Asebi? Was it hard playing a character that’s sick all the time?
Ayana: Well at first she was sick but after that… She hasn’t been sick at all recently *laughs* So that part wasn’t too difficult.
Shimono: What were you thinking while you were playing Asebi? *laughs*
Ayana: *laughs* Well she’s a really happy kid so I was just thinking happy thoughts while voicing her!
Shimono: Yeah when she’s all “Youuuu-kuuuuun~~~!” I think “Ah this girl’s definitely a happy kid” *laughs* But then I wonder what else she thinks of.
Ise: Yeah my image of her is that she’s always laughing. There are times where she’s pretty much laughing for the whole recording aren’t there? *laughs*
Ayana: Yeah, and they’ve asked me to adlib a lot of her lines, there are parts in the script where it’s written”Keep on laughing from here
Shimono: And they pretty much leave it to you how you want to do it too.
Ayana: Yeah and during the recordings while everyone is saying out their lines I’m just at the back laughing on and on. *laughs*
Ise: And you’ve been out of breath at times! *laughs*
Shimono: Yeah! There’ve been times when you were so out of breath and you were like “*AhahaAHahAHhhaha* How much *ahahaha* longer am I *ahhaha* going to be *hahaha* laughing on for? *hahahah*”
*The three of them laugh*
Ayana: Yeah I did say that one time didn’t I? *laughs*
Shimono: But yeah that must have been pretty tiring. Laughing that much must really exhaust your stomach muscles.
Ise: Yeah.
Ayana: But it was fun~
Shimono: Ah that’s great then.

– Ayana mentions that she’s been wearing a white hat with attachable cat ears and Ise fangirls over how cute Ayana would look in them lol.

Their discussion about Ayana’s experience voicing Asebi was really interesting to me haha. Imagine laughing on and on for that long, on top of that she’s doing it at the back while everyone’s saying their lines, that’d be pretty surreal haha.
By the way Ayana and Shimono are from the same agency (I’m Enterprise) so the two of them have known each other for quite a long time now. Ayana entered the agency when she was… 16? (Was it? I can’t remember exactly so I might be off by a year or two) and probably met him around that time.

Last Exile Kartoffel Communications #2

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Name: ラストエグザイル カルタッファル通信
Hosts: Toyosaki Aki, Yuuki Aoi
Date: 2011.11.25

Episode 2 of Last Exile’s radio. Kayano Ai is absent this time leaving Toyosaki Aki and Yuuki Aoi to host this episode.

– When mentioning Kayano, Aoi calls her “Kayano-san” but then cuts herself off with “Ai-chan” haha.

– Mid twenties.

Aki: I’m 25 years old right now but… I’ve always thought a 25 year old would be far more adultlike *laughs*
Aoi: Ehh really…? My image of 25 years old is still of a really mature person.
Aki: *Laughs* Before you know it you’ll be 25~

I agree OTL When I was a kid I’ve always seen the twenties as super adultlike and mature but… It’s not ahaha.

– Aoi’s height…

Aoi: I’m 145 cm–
Aki: Your height?
Aoi: Yeah.
Aki: Ahhh how cuuute~

– Swimming.

Aki: Can you swim?
Aoi: Mmm… I’m often mistaken for drowning but I can swim 25 metres!
Aki: *Laughs* Really?! That sounds pretty scary
*Aoi laughs*

Aki: Imagining Aoi-chan swimming gives me a really warm feeling~
Aoi: Like watching a elementary school kid swimming? *laughs*
Aki: No! Not like that! Just the image of you clattering around as hard as you can is cute~ Like watching a small animal!
Aoi: A small animal?!

I love how Aoi makes fun of how short and young she looks every now and again <3

– Aki used to attend a swimming school :O

– The two of them laughed that they were really excited about having a recording with the two of them alone :D

Now that I think about it the height difference between these two is around 25 cm lol. Reminds me of Railgun’s radio with Itou Kanae haha. I wonder who’ll be the hosts on the next episode :O They didn’t announce anything ahead of time so we’re gonna have to wait and see.

Ah while I’m looking at the radio’s webpage, I might as well translate their comment written there for this episode.
[Note: The two of them are using “Kartoffel” and “Luscinia” as farewell greetings lol.]

Fam’s Toyosaki Aki:
This episode has me and Ao-chan as the hosts of the show~
We’ll have Fam and Gise’s teamwork reiterated on radio… Right?
Either way it was a really fun and fluffy radio recording.
The next episode’s hosts are… For you to wait and see!! Kartoffel!!

Giselle’s Yuuki Aoi:
Aki-chan and I talked at length about our love for Fam,
And the two of us had a friendly and cozy chat together ♡
I wish we could’ve talked for longer~ ♪
Look forward to the next episode~ (*´ω`*)

P.S. Oh and about the poll on the right sidebar… I bet a lot of you are M but you’re just not admitting to it! D:< Ahaha.

BlazBlue Radio W #5

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Name: ブレイブルー公式WEBラジオ 「ぶるらじW」
Hosts: Sugita Tomokazu, Kondou Kanako, Imai Asami
Date: 2011.12.01

No guest for this episode but Imai’s back to host the radio! Imai watched the previous episode of BluRaji where she was absent and laughed that she saw one of the tags on the video was “Inai Asami” instead of “Imai” with “inai” meaning “absent” haha. By the way, Toshimichi Mori, the producer for BlazBlue, is also present there in the recording room though he didn’t talk much unless asked a question or to chip in some further information about BlazBlue.

– Imai laughs that Sugita’s smirking expression when he grabbed her hand at the previous BluRaji event was burned into her mind ahaha.

Sugita: I was silent throughout the whole hand grabbing thing. I was probably enjoying myself.
Imai: …Really… When I glanced at you during this you had this really happy looking creepy smirk on your face! I’ve had that image burned in my mind and I can’t forget it! I was seeing it in my dreams for the next few days!
Sugita: In your dreams?! That’s one nightmare!
Imai: It was like a nightmare! *laughs*

– Imai mentions that she’s been getting a lot of mail from fans saying that her character, Tsubaki, has become much weaker with the latest version of BlazBlue and she asks Toshimichi Mori if that’s true lol. He denies it but… The comments say otherwise ahaha.

– Sugita says that he was speaking with an animator the other day and he was told “To be an animator you have to love drawing?! No way! You have to draw LIKE YOUR LIFE DEPENDED ON IT” lol. Animators… Sounds painful OTL

– One of the corners have the three of them acting out a situation where their character embarrassedly gives out their email address to a person they like. On top of that they have to adlib their dialogue in character haha. First was Kanako’s turn as Noel.

Kanako(Noel): “Umm… I like you a lot… Umm this is my email address! Would you swap addresses with me?? Thubak_noel_makoto@bluradi.ne.jp”
Sugita: Oh you added her friends’ names into her email address.
Kanako: Yeah you know how you add people’s names that you like as your email address!
Imai: Umm hold on for a moment…
Kanako: Hmm?
Imai: “thubak“…?
Kanako: AHH!! AAH!
Imai: You’re forgetting the “i”!! AND YOUR TSUBAKI’S “TSU” HAS AN “H” INSTEAD! *laughs*
Sugita: *laughs* That’s two mistakes!
Kanako: I’ll fix it!
Imai: Thubaki?! Thubaku?! *laughs*
Sugita: Tubakuu!

– Next is Imai as Tsubaki.

Imai(Tsubaki): “Eh? Ji-Jin-sama, you’d like my email address? …Umm… I don’t have a cellphone. Nope, not at all. AH! Jin-sama! *he grabs her cellphone* Umm… Well… My email address is… Love-love-heart.jinjinjin@bluradi.ne.jp. Sorry…”

– And finally Sugita’s turn as Ragna.

Sugita(Ragna): “Email address? JUST HAND OVER YOUR MESSAGE IN PERSON …Is what I’d like to say but since I don’t own a cell phone I grabbed one from over there. It’s address is “Rinko-peropero@bluradi.ne.jp””
*The other two snicker in laughter*

By the way, the cell phone Sugita’s talking about is SP Tanaka’s, his radio assistant in his solo radio Anigera Dedooon lol. SP Tanaka is a known fan of Rinko from Love Plus and is a pretty creepy person in general haha. Imai thinks Sugita’s talking about himself at first but Sugita corrects her saying that his [Love Plus]girlfriend is Manaka not Rinko and she apologises ahaha.

– Sugita makes fun of Imai’s laugh saying that she laughs like an old woman lol.

There wasn’t any announcement of a next episode so it looks like we’re back to waiting in limbo for another episode :( [EDIT: That’s what I get for writing this at 2 AM OTL, the next episode was actually announced to be on the same day as the release of Continuum Shift Extend on December the 17th \o/ Hooray!]

STEINS;GATE Radio Mirai Gadget Denpakyoku #11

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Name: 「STEINS;GATEラジオ」未来ガジェット電波局
Hosts: JoyMax, Imai Asami
Guest: Hanazawa Kana
Date: 2011.09.14

“Steins;Gate Radio, Future Gadget Transmission Channel” for the Steins;Gate anime. This episode is the 2nd last episode before the radio’s end and it aired a day after the final episode of the anime did. By the way JoyMax is a PR spokesperson(I think?) for Nitroplus, the company behind the Steins;Gate game. Oh and the above photos are not from this episode’s recording but actually from the game’s radio over two years ago lol.

– Amusingly Imai didn’t know about the Steins;Gate movie until she saw it was publicly announced on twitter lol. She asked Kana if she knew about it and Kana had heard about it from her agency beforehand already, to which Imai mumbles “As expected of Osawa[Kana’s agency]” ahaha.

– The introduction for Kana is written on the script and Imai tells Kana to read it out and Kana… Screeches in outrage when she sees it lol. Kana reads it out reluctantly in the end and we find out that what’s written on it is…

Kana: Hurry up and introduce me already!
Imai: Well if you want to be introduced so much you can do it yourself! Read it out!
Kana: Huh? *pauses* No way! No WAY! What is this?! Are you serious?!
Imai: Read it out~! Read it out~!
*Kana laughs*
Imai: If you want to be introduced then do it yourself!
JoyMax: I’m not sure what’s happening, why is she suddenly so reluctant?
Imai: Go on read it~
Kana: “…The one with the cute smile… The one to to heal the world… The angel of the seiyuu world…” What the hell is this?!
*The other two burst out laughing*
JoyMax: No way!
Kana: This isn’t something someone should read out about themself!
Imai: Oh~? Who is this referring to?
Kana: …”Hanazawa Kana“…
*The three of them laugh*

LOL ahh Kana sounded so great being bullied by these two~ <3

– Imai had thought that the anime’s radio would be hosted by Kana and her since the two of them hosted the original game’s radio but when Imai asked Kana about it during an anime recording she was shocked to hear that Kana didn’t have it in her schedule. She then wondered who would be on radio with her and found out that it was… JoyMax which shocked her even more ahaha.

– Apparently Kana was the one who came up with the intonation and rhythm of how “Tutturu~” was supposed to be pronounced :O

– Kana was the most interested in Daru’s character at first but by the end of the anime she switched to Okabe saying “Miyano’s acting was SO cool!”.

– Imai was a fan of Okabe from the beginning and when Kana found out before the recordings she was pretty cold to the idea so Imai was pretty proud of being a fan of Okabe before everyone else haha.

– JoyMax and Kana laugh and jokingly complain that Okabe and Kurisu kissed too much in the anime and Imai apologizes to them ahaha. Kana compared it to ToraDora where Taiga and Ryuuji kiss over and over again ahaha. Kana’s a real fan of ToraDora isn’t she~ :D

– The three of them agree that Kana and Imai are pretty similar in personality :O

I haven’t heard Kana and Imai together on radio before but it looks like they hosted the game’s radio together and they’re actually pretty friendly with one another :O The two of them (plus JoyMax) made a fun combination :D

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