Radio Cross #06

December 1st, 2011 § 2 comments

Name: Radio Cross
Hosts: Sakura Ayane, Yahagi Sayuri
Date: 2011.11.15

Sakura’s as hyper as ever. She laughs that before every recording she’s got gym class so she’s uber energetic due to that. It looks like she was doing volleyball today? Or was it tennis?

– Yahagi introduces herself as “I am Maji, Yahagi Sayuri” while Sakura introduces herself as “I am Gachinko, Sakura Ayane” lol. Remnants from the previous English test haha.

– Sakura offhandedly says the name of the female manager from I’m Enterprise who also attempted the previous english quiz and they censor her out lol.

– The two of them announce the next seiyuu to appear on the drama CD as Ise Mariya. Ah she’s with Across Entertainment so it looks like the drama CD’s cast wont be solely I’m Enterprise’s.

– Yahagi says she’d like to try a really short hair style at least once. That would look… Interesting…. Don’t do it Yahagi!! D:

– They’re doing a personality test on this episode :O I’m just gonna play along with this as well since I love personality tests lol.

– The first question was “You’re a baseball pitcher having a very important game today. What’s the first pitch you throw?”
A. Fastball
B. Off-time Curve ball
C. Change up into the Ball zone

Yahagi chose A while Sakura chose B. The test is actually an indicator to when you would get married. I’lll put it out in order of how they announced it.
C: Means that you would get married at a normal pace but the person you choose is often someone that wasn’t quite right for you and it might end with a failed marriage.
A: Means you’ll get married quicker than normal. Apparently Yahagi’s mum gave birth to Yahagi at 25, Yahagi’s current age lol. She says that she’s late at marriage already.
B: Means you’ll get married later than normal but you’ll pick your partner carefully so you won’t have a failed marriage. Amusingly Sakura seems pretty shocked by the idea of a late marriage.

– Second question “There are garbage bags around your room, how many of them are there?” Err I can’t imagine garbage bags being around.
The two of them said three. And… Apparently the number of garbage bags is the number of enemies you have in your life. Amusing.

– Third question “You are in a desert and you see an oasis ahead of you. Are there any trees and if so how many are there in the oasis?”
Yahagi said “1” and Sakura said “endless” lol. Lets see how this turns out haha.
The test indicates the amount of people you rely on in your life. LOL Sakura laughs at her “endless” answer and the staff bursts out laughing at her as well ahaha. Upon finding out the meaning of Yahagi’s answer Sakura says “One? …Would that mean… Me?!!” in happiness ahahah. Yahagi just ignores her at first and then exclaims “You’re scaring me! What’s with your thinking?!”

– Fourth question “Where would you hide your secret savings?”
A. In a drawer
B. In the toilet
C. Carry it with you
D. In the bank.

I’d think everyone would pick D in this case but… Apparently Yahagi actually hides it under her TV table in real life so she picks A. She laughs that if it was easy to get to she’d spend it so she made it really hard for herself to reach. Sakura says she’d pick A as well.
And it looks like the test indicates how popular you are as a person haha. I don’t get this at all.
A: You’re popular with everyone! You’re able to get along with everyone and anyone. Everyone adores you.
They didn’t announce the results for the other options, probably due to time restraints :( [EDIT: Actually it looks like they released the other results on their website, I’ll just translate them now]
B: You’re not good at socialising with people. You don’t get people fussing over you.
C: You may be hard to approach. You don’t trust other people easily. You’re too cautious around other people.
D: You’re popular with people you trust only. You don’t get along with just anyone but you have people you’re close with.

Yahagi says that she can’t see it fitting with herself but… Sakura says it’s definitely true then pretends to be hiding behind a wall watching her saying “Hurrhurr Yahagi-san…. I’m always watching you…. Hurhurrr” LOL Yahagi gets freaked out by this stalker act ahaha. They then laugh that the radio is a super popular radio hosted by it’s two super popular seiyuu haha.

This kinda turned out into more of a translation of the personality test they were doing OTL

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  • Furuba-tan says:

    a funny detail about japanese radios: they aren’t talking about the main theme. or at least not much. mostly only random and funny things, isn’t it? and that’s why they are so funny to watch. (๑╹◡╹๑)

    • Ambi says:

      Haha yeah I know what you mean, derailed radios are always fun to listen to since it usually means the hosts are really clicking with one another :D

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