STEINS;GATE Radio Mirai Gadget Denpakyoku #11

December 2nd, 2011 § 5 comments

Name: 「STEINS;GATEラジオ」未来ガジェット電波局
Hosts: JoyMax, Imai Asami
Guest: Hanazawa Kana
Date: 2011.09.14

“Steins;Gate Radio, Future Gadget Transmission Channel” for the Steins;Gate anime. This episode is the 2nd last episode before the radio’s end and it aired a day after the final episode of the anime did. By the way JoyMax is a PR spokesperson(I think?) for Nitroplus, the company behind the Steins;Gate game. Oh and the above photos are not from this episode’s recording but actually from the game’s radio over two years ago lol.

– Amusingly Imai didn’t know about the Steins;Gate movie until she saw it was publicly announced on twitter lol. She asked Kana if she knew about it and Kana had heard about it from her agency beforehand already, to which Imai mumbles “As expected of Osawa[Kana’s agency]” ahaha.

– The introduction for Kana is written on the script and Imai tells Kana to read it out and Kana… Screeches in outrage when she sees it lol. Kana reads it out reluctantly in the end and we find out that what’s written on it is…

Kana: Hurry up and introduce me already!
Imai: Well if you want to be introduced so much you can do it yourself! Read it out!
Kana: Huh? *pauses* No way! No WAY! What is this?! Are you serious?!
Imai: Read it out~! Read it out~!
*Kana laughs*
Imai: If you want to be introduced then do it yourself!
JoyMax: I’m not sure what’s happening, why is she suddenly so reluctant?
Imai: Go on read it~
Kana: “…The one with the cute smile… The one to to heal the world… The angel of the seiyuu world…” What the hell is this?!
*The other two burst out laughing*
JoyMax: No way!
Kana: This isn’t something someone should read out about themself!
Imai: Oh~? Who is this referring to?
Kana: …”Hanazawa Kana“…
*The three of them laugh*

LOL ahh Kana sounded so great being bullied by these two~ <3

– Imai had thought that the anime’s radio would be hosted by Kana and her since the two of them hosted the original game’s radio but when Imai asked Kana about it during an anime recording she was shocked to hear that Kana didn’t have it in her schedule. She then wondered who would be on radio with her and found out that it was… JoyMax which shocked her even more ahaha.

– Apparently Kana was the one who came up with the intonation and rhythm of how “Tutturu~” was supposed to be pronounced :O

– Kana was the most interested in Daru’s character at first but by the end of the anime she switched to Okabe saying “Miyano’s acting was SO cool!”.

– Imai was a fan of Okabe from the beginning and when Kana found out before the recordings she was pretty cold to the idea so Imai was pretty proud of being a fan of Okabe before everyone else haha.

– JoyMax and Kana laugh and jokingly complain that Okabe and Kurisu kissed too much in the anime and Imai apologizes to them ahaha. Kana compared it to ToraDora where Taiga and Ryuuji kiss over and over again ahaha. Kana’s a real fan of ToraDora isn’t she~ :D

– The three of them agree that Kana and Imai are pretty similar in personality :O

I haven’t heard Kana and Imai together on radio before but it looks like they hosted the game’s radio together and they’re actually pretty friendly with one another :O The two of them (plus JoyMax) made a fun combination :D

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