Last Exile Kartoffel Communications #2

December 9th, 2011 § 8 comments

Name: ラストエグザイル カルタッファル通信
Hosts: Toyosaki Aki, Yuuki Aoi
Date: 2011.11.25

Episode 2 of Last Exile’s radio. Kayano Ai is absent this time leaving Toyosaki Aki and Yuuki Aoi to host this episode.

– When mentioning Kayano, Aoi calls her “Kayano-san” but then cuts herself off with “Ai-chan” haha.

– Mid twenties.

Aki: I’m 25 years old right now but… I’ve always thought a 25 year old would be far more adultlike *laughs*
Aoi: Ehh really…? My image of 25 years old is still of a really mature person.
Aki: *Laughs* Before you know it you’ll be 25~

I agree OTL When I was a kid I’ve always seen the twenties as super adultlike and mature but… It’s not ahaha.

– Aoi’s height…

Aoi: I’m 145 cm–
Aki: Your height?
Aoi: Yeah.
Aki: Ahhh how cuuute~

– Swimming.

Aki: Can you swim?
Aoi: Mmm… I’m often mistaken for drowning but I can swim 25 metres!
Aki: *Laughs* Really?! That sounds pretty scary
*Aoi laughs*

Aki: Imagining Aoi-chan swimming gives me a really warm feeling~
Aoi: Like watching a elementary school kid swimming? *laughs*
Aki: No! Not like that! Just the image of you clattering around as hard as you can is cute~ Like watching a small animal!
Aoi: A small animal?!

I love how Aoi makes fun of how short and young she looks every now and again <3

– Aki used to attend a swimming school :O

– The two of them laughed that they were really excited about having a recording with the two of them alone :D

Now that I think about it the height difference between these two is around 25 cm lol. Reminds me of Railgun’s radio with Itou Kanae haha. I wonder who’ll be the hosts on the next episode :O They didn’t announce anything ahead of time so we’re gonna have to wait and see.

Ah while I’m looking at the radio’s webpage, I might as well translate their comment written there for this episode.
[Note: The two of them are using “Kartoffel” and “Luscinia” as farewell greetings lol.]

Fam’s Toyosaki Aki:
This episode has me and Ao-chan as the hosts of the show~
We’ll have Fam and Gise’s teamwork reiterated on radio… Right?
Either way it was a really fun and fluffy radio recording.
The next episode’s hosts are… For you to wait and see!! Kartoffel!!

Giselle’s Yuuki Aoi:
Aki-chan and I talked at length about our love for Fam,
And the two of us had a friendly and cozy chat together ♡
I wish we could’ve talked for longer~ ♪
Look forward to the next episode~ (*´ω`*)

P.S. Oh and about the poll on the right sidebar… I bet a lot of you are M but you’re just not admitting to it! D:< Ahaha.

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