Shimono Hiro and Ise Mariya’s “Ben-To” Radio “Radi-O” #09

December 14th, 2011 § 4 comments

Name: 下野紘と伊瀬茉莉也の『ベン・トー』RADIO『ラジ・オー』
Hosts: Shimono Hiro, Ise Mariya
Guest: Taketatsu Ayana
Date: 2011.11.30

Episode 9 of Ben-To’s radio, incidentally all the guests they’ve brought on so far are girls, in order they were: Yuuki Aoi, Kayano Ai, Aimi (OP singer), Katou Emiri and now Inoue Asebi’s voice Taketatsu Ayana. By the way the guy in the photo on the floor at the back is Shimono Hiro haha.

Shimono laments that every time they bring a guest on he always gets picked on lol.

Ayana: Hmm? What do you mean “gets picked on“?
Shimono: Don’t ask…
Ise: Well every time we bring a guest, well they of course talk about their character and all while they’re here but on top of that, when Shimono-san is here they… Well look at him, don’t you feel it as well?
Ayana: Ahh
Ise: This feeling to…
Shimono: Hold on, stop! What are you leading this into?!
Ayana: I know what you mean!
Shimono: You do?!
Ayana: I’ve thought it from when we first met each other! *laughs*
Shimono: Wait what?! That was a very long time ago now though??

Shimono: That was a REALLY long time ago when we first met!
Ayana: It must be several years ago now.
Shimono: Really, from when we first met you were thinking this?!
Ise: She knows!

– What’s it like playing Asebi?

Shimono: What’s it like as Asebi? Was it hard playing a character that’s sick all the time?
Ayana: Well at first she was sick but after that… She hasn’t been sick at all recently *laughs* So that part wasn’t too difficult.
Shimono: What were you thinking while you were playing Asebi? *laughs*
Ayana: *laughs* Well she’s a really happy kid so I was just thinking happy thoughts while voicing her!
Shimono: Yeah when she’s all “Youuuu-kuuuuun~~~!” I think “Ah this girl’s definitely a happy kid” *laughs* But then I wonder what else she thinks of.
Ise: Yeah my image of her is that she’s always laughing. There are times where she’s pretty much laughing for the whole recording aren’t there? *laughs*
Ayana: Yeah, and they’ve asked me to adlib a lot of her lines, there are parts in the script where it’s written”Keep on laughing from here
Shimono: And they pretty much leave it to you how you want to do it too.
Ayana: Yeah and during the recordings while everyone is saying out their lines I’m just at the back laughing on and on. *laughs*
Ise: And you’ve been out of breath at times! *laughs*
Shimono: Yeah! There’ve been times when you were so out of breath and you were like “*AhahaAHahAHhhaha* How much *ahahaha* longer am I *ahhaha* going to be *hahaha* laughing on for? *hahahah*”
*The three of them laugh*
Ayana: Yeah I did say that one time didn’t I? *laughs*
Shimono: But yeah that must have been pretty tiring. Laughing that much must really exhaust your stomach muscles.
Ise: Yeah.
Ayana: But it was fun~
Shimono: Ah that’s great then.

– Ayana mentions that she’s been wearing a white hat with attachable cat ears and Ise fangirls over how cute Ayana would look in them lol.

Their discussion about Ayana’s experience voicing Asebi was really interesting to me haha. Imagine laughing on and on for that long, on top of that she’s doing it at the back while everyone’s saying their lines, that’d be pretty surreal haha.
By the way Ayana and Shimono are from the same agency (I’m Enterprise) so the two of them have known each other for quite a long time now. Ayana entered the agency when she was… 16? (Was it? I can’t remember exactly so I might be off by a year or two) and probably met him around that time.

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