TamayuRadio ~hitotose~ #6

December 25th, 2011 § 14 comments

Name:  たまゆらじお〜hitotose〜
Hosts: Iguchi Yuka, Asumi Kana
Date: 2011.12.08

The combination I’ve been waiting for is here!! And a bit earlier than I expected too! I thought they were gonna finish off with this combination :O

– Iguchi’s stomach rumbled at the start of the episode lol. If you put up the volume you can actually hear it ahaha.

Iguchi: We’ll talk about the Hiroshima event later! But for now we’re gonna talk about–
*Iguchi’s stomach grumbles*
Iguchi: …My stomach grumbling *laughs*
*Asumi laughs*
Asumi: Your stomach just grumbled!! Yeah! *sarcastic* Iguchi-san?! Was that coming from you?!
Iguchi: Noo!! It wasn’t me!! IT WASN’T ME!! *You can hear her flailing about in embarrassment lol*
Asumi: Iguchi-san?! Iguchi-san?!?
Iguchi: Maybe it was me… *laughs*
Asumi: Yeah… You’re the only other person here after all… Your hair is a mess now *laughs*
Iguchi: Even though you just lent me a comb too…
Asumi: Yeah really!

Apparently it’s about 5 pm there at the time of recording haha.

– The two of them mention that the anime recordings for Tamayura had already finished at this time.

– The staff and cast had a work party after the last recording and there was alcohol served but the two of them didn’t drink any. Taketatsu Ayana on the other hand though…

Iguchi: Ah Ayacchi drank a bit didn’t she!
Asumi: Yeah she did!
Iguchi: She just sipped a bit of it.
Asumi: Huh?! What?! It got really bad!
Iguchi: What??
Asumi: She was different!
Iguchi: Really??
Asumi: She was really tipsy and airheaded! Way more than usual!

Iguchi: Was she really that tipsy?
Asumi: She was really really tipsy.
Iguchi: Did she get drunk?
Asumi: Yup. It was probably the first time I’ve seen her like that.
Iguchi: Wow…
Asumi: It was fun!
Iguchi: Ahh I would’ve loved to have seen that… Why is everyone always having so much fun when I’m not around!
*Asumi laughs*
Iguchi: I had something else work related to run to so I couldn’t stay for long…
Asumi: Yeah that’s right.
Iguchi: It was like “Hi everyone! Cheers! *Taps glasses* I’m off now!”
Asumi: You’re just unlucky!
Iguchi: Yeah really…
Asumi: Even more than me.
Iguchi: Even more than you… That’s so terrifying…
Asumi: What?!

– About the latest episode…

Iguchi: So much happened in that latest episode! Where could we start from!
Asumi: …Take responsibility for what you’ve done.
Iguchi: …Hmm? What for?
Asumi: For making that thing appear in the anime!
Iguchi: *laughs* I realised something from that… When you put real life things in anime… They look great! *laughs*
*Asumi laughs*
Iguchi: It was so cute!
Asumi: That’s such a positive way to look at it *laugh*
Iguchi: It was cute wasn’t it?!
Asumi: …The colours maybe…?

For those that don’t know what they’re talking about, Iguchi was filmed in a Tamayura related series of videos where she had to bake a cake and the cake she ended up cooking up was… This:

Real life version on the top, anime version on the bottom.

The cake then made it’s way into the anime and that’s what’s being discussed here. For those interested in watching the videos you can see it on the Tamayura website. Look for videos with the title “井口裕香のとびきりスイーツ”

– A listener asks what instrument would they play in a band if they were to choose one…

Iguchi: They should take advantage of this idea! Then Tamayura could have a movie release as well!

She then proceeds to claim the “left-handed bassist” position with Asumi choosing the drums. I smell K-ON references ;)

– It doesn’t look like Asumi watches K-ON but Iguchi on the other hand seems pretty knowledgeable about it :O Does she watch K-ON?

– Iguchi says that if everyone wears mini-skirt Santa outfits at the upcoming Christmas Eve Tamayura event she would too… Though she’d prefer to just see everyone in them. Asumi mumbles that their agencies probably won’t allow it and Iguchi grumbles about how the agencies always stop these things from happening. They then laugh that since Gibu Yuuko is freelance she can wear it so she’ll end up being the only one there in a mini-skirt Santa outfit lol.
EDIT: They actually did end up dressing in Santa costumes for the event :D

– Asumi then says she’d be okay with wearing a reindeer costume and Iguchi says that the reindeer costume would be a full-body tights costume ahaha. Asumi then refuses to go anywhere near something like that.

– One of the corners have the two of them answering questions about each other to find out how close the two of them are and the first one is “What three things do you think Iguchi needs to improve about herself?” where Iguchi has to guess at what Asumi would answer.

– The first guess by Iguchi was “How irritating I am!” lol, which was wrong, Asumi answered “How fickle minded she is”. Iguchi acknowledged that Asumi’s right about that. Asumi does say that she doesn’t think Iguchi is irritating at all though~ <3

– Iguchi’s second guess was “How she’s always late”. Asumi laughs and says that it applies to both of them though Iguchi’s usually worse. Apparently when they went out together one time Iguchi was super late. Asumi answer was “How she likes to play pranks on people” Iguchi laughs that it sounds like a cute attribute to have. Asumi then gives an example of how Iguchi like to play pranks on people during recordings and… Iguchi laughs that she touches Asumi’s butt during recordings when they’re not quite supposed to be making any noise to prank her LOL. OTL That’s pretty crazy ahaha. She laughs that Asumi’s reaction is really cute~

– Iguchi’s third and final guess was “How she goes shopping too often” which Asumi fully agrees with and tries to change her answer to that but… To no avail. Asumi’s answer was actually “How stubborn she is”.

– It was then Iguchi’s turn with the question “What good points would only Iguchi know about Asumi?” with Asumi guessing at Iguchi’s answers. Iguchi wails that Asumi got to talk about Iguchi’s bad points while Iguchi has to talk about Asumi’s good points.

– Asumi’s first guess was “How accepting I am” Iguchi agrees but… Actually answered “How warm and fluffy she is” she then goes on…

Iguchi: Her atmosphere is like that~ …Also her butt as well *laughs*

Ahaha. They then laugh how it might end up on her wikipedia article as “Asumi Kana’s butt is warm and fluffy – By Iguchi Yuka” ahaha. The two of them state that the listeners shouldn’t put that on Wikipedia and… Checking Asumi’s page, it’s not written there right now but it looks like there were some edits that had added it in and was then removed shortly after OTL.

– Asumi’s second guess was “How serious she is”, Iguchi’s answer was “How considerate she is”.

– Asumi’s last guess was “How maternal she is” to which Iguchi bursts out laughing.

Iguchi: Oh? Asumi-san do you think of yourself as ‘maternal‘? Ohohoh!

Ahahah Asumi then breaks down in embarrassment and tries to get out that Iguchi might have said that about her before. In the end Iguchi’s answer was “We seem to match”.

– Apparently Asumi is the youngest child of her family.

– Asumi mentions that she’s been noticing Iguchi’s become more fashionable recently~

– Asumi wishes that she could be popular among other girls so Iguchi says…

Iguchi: You are! After all you have this… Super avid fan here right in front of you! *laughs*
Asumi: What’s with that *laughs*

– It looks like the two of them had been talking for almost one and a half hours, meaning that over 25 minutes had been cut from the episode :(

Ah these two were as wonderfully close as ever <3 I love listening to these two together~ By the way, Iguchi’s stomach continued to grumble a couple more times throughout the episode haha.
It looks like next episode has the four hosts back together again. So my original prediction was kinda right in that they would finish off the radio with this combination. Sorta.

Oh and Merry Christmas everyone!

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§ 14 Responses to TamayuRadio ~hitotose~ #6"

  • Keiri says:

    Ah… Hearing Iguchi and Asumi all tsuntsun and deredere with one another is so wonderful! ♥

    And LOL @ the trend of female seiyuu touching one another in the recording studio. It’s nothing new I guess but I’m amused it’s been happening more often lately. All these stories about them watching and admiring each other’s postures and features (and sometimes copping a feel) whenever they take turns recording at the mics haha.

    Merry Christmas, Ambi! :D

  • wow, they’re laying the love really thickly… lol at least those kind of things that go on during the recordings are between female seiyuus and not male and female seiyuus

  • 8989 says:

    Just watched that episode of Tamayura…. brilliant. That cake was evil.

  • aiueo123 says:

    Hi ^_^. Thanks for the radio coverage as always. Thanks to you I’m hooked on Bururaji now lol. I’m enjoying it so much on niconico XD. Sugita really is enjoyable to hear with all the otaku references and shimo-neta lol.

    BTW. Sorry to ask you here, how do I watch old episode of Tomokazu Sugita Anigera? I noticed that it’s erased from niconico due to copyright, but is there any place I can watch(or listen) to it legally?

    Thanks ^_^

    • Ambi says:

      It might be hard to get access to older episodes, the main way would be to buy their CDs at Comiket I think.

      • aiueo123 says:

        I see >..<.

        Do you follow all these radio show as they air in Japan?

        Anyway, thanks for answering, and merry christmas and happy new year. Looking forward to your covering of seiyuu radio shows next year too ^_^.

  • Kamon says:

    Amazing. XD Best combo ever!

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