Shimono Hiro and Ise Mariya’s “Ben-To” Radio “Radi-O” #13

January 4th, 2012 § 8 comments

Name: 下野紘と伊瀬茉莉也の『ベン・トー』RADIO『ラジ・オー』
Hosts: Shimono Hiro, Ise Mariya
Guest: Yuuki Aoi
Date: 2011.12.28

Yuuki Aoi’s second time guesting on Ben-To’s radio. The radio is ending with the next couple of episodes meaning she’ll be the last seiyuu to come guest during it’s broadcast. It looks like Brunette’s/Chapatsu‘s character Nakamura Eriko’s coming to guest on Ben-To’s DJCD special episode though.

– Shimono wails that everyone should buy the DJCD and if it doesn’t sell he despairs over how he’s gone through so much on this radio if it was all for nothing ahaha.

– Aoi mentions that this is her first job of the day.

– Go all out Aoi!

Aoi: Thanks for calling me a second time! I thought the things we talked about last time were too crazy so I wouldn’t be called in again…
Shimono + Ise: No way! It was great!
Shimono: We’ve had worse!
Aoi: Ah really??
Shimono: Yeah.
Ise: It was really crazy. A lot of it was censored out.

Shimono: Compared to that time you’re definitely okay!
Aoi: Ah! That means I can go as far as I want without worrying about it!
Ise: Yep! Go for it!

I’m guessing that they’re talking about the time with Katou Emiri lol. There was one whole conversation censored out in that episode.

– The Muscle Detective DVD bonus monologue…

Shimono: And that Muscle Detective monologue
*Aoi laughs*
Ise: Yeah the one that was included as a bonus in the DVD release.
Aoi: I was thinking that since it was a bonus I could go even crazier than normal.
Shimono: You took that after the anime recording on your own right?
Aoi: Yep.
Shimono: Hearing it was pretty amazing.
Ise: It really was!
*Aoi gets flustered and laughs nervously*
Aoi: What was so amazing about it? *laughs*
Shimono: I was talking to the director about it during the recording outside the booth and he was like “Wow this girl is a genius! She’s amazing!” the whole time!
Aoi: A genius with gay muscly men? *laughs*
*Ise laughs*
Shimono: *laughs* No not that!

The way Aoi reacts to being complimented is so sweet~


Aoi: That Muscle Detective bonus was really crazy *laughs*

Aoi: It was on two pages so the text was really small!

Shimono: And at the end you were all like “*flauahsyshfaaHUHASHUFsasshh*
*Aoi joins in*
Shimono + Aoi: *fluaashuuahashshhaAAAAHHH!!*
*They laugh*
Shimono: Something like that.
Aoi: It was fun!

That DVD extra is definitely as crazy as they described it, and more lol. Those interested in hearing Aoi/Oshiroi going berserk should look it up :D

Aoi continued to get censored over and over again throughout the radio to Shimono’s alarm lol. He tells her to keep her poor manager in mind when she says this sorta stuff. At the end of the radio she laments that thinking back now that she’s calmed down she probably shouldn’t have gone so far ahaha.

Aoi went crazy with the dirty jokes in this episode lol. It’s really hard to tell what exactly she said due to the censoring but from what I could hear they were definitely stuff that needed to be censored out ahaha.
たとえば 「三分=3P」 orz


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§ 8 Responses to Shimono Hiro and Ise Mariya’s “Ben-To” Radio “Radi-O” #13"

  • Furuba-tan says:

    I can’t understand a thing from the bonus monologue, but it sounds very funny and ecchi… XD
    I really like Yuuki Aoi~ voice, look and personality!

  • banger says:

    so what is the story with the weird poses in all the pics for this show? lol

  • Keiri says:

    Hur hur Nakamura Eriko on Ben-To’s DJCD huh? I imagine it would have been hell for Shimono, much worse than when they had the other female guests come in as far as getting bullied is concerned. Cannot wait to listen to that. If there’s a need, I may get the CD just for it.

    And despite all the blue jokes, I love Aoi’s sense of humor just as much as ever. It’s rather amusing hearing those coming from someone of her age. Usually it’s the older folks (30 and above) who go on a roll in dishing out jokes like those. XD

    • Ambi says:

      Haha yeah Nakamura Eriko’s gonna be a fun addition to the radio :D
      And Aoi saying that stuff is hilarious. She’s still not even 20 years old yet! OTL

  • Matteas says:

    I’ve just listened to the radio… She’s a genius. Perverted fujoshi genius XD I hope there will be more and more opportunities for her to go “all out” XD

    Clock hands seem to do 3P as well XD

    • Ambi says:

      Yeah you can tell she’s still not used to radio so the times she can go all out will be kinda rare.

      But then again, the way she’s not used to being on radio is also a charm of her radio work :D Need to enjoy it while it lasts >:D

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