MoshiDoRadio #09

January 10th, 2012 § 13 comments

Name: 程高放送部~もしドラジオ~
Hosts: Hanazawa Kana, Hikasa Youko
Date: 2011.06.20

The anime had just finished it’s broadcast at this time. This is the first time in a long while that they’ve had no guest on the show. The show is on fortnightly broadcast schedule and for the past four episodes they’ve had guests come on meaning that this is the first time in over two months that they’ve had a recording with the two of them alone.

– First time in over two months that they’ve had a recording with the two of them alone…

Hikasa: And it looks like our wonderful guest for this week is…!!
Kana: …What are you talking about??
*Hikasa laughs*
Kana: We don’t have a guest today!
Hikasa: Yeah… It’s going to be us two alone today for the first time in a while.
Kana: I guess so. It’s been a while.
Hikasa: Yeah…
Hikasa: What’s with that sudden decrease in energy?! Just because it’s just the two of us!?
Kana: *In a super bored tone* Ahh how boring…
*The two of them burst out laughing*
Hikasa: I like that about you~
*The two of them laugh again*
Kana: That’s a pretty positive way to take it. *laughs*

– Take your plain salted onigiris like a man!

Hikasa: What’s your favourite onigiri flavour?
Kana: My favourites would be… Tuna + Mayonaise and Mentaiko[Salted pollock roe]
Hikasa: Ahh there you go aiming for the top flavours…
Kana: What? Really??
*They both laugh*
Hikasa: They’re both like the top #1 and #2 in onigiri flavours!
Kana: Then Hiyocchi which flavours do you prefer then??
*They both laugh*
Hikasa: If you’re a man then you’ll silently take your salted onigiri!
Kana: What’s with that?! Are you actually a pretty downcast person?! *laughs*
*Hikasa laughs*
Kana: Let’s try and aim to eat something cuter Hiyocchi!
Hikasa: Speaking of which, one time during Moshidora we ate salted onigiri–
Kana: Yeahh we did… Along with boiled eggs…
Hikasa: Yeah boiled eggs as well as soy milk.
Kana: It was horrible!
Hikasa: Everything was COMPLETELY white!!
*They both laugh*
Hikasa: SO WHITE!!

Hikasa: Everyone makes fun of plain salted onigiri—
Kana: I don’t think they make that much fun of it…
Hikasa: But it’s sooo tasty!
Kana: Really…?
Hikasa: Yep! Try it with karaage![Fried chicken pieces]
Kana: Ah actually that sounds tasty.
Hikasa: Really!
Kana: I feel like eating them now.

I actually thought Hikasa was joking about her favourite onigiri flavour being plain salt but it looks like she was pretty serious about it haha. Well I love the plain salted flavour too so I’m happy :D

– After talking about how seeing child idols/TV stars from a while back as adults recently is really surprising they talk about their age…

Hikasa: Time really flies… And I’m 25 years old now too…
Kana: Ah really?
Hikasa: Hmm? How old are you?
Kana: Twenty two.
Hikasa: … HUH?!?! [This was a really loud shriek lol]
*Hikasa laughs*

Kana: What’s with that reaction?!
Hikasa: No way! You’re twenty two?!
Kana: Yeah twenty two…
Hikasa: ……….I actually thought you were older than me.
*They both laugh*
Kana: What?!
Hikasa: Ahh I see… I was wrong.
Kana: Yeah.
Hikasa: But time really does fly by.
Kana: Yeah, have to shape up!
Hikasa: …It felt like you were referring to me alone there.
Kana: No no!
*Hikasa laughs*
Kana: I wasn’t!

– Listener sends in a mail about skirt flipping…

Hikasa: Ahh these pervs!!
Kana: But… Flipping skirts is fun isn’t it.
Hikasa: …Ah… You’ve got those kind of interests…?
*They both burst out laughing*
Kana: What’s with that face! *laughs*

Kana: You know how at train stations you go up the stairs and stuff and there’s these high school girls in front of you.
Hikasa: Uh-huh.
Kana: And you can almost see their panties but you can’t.
Hikasa: Yeah.
Kana: And you’re like “Ahh!! Just a little bit moreee!” and you want to just *flip* it?
Hikasa: Well I wouldn’t *flip* it. I’d just incline my head lower while looking upwards…
Kana: You can’t do that!! *laughs*
*Hikasa laughs*
Kana: You’re completely peeking at that point!
Hikasa: Well you know, when I was in high school we were always keeping an eye on our skirts.
Kana: Yeah we were too…. They’re pretty unrestrained about it nowadays aren’t they…
Hikasa: Yeah they don’t really pay attention to it anymore…
Kana: And so I want to know what kind of panties the high school girls of today wear.
Hikasa: Maybe they’re… Not wearing any.
Kana: …Eh?
*Hikasa laughs*
Kana: …No panties?
Hikasa: And they’re all “So close but you can’t see anything!” with their skirts!
Kana: Yeah seriously! How sneaky is that!
Hikasa: Maybe the high school girls of today wear things like thongs and stuff! *laughs*
Kana: Ehh?! What?!
Hikasa: Nooo!
Kana: That’s really aggressive!
Hikasa: Don’t become adults just yet!!

These two are talking like perverted old men lol.

– Talking about being stepped on…

Kana: Hiyocchi, you’re an M aren’t you?
Hikasa: I’m M but… I don’t want to be stepped on.
*They both laugh*
Hikasa: I like being teased in the mental sorta way~
Kana: “Mental sorta way“?? *laughs*
Hikasa: *laughs* I don’t like the physical stuff!
Kana: Yeah that’s pretty bad isn’t it.
Hikasa: Like how they pour candle wax and stuff on you…
Kana: *laughs* Err… Yeah…
Hikasa: That stuff burns!
Kana: Seriously!
Hikasa: No way would I want to go through stuff like that! I might get burnt!
Kana: Yeah! And also whipping and things like that would hurt too.
Hikasa: Yeah no way!

Hikasa: How about you?
Kana: People have said that I’m S…
Hikasa: With me you’re definitely an S.
Kana: Yeah it might change depending on who I’m with.

– Ending thoughts.

Hikasa: It’s been a while since we’ve done a radio with just us two.
Kana: The recording atmosphere was pretty relaxed. It was nice.
Hikasa: And you look really sleepy now too *laughs*
Kana: I was thinking “Ah it’s over” *laughs*
Hikasa: And you were so energetic this morning too! *laughs*
Kana: Well you know—
Hikasa: It was relaxing?
Kana: Yeah.
Hikasa: Now come leap into my arms~
*Kana laughs awkwardly*
Hikasa: Come on!
Kana: …Eh?
Hikasa: I stand here like St. Mary with my arms open waiting for you~
Kana: …Hey… Can you stop with the jokes with no punchline?
*They both burst out laughing*
Hikasa: Well yeah… I guess they don’t have much of a punchline.
Kana: Yeah your jokes are like that!

Ahh the conversations between these two are priceless :D. The way these two don’t hold back with one another is so wonderful <3.

It’s… Been quite sometime since I’ve written about MoshiDoRadio but I still intend to finish it lol.

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§ 13 Responses to MoshiDoRadio #09"

  • Andrew says:

    Heh, I’m surprised the censors let all that on the air. Makes me wonder what stuff they had to cut out. ;)

    • Ambi says:

      Yeah I noticed there were a lot of parts which were cut out mid conversation rather than the usual time-saving cut of editing out a whole sentence/topic. I really wonder what they were saying at those times :O

  • Aurey says:

    Hey Ambi, during the onigiri bit, they actually say they had shio musubi to tounyuu which is soy milk.

    Haaa, I haven’t been keeping up with this radio and it’s been a while since I’ve heard a radio show with Hiyocchi. Been kinda bumming on nico live at work lately.. >_< I really should get up to date with hiyonikki but I've been pretty out of it lately.

    • Ambi says:

      Yeah during the part where she was talking about the food in the Moshidora thing right? I skipped that bit lol, I occasionally skip things in the transcriptions so they don’t get too bloated ;P Especially when she said it after Kana mentioned the boiled eggs since it would’ve taken another couple of lines. If you directly compare the conversation to the transcription you’ll probably find me skipping a lot of the conversation especially when their dialogues overlap.

      I guess I might as well add it in though lawl.

  • that has to be the most socially awkward conversations i have ever seen… Wow the things they talk about…. i think hyocchi just gave every male in japan a tactic in upskirting 0.0… and the candle wax…. that is just hilarious.thinking about them talking about that is just hilarious. you have to love those 2 <3

  • Keiri says:

    LOL @ how Hiyocchi and HanaKana’s sense of what should and shouldn’t be done is completely screwed up. HanaKana feels like flipping skirts while she tells Hiyocchi off that she shouldn’t be peeking underneath skirts. Either way, both flipping and peeking carry an aim of getting a glimpse of the panties anyway…okay, maybe the intention isn’t so obvious wrt flipping. XD

    Also I love how Hiyocchi has a tendency to say (borderline) dirty material herself but she’s always jabbing HanaKana for similarly talking about those kinds of topics and it’s adorable how HanaKana often ends up reacting to them in a tsun tsun way. ♥

    • Ambi says:

      Yeah I know right ahaha when Kana yelled at Hikasa for trying to peek up the skirts I was thinking “OI KANA YOU CAN’T TALK WHEN YOU’RE THINKING ABOUT SKIRT FLIPPING” OTL

  • […] was hilarious. Now that I think about it, this episode took place at about the same time MoshiDoRadio #09 was recorded […]

  • lora says:

    I suddenly miss Seikon no Qwaser Radio! while reading this. Hahaha!! XD Now I know what type is Kana-san, hahaha!! XD

  • […] Ayana was surprised to hear that Kana was 22 as well, the same age lol. I bet she[Like Hikasa] thought she was older than her as well […]

  • テレビcmでお馴染みフジフィルムが開発したダイエットサプリがメタバリアはサラシア成分配合によって糖の吸収を制限することが希望できるウェイトを落としたいlシェイプアップしたいlぜい肉を削ぎ落としたいlぜい肉を落としたいlダイエットしたいlダイエットをしたいl軽量化したいl減食したいl減量したいl脂肪を燃やしたいl脂肪を燃焼したいl痩せたいl体を引き締めたいl体を絞りたいl体重を減らしたいl体重を減量したいl体重を落としたいl贅肉を減らしたいl贅肉を削ぎ落としたいl贅肉を落としたい人のためにお試しできるようになっています。。

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