Ore no Imouto ga (Rajio Demo) Konna ni Kawaii Wake ga Nai #21

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Name: 俺の妹が(ラジオでも)こんなに可愛いわけがない
Hosts: Taketatsu Ayana, Hanazawa Kana
Guest: Satou Satomi
Date: 2011.06.10

The opening drama has Kuroneko asking Manami about what Kirino and Kyousuke were like as kids, to Kirino’s embarrassment. OreImo’s opening drama is always really high quality :O I wonder who writes them?
By the way the radio had the three of them draw Manami. On the left is Ayana’s, the middle is Kana’s and the right is Satou’s. Kana’s drawing is as weird impressive as ever lol. It kinda looks like Iguchi Yuka’s drawing now that I think of it.

– Sugar!
[I’m guessing that I probably don’t need to say this but just in case, “Sugar” is Satou’s nickname. I think it was… Toyosaki Aki?(Don’t quote me on this!) who thought it up during K-ON due to how her first name and last name both have “Sato” in it which can mean “Sugar” in Japanese.]

Ayana: Sugar!! Welcome!!
Satou: I’m here! I was finally called to guest!!
Kana: I… I also want to call you “Sugar“!
Satou: Okay! Go.. Go for it!
Ayana: What’s with this atmosphere?! Is this some kind of formal marriage interview?!
Kana: …”Sugar“~
*Ayana laughs*
*Satou giggles*
Ayana: What’s with the way you’re saying it?!
Kana: Well I want to get to know Satou-san!
Satou: I really want to get to know you as well!
Ayana: What?! Hold on a minute! Even though you already have me!?!
Satou: Ah that’s right! You two get all flirty!
Ayana: Yeah how horrible! She’s always saying how she wants to touch my thighs! She’s cheating on me!
*Kana laughs*
Ayana: She’s cheating right in front of me!
*Kana tries to make an excuse*
Satou: Ah she’s being unfaithful right in front of her true wife.
Kana: I’m not cheating on you!!!
Ayana: Well if it’s Sugar then it’s okay.
Satou: Ah like an official mistress?
*The three of them laugh*
Kana: I don’t know what’s even happening anymore *laughs*

Now that I think about it, Kana and Satou have barely met before while Satou and Ayana already know each other pretty well from K-ON.

– Femininity.

Kana: Satou-san, you seem really feminine!
Ayana: I agree!
Satou: Eh? Really?! Tell me more tell me more!

Ayana: The people that come on to guest always seem really feminine.
Kana: Yeah.
Satou: Nabatame[Hitomi]-san really has that image!
Kana: Yeah her cooking skill is real!
Ayana: And Hayami[Saori]-chan as well.
Kana: Yeah Hayamin!
Ayana: She’s such a really good girl in general!
Satou: Yeah Sa-chan’s a really good girl!
Kana: Which means the two of us are probably lowering the average femininity level *laughs*
Ayana: Yeah *laughs* at the end of every episode we’re always lamenting over that!

– Talking about using character lines in normal day speech…

Satou: I like to use… “てへぺろ/Tehepero [By the way, Satou is particularly close with Hikasa Youko :D]
Ayana: Ah!
Kana: *In a really unpleasant tone lol* Ehhhhh that’s just because you were infected by it… *laughs*
Ayana: Yeahh…. From a certain… Girl. *laughs*
Satou: A certain festivity-filled girl. *laughs* Her catch-phrase!

Lol Kana’s reaction to hearing “てへぺろ” was hilarious. Now that I think about it, this episode took place at about the same time MoshiDoRadio #09 was recorded haha.

– Continuing on from the topic of people’s catchphrases…

Satou: Ayachi, you like to say “nyaa~” don’t you?
Ayana: Eh? Wait—-
Kana: Oh?! I want to hear more about this!
Ayana: Wait a moment! It’s different!
Satou: You’ve been in a lot of shows where you have to say “nyaa~” and it’s probably become ingrained within you. Like when you stumble on a line you say “nyanyaa” to clear your mouth.
Ayana: I do?!
Kana: Ahh! You might!
Satou: And when you get really excited you’re like “Unyaaa!!”
Ayana: …I might’ve said something like that! I’ve been doing so many cat roles that it’s become like that!

– Listener sends a mail about how Kana and Ayana are appearing in Dog Days with Tange Sakura and if they’ve had a chance to talk with her. He also mentions that Ayana’s photo with Horie Yui where they were wearing matching clothes was really cute.

Ayana: *laughs* This mail just barged right in out of nowhere didn’t it! It’s got nothing to do with OreImo!
Satou: Did you talk with Tange-san?
Kana: We just greeted her for a bit, that’s all.
Ayana: Yeah. I just talked a little bit with her. Though there was a time when she sent in a recorded message to a radio I was involved with for the other host’s birthday. [IIRC this was Numakura Manami’s birthday on their “Taketatsu, Numakura no Hajimete Demo Ii desu ka?” radio. Oh now that I think about it, Tange has sent a recorded message in to Hanazawa Kana’s Hitori de Dekiru Kana  radio as well.]
Satou: I had the chance to regular with her for about a year.
Ayana: Ah Kirumin! [Anime series, “Animal Tantei Kiruminzee”]
Satou: Yeah Kirumin. And she was a really really cute person! Her hair was so smooth!
Ayana: Ah she cut her hair just recently too and she noticed I cut my hair so she was like “Ahh did you cut your hair?? I just cut my hair too!” And it was just a little bit that I didn’t notice at all *laughs*.
Satou: Speaking of people cutting their hair, Horie Yui just did as well.
Kana: Ah really?
Ayana: Yeah she did!
Satou: And she was saying “Nobody noticed that I had cut my hair!”.
Ayana: Yeah at a Dog Days recording she told me “I just cut my hair!” and I always sit next to her so I was like “Ah you did… Really?” *laughs* “…Where?” I didn’t notice at all and she got mad at me saying “Why didn’t you notice it at all?!” *laughs*.
Satou: Ah how cute~
Ayana: Yeah both of them are really cute and nice senpai~

By the way, this was the photo with Horie Yui and Ayana wearing matching clothes.

– Kana jokes again that if Nakamura Yuuichi comes on to guest then it’ll probably mean the end of OreImo lol.

– Satou mentions that she called her grandma to get the feeling for Manami’s character.

– Kana laughs that recently the radio’s been full of signs that it’s gonna end and Satou says that they must do whatever they can to stop Nakamura from coming haha. They laugh that they should just stop him downstairs so he can’t come into the recording booth.

– They mention that they’d like to have Akagi Sena’s seiyuu Ise Mariya come in to guest, or Majima Junji, Sena’s brother’s seiyuu. A shame they didn’t get to :(

– Next episode…

Kana: It looks like next episode will be a Taketatsu Ayana birthday special!
Ayana: I want to have a lovey dovey time with Kana-chan!
Satou: Oh…?
Kana: Lovey-dovey time? But we can’t broadcast that publicly~!
Ayana: Ah really…? How sad…
*The three of them laugh*
Satou: Ah what is with you two?! How cute!
Ayana: That’s disappointing! Well I just want to do something fun!

Ayana: We won’t be ending on the next episode will we? Will we?! Don’t do that! I don’t want to celebrate my birthday and then find out that there won’t be anymore OreImo radio!
Satou: The staff is laughing really hard right now! What does it mean?!
Ayana: Don’t do it! Don’t!! Oh I know! For my birthday present I want a coupon that says the radio will continue!
Satou: What’s with that? Like a shoulder massage coupon except for the radio? *laughs*
Kana: They might just give it to you to make fun of you *laughs*.

Satou: How about a second season then!
Ayana: Ah yeah! I want a second season of OreImo for my birthday! …They all just looked away!
Satou: Yeah they definitely did!

The end of the radio is coming! D: But next episode is going to be fun~ A lot of people have probably heard about it already but it’s taking me forever to work up to it lol.
….Now what am I going to do with that episode OTL I can’t possibly transcribe the whole episode… Well, I’ll see when I get there.

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