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Host: Hirohashi Ryou
Guest: Tomatsu Haruka
Date: 2011.12.16

Radio for the second season of WORKING. This episode has Tomatsu Haruka guesting, the voice of Mitsuki(As well as the Neko-gumi april fools character).

– The two of them talk about how the first time they met was when Tomatsu was a teenager. After marveling at how much of an adult she’s become Tomatsu invites Hirohashi to go drinking with her sometime lol.

– Tomatsu is greatly amused by the nickname “Ono Dynamite” Hirohashi stuck on Ono Daisuke lol. They reason that he’s like a dynamite, silent sometimes but suddenly explodes with energy haha.

– Tomatsu says her favourite… Shark is the Whale Shark.

– Tomatsu said she was nervous that she might not be able to mix in well in the recordings due to her coming in halfway through the second season but she was happily received by the cast :D Amusingly Nakamura mentioned this about himself last episode as well.

– Tomatsu was really surprised when she found out she was doing both the April Fools character and her current character in WORKING.

– Tomatsu was told to copy how Nakamura adlibbed the part when Youhei tried to fix up door after breaking it. The whole “*Struggling* Huh? How does this go again?” part to make them seem more like twins. Tomatsu wrote down Nakamura’s adlib when it happened so she wouldn’t forget it.

– Tomatsu mentions that she’s called by Tomatsu or Tomacchan a lot but she’s rarely, if ever, called “Haruka-chan” though she says she has been called “Haru-chan” and her family calls her just “Haruka”

– Apparently Tomatsu hasn’t worked part time before apart from the seiyuu job :O Seems like she was prohibited from doing it.

– Tomatsu asks “Do deer have teeth?” lol.

– Tomatsu mentions that when she goes overseas with her parents her dad speaks english so she’s never had much trouble going around.

– Tomatsu says she hasn’t met Takatsu Karino in person before though she really wants to. Once again Hirohashi describes her as a cute and pretty girl :O I wonder what she looks like hah. Apparently Karino lives in Hokkaido as well, the part of Japan where WORKING is set.

These two sounded like they were having a lot of fun talking. Hirohashi seems to get along pretty well with anyone despite how weird she is lol.


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Host: Hirohashi Ryou
Guest: Nakamura Yuuichi
Date: 2011.12.02

The very popular radio for the second season of WORKING. This episode has Youhei’s CV Nakamura Yuuichi on the show.

– Hirohashi didn’t know what the “D” in Ono Daisuke’s nickname “Ono D” stood for and thought it stood for “Dynamite” ahaha. Ono then became known as “Ono Dynamite” on the YAMAKING radio lol.

Nakamura: *Reading the script* There’s been Fukuyama-san, “Dynamite-san” and Kamiya-san as a guest. …Who’s Dynamite-san?
Hirohashi: Ono-san.
Nakamura: …Eh?
Hirohashi: Ono Dynamite-san *laughs*
Nakamura: He’s got that kind of name?
Hirohashi: I didn’t know his name…
*Nakamura laughs*
Hirohashi: You know how he’s called “Ono D“?
Nakamura: Yeah Ono D.
Hirohashi: I was wondering what in the world it stood for and when I tried to think what it could be, the only thing I could come up with was “Dynamite” *laughs*

Hirohashi: I just found out that it’s for “Daisuke” though so it’s okay.
Nakamura: That’s great.
Hirohashi: That’s why it’s “D“!
Nakamura: Yeah… *Sarcastic* How confusing is that! Everyone should just call him Ono Daisuke!
Hirohashi: Yeah seriously!
Nakamura: You’d definitely think Dynamite in that sitation!
Hirohashi: Really!
Nakamura: The first thing you think of would be nothing else but Dynamite when you hear “D“! *laughs*
Hirohashi: Yeah! *laughs* …What’s your name again?
Nakamura: I wonder.
*Hirohashi laughs*
Nakamura: You just read out my name when you introduced me as a guest though.
Hirohashi: Ah I did! Yuuichi-kun!
Nakamura: Please remember it.
Hirohashi: Sorry, male names are always so hard to remember.
*Nakamura laughs*
Nakamura: *Sarcastic* Mmm… Seriously.
Hirohashi: It’s a nice name though!

– Nakamura and Tomatsu Haruka had already been cast for their characters before they did their April Fools characters. They then had them come in specifically to record the April Fools segment and when he asked why they had been cast as the April Fools characters as well they just gave a rough reason of “Well you’re appearing in the second season anyways, might as well have you voice these two as well”. So there was no special reason for them playing those two characters.

– I mentioned this before, but the Working event went far over time and Nakamura said that he was left standing and waiting for over 30 minutes at the entrance since the stage was still going lol. Apparently it was really hot as well so it was pretty bad OTL. Hirohashi laughs that they had thought that he’d be waiting leisurely in the dressing room until they were done.

– Nakamura says that he initially voiced Youhei as a simple idiot, but they asked him to make him cuter and tone down the stupidness of the character :O

– Nakamura mentioned that he’s worked at a supermarket before.

– Apparently Nakata Jouji has worked at a boat shop before :O

– Hirohashi says that she thinks Nakamura is an “ikemen[good looking young man] in every sense of the word lol.

– Among where he’s worked, Nakamura mentions the fruits section of the supermarket, a games shop, a cafe, a certain fast food chain and more. He started working part time from when he was in high school. He said he had lied about his age one time to work in the fruits section of the supermarket.

– Hirohashi mentions that Itou Shizuka had also worked in a games shop but laughs that  she just stayed at the back and played games during her shift lol.

– Nakamura says that the cast of Kimi ni Todoke had organised a gathering to go watch the Kimi ni Todoke movie last year around June/July but he couldn’t go due to work. They then called him while they were having fun saying “We’re having fun right now, what are YOU doing??” lol. I wonder if it was Sawashiro Miyuki who called him lol.

– Hirohashi says that the original WORKING manga author, Takatsu Karino, is cute :O

These two seem like they get along pretty well, it was a fun listen :D. They filled the one hour of talking easily and it looks like they could have gone for longer with no hassle. Amusingly Nakamura calls Hirohashi “Ryou-chan” while she calls him “Chuu-san” an alternate reading of the “Naka” kanji in his name lol.


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Host: Kayano Ai
Guest: Taketatsu Ayana
Date: 2011.11.25

This is the first time the two of them have been on radio together, Kayano mentions that she’s a bit nervous heh.

– Cooking…

Kayano: I’m actually pretty bad at cooking…
Ayana: Really?!
Kayano: Yeah it’s always really dangerous when I’m cutting vegetables…
Ayana: That’s unexpected, I always thought you would be good at this sort of feminine stuff!

It looks like Kayano likes cooking though :D

– Kayano comments that Ayana would look good in an apron.

– About Episode 7.

Kayano: Gai in a Tuxedo…
Ayana: He was so cool!
Kayano: Having him in a tuxedo is cheating!
Ayana: Yeah! The blonde hair really fits him.
Kayano: Yeah it does.
Ayana: And that blonde hair plus the white tuxedo was such a great match.

Kayano: And then you have Nakamura’s great voice on top of it…
Ayana: Yeah seriously!
Kayano: As a girl it definitely gets you squealing!

– Ayana says her favourite character is Daryl.

– Kayano’s first impression of Ayana.

Kayano: We first met at… Summer was it?
Ayana: Yeah I think so.

Kayano: My first impression of you was… Well when we first greeted each other I was thinking big and round!
Ayana: Eh?!
Kayano: Your eyes! I felt like I was getting sucked into your eyes!
Ayana: Eh?? That’s the first time I’ve been told something like that!
Kayano: I was thinking that I really wanted to talk with you more!
Ayana: Yeah!
Kayano: But if I was to say my first impression of you, I’d put it at “Too cute!
Ayana: Ehh?!
Kayano: I wanted to watch you!
Ayana: Ah… I’m turning red… *laughs*
*Kayano laughs*
Kayano: And you’re always drinking juice!

– They mention a time when Ayana had a chocolate smudge on her script and she had circled it with a pen and labeled it as “Chocolate” in case someone had mistaken it for a certain… “Other brown coloured unpleasant object” Lol.

– Ayana’s first impression of Kayano.

Ayana: My first impression of you was… When we first greeted each other I thought you were a really fluffy person!
*Kayano giggles*
Ayana: I thought you were a really feminine person!
Kayano: Really?
Ayana: Yeah you were like *high soft voice*I’m Kayano Ai from Pro-fit~” And you were overflowing with this floatyness! And I was thinking “Wow!
Kayano: I was really nervous at the time *laughs*
Ayana: Really?
Kayano: Yeah, it was my first recording so I was super nervous.
Ayana: But you were always smiling and whenever someone would talk with you you were like “Yees~?” with this elegance about you! You had a really calm and relaxed atmosphere about you.
Kayano: Ah thanks.
Ayana: And you seemed like you’d know a lot about health and beauty products too.
Kayano: We had a conversation about that sometime didn’t we?
Ayana: Yeah we did.

– Ayana says that though she changes depending on if the other person is an S or and M, she’d probably categorise herself as an M.

– Nicknames!

Kayano: First I’ll start with not calling you “Taketatsu-san”!
Ayana: Eh? What will you call me then? I’m getting nervous!
Kayano: What would be good? I wanted to decide this today~
Ayana: We’re always using “-san” aren’t we?
Kayano: Right, do you have a nickname in particular?
Ayana: What do you normally get called by?
Kayano: Umm, well I’m called “Kayanon” quite often but… *laughs*
Ayana: Kayanon?
Kayano: Kayanon, or Kaya-chan.
Ayana: Kaya-chan?
Kayano: I’ve been called a lot of things, I don’t think I’ve got one in particular.
Ayana: Hmm what do you want to be called?
Kayano: Huh?? Anything would be fine! “Ai” would be fine too!
Ayana: Ai? Ai-chan?
Kayano: I’m called Kayano-chan on occasion too.
Ayana: Ah I call you Kayano-chan sometimes too, but you know how you feel like theres a bit of distance between you if you use their surname so I was thinking that I’d want to use your first name.
Kayano: I see, then Ai?
Ayana: Ai-chan?
Kayano: Just “Ai” would be fine too~
Ayana: Eh with no honourifics?! Really??
Kayano: Is that bad?
Ayana: I’m getting embarrassed! *laughs*
*Kayano laughs*
Ayana: Just like “A~i~“? *laughs embarrassedly*
Kayano: Calling me just “Ai” makes my heart skip a beat actually! *laughs*
Ayana: Then okay I’ll call you “Ai“!
Kayano: Really?
Ayana: Yeah!
Kayano: What do you normally get called by?
Ayana: Well I’m usually called “Ayachi” or “Aya-chan“… But you can call me just “Aya” or “Ayana” if you want~
Kayano: Really? Hmm what should I call you by… Then how about “Aya” then.
Ayana: Just “Aya“?
Kayano: Yep!
Ayana: *laughs* Just calling each other “Ai” and “Aya” gives off a fuzzy feeling doesn’t it? *laughs*
Kayano: It does! *laughs*
Ayana: Uwaah I’m getting really fidgety!

Lol wow the radio suddenly took a turn for the yuriyuri ahaha.

These two were pretty nervous from never talking with one another properly before so it was a bit fidgety at times but that’s the charm of these first time meeting sort of radios~ :D These two started to get along pretty well though by the end.

MoshiDoRadio #10

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Name: 程高放送部~もしドラジオ~
Hosts: Hanazawa Kana, Hikasa Youko
Date: 2011.07.04

For this episode they start a new corner imitating as many objects/people as they can within a time limit, aiming for a certain amount of points to achieve a prize(cake). It was hilarious but… I’m not gonna write a thing about it hah. These two do match up pretty well though, I mean Hikasa says in a noble voice “I’m in the music room” and Kana immediately correctly guesses “Mozart” from that lol.

– Tanabata wishes.

Kana: What would you wish for?
Hikasa: Hmm a wish?
Kana: Yeah.
Hikasa: “For all the girls in the world to be mine” *laughs*
Kana: …”All the girls in the world“? *laughs*

Hikasa: And what about you? What would you wish for?
Kana: “To someday buy a large house
Hikasa: What a… terrible kind of wish to make…
Kana: Why?!
Hikasa: So realistic…
Kana: Well it’s in the far future. Maybe something lighter would be better for Tanabata.

– Seiyuu…

*Talking about the drivers license test*
Hikasa: You know how you have the test in a computer simulation. In that simulation you have children jumping out at you all the time!
*Kana laughs*
Hikasa: When they jump out at you at that speed it’s impossible to avoid them!! So I’ve seen myself… Run over so many children…
*The two of them laugh*
Kana: That sounds dangerous.
Hikasa: Yeah. Well it’s all just a simulation after all so you’ll get a feel for it.

Hikasa: But really even when you know it’s going to come out you can’t dodge it! And then I’m all *KYAAAA* when it happens and there was this other examinee there as well as the examiner which were both silent.
*Kana laughs*
Hikasa: And so they were shocked by the size of a seiyuu’s surprised reaction *laughs*
Kana: *laughs* But seriously! When I enter haunted houses and stuff like that I always realise that my voice goes louder than other people in there.
Hikasa: Yeah definitely!

Hikasa: Normal people don’t normally let that kind of yell out when they’re surprised it seems.
Kana: Yeah maybe they don’t yell that much when they’re startled.
Hikasa: Their reactions are also pretty small.

Hikasa: Seiyuu’s voices are really loud aren’t they.
Kana: Even their normal talking voices are loud.
Hikasa: Yeah. When they’re having fun they’re loud. “kyaahahaha!”
Kana: Yeah. Some pay attention to the noise they make though!
Hikasa: Yeah you’re the type to look out for that.

Hikasa: There was a time when we were found out when we went out to eat since our voices were so loud. We were asked “You’re not normal people are you” *laughs* And we were like “Ah we’re all seiyuu
Kana: From the volume of your voice?
Hikasa: From the volume of our voice as well as the tsukkomis and the conversations.
Kana: Ah right everyone’s pretty used to doing that.

I found this topic pretty interesting. Seiyuu/people in the entertainment industry really do act different to normal people don’t they~
Speaking of which, I remember another time recently when these two + the other three ROKYUBU members, Iguchi Yuka, Hidaka Rina and Ogura Yui were found out as well when they went out to eat and they were asked if they were idols or something or rather from the entertainment industry.

Iguchi Yuka no Mu~~~n ⊂( ^ω^)⊃ #64

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Name: 井口裕香のむ~~~ん ⊂( ^ω^)⊃
Host: Iguchi Yuka
Guests: Asumi Kana, Taketatsu Ayana, Gibu Yuuko
Date: 2011.12.19

The Tamuyura cast guesting on Iguchi’s radio, this was part of a project to have the cast appear on each of their solo radios. Asumi’s “Hoshizora Hinata Bokko” had Iguchi and Gibu come guest and Ayana’s “Taketatsu Numakura no Hajimete Demo Ii Desu ka?” had Gibu Yuuko come guest. By the way each of the characters drawn on the title image was done by each of their seiyuu, the top left is Fu done by Ayana, top right is Kaoru by Asumi, bottom left is Norie by Iguchi and the bottom right is Maon by Gibu.

– Iguchi attended Takagaki Ayahi’s solo live concert :O

– Ayana greets everyone with “Uiui!“, her own radio’s [Taketatsu, Numakura no Hajimete Demo Ii Desu ka?] greeting.

– It’s been over a year since the last time all three of them came on Iguchi’s radio to guest.

– Describe the good points of Tamayura:

Ayana: The atmosphere!
Iguchi: The character who appears in the show, Norie-chan! [Iguchi’s character lol]
Asumi: Takehara! [The place where Tamayura takes place]
Gibu: The director! [Satou Junichi]

– They try to position Ayana’s head and Asumi’s hand in a way so it looks like Ayana’s head is on Asumi’s hand on camera lol.

– Asumi says Iguchi’s name instead of Gibu…

Asumi: Iguch— No, I mean— *laughs*
Iguchi: Eh what?
Asumi: I meant to say Gibu-san!
Iguchi + Ayana + Gibu: Ahh!
Iguchi: What? What were you saying about me~? *leans in towards Asumi* What were you talking about~~? What did you get wrong~?
Asumi: Stop it! Stop it! *Swats Iguchi away*

– Their favourite episodes of Tamayura:

Iguchi: When Maon first meets Norie on episode six.
Gibu: Episode two, when they have their sleepover. Seeing everyone’s pajamas was great! Except I was in a jersey.
Asumi: Sayomi onee-chan and Pote-tan’s conversation on episode two.
Ayana: Episode one when Kaori-chan said “Welcome back!” to Pote. [Amusingly Gibu wails that she wasn’t in the recording for that episode lol]

– They talk about how they should dress in a Santa costume for the upcoming Tamayura event but they talk about how they’d have to get their agency’s individual permission before they can. Gibu is freelance though so she’s okay :O. Well we all know they ended up in Santa costumes for the event though :D

– They try to seriously organise a dinner night out with the four of them, Gibu says that if they’re all serious then she’ll plan it all for the three other “Popular seiyuu” lol.

Having Asumi and Iguchi sit next to each other was great :D The two of them were all over each other throughout the episode, tapping, poking, slapping, and leaning on each other at times :D

Hidaka ・ Komatsu no Tenshi ni Narerumon☆ #02

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Name: 日高・小松の天使になれるもん☆
Hosts: Hidaka Rina, Komatsu Mikako
Guest: Sakura Ayane
Date: 2011.12.10

A new radio show hosted by Hidaka Rina and Komatsu Mikako. The title means something on the lines of “Hidaka & Komatsu’s We’ll Become Angels☆”. The radio is a short radio that was broadcast weekly throughout December 2011 and finished on it’s 6th episode.
For those that don’t know Komatsu, more recently she’s been appearing in Mouretsu Pirates as Katou Marika and Symphogear as Andou Sousei. She’s also one of the five personalities on A&G’s Lady Go radio series along with Ookubo Rumi, Mikami Shiori, Uesaka Sumire and Takamori Natsumi. Hah I’m amused that I only knew Rumi out of the five when it first started but I’m coming to recognise the other members as time goes on and their careers grow.

– Hidaka and Sakura had met before on ROKYUBU and Yumekui Merry but this was the first time Komatsu and Sakura were meeting.

Komatsu: Ah so you two get along pretty well?
Sakura: *pauses* …Yeah
*Komatsu laughs*
Hidaka: Hey! Why did you pause before answering!?
Sakura: If it turned out to be one sided I’d feel really sad!

Sakura: But I mean, look at Hidaka, she’s always shining so brightly!
Hidaka: No no I’m not!
Komatsu: Yeah her eyes are shining. Her clothes are shining.
Sakura: They sure are shining. So I’m always thinking “Is it okay for me to talk to her??”
Hidaka: What’s with that?!

The two of them concluded that they want to use the radio as a chance to get closer with one another and the three of them start trading email addresses :D

– About Sakura Ayane’s photoshoot for the Voice Angel seiyuu magazine. They have the magazine there with them and Sakura’s groaning in embarrassment throughout the ordeal ahaha.

Hidaka: Ahh SO CUTE!!
Komatsu: AHHH!! …Bare legs… Bare legs!! …Zettai Ryouiki!!
Hidaka: Knee high socks are the greatest!
*Komatsu moans while looking at the photos LOL*
Sakura: What’s wrong with you?!
Komatsu: You look beautiful!
Hidaka: Let’s go to the next page!
*Sakura groans in embarrassment*
Hidaka: Look at this!
Komatsu: Ah this is an angel right here!
*Sakura continues to groan in the background lol*
Komatsu: Ah this makes me want to hug you from behind.
Hidaka: It’s great! She looks great looking behind her.
Komatsu: Yeah she does.
Hidaka: Was it cold? It looks like it’d be pretty cold.

Hidaka: How was the photoshoot?
Sakura: It was embarrassing *laughs*
*They all laugh*
Hidaka: Yeah photoshoots are embarrassing aren’t they~
Komatsu: Yeah I can’t get used to photoshoots.
Sakura: Right. If the staff didn’t suggest poses to me I’d have no idea what to do.

They continue to fangirl over the photoshoots for a while… Amusingly Komatsu mumbled something along the lines of “I want to be the thing she’s riding on…” ahaha. Wait… Komatsu Mikako… Wasn’t that the person on twitter who was fangirling over other female seiyuu a while ago? Lol.

– Apparently Hidaka was told to study other photoshoots to get an idea on what kind of poses she should take.

– Hidaka asks if they’ve done animal noises in a recording before and Komatsu says she hasn’t besides one time where she voiced a cat in the background one time while Sakura hasn’t done it before at all. Hidaka hasn’t as well though she says she’s done something that’s not human before.

Komatsu and Sakura got along really well for their first time meeting, they attributed it to how they were both fangirling over how cute Hidaka was together before the recording started lol.

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