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Host: Kayano Ai
Guest: Taketatsu Ayana
Date: 2011.11.25

This is the first time the two of them have been on radio together, Kayano mentions that she’s a bit nervous heh.

– Cooking…

Kayano: I’m actually pretty bad at cooking…
Ayana: Really?!
Kayano: Yeah it’s always really dangerous when I’m cutting vegetables…
Ayana: That’s unexpected, I always thought you would be good at this sort of feminine stuff!

It looks like Kayano likes cooking though :D

– Kayano comments that Ayana would look good in an apron.

– About Episode 7.

Kayano: Gai in a Tuxedo…
Ayana: He was so cool!
Kayano: Having him in a tuxedo is cheating!
Ayana: Yeah! The blonde hair really fits him.
Kayano: Yeah it does.
Ayana: And that blonde hair plus the white tuxedo was such a great match.

Kayano: And then you have Nakamura’s great voice on top of it…
Ayana: Yeah seriously!
Kayano: As a girl it definitely gets you squealing!

– Ayana says her favourite character is Daryl.

– Kayano’s first impression of Ayana.

Kayano: We first met at… Summer was it?
Ayana: Yeah I think so.

Kayano: My first impression of you was… Well when we first greeted each other I was thinking big and round!
Ayana: Eh?!
Kayano: Your eyes! I felt like I was getting sucked into your eyes!
Ayana: Eh?? That’s the first time I’ve been told something like that!
Kayano: I was thinking that I really wanted to talk with you more!
Ayana: Yeah!
Kayano: But if I was to say my first impression of you, I’d put it at “Too cute!
Ayana: Ehh?!
Kayano: I wanted to watch you!
Ayana: Ah… I’m turning red… *laughs*
*Kayano laughs*
Kayano: And you’re always drinking juice!

– They mention a time when Ayana had a chocolate smudge on her script and she had circled it with a pen and labeled it as “Chocolate” in case someone had mistaken it for a certain… “Other brown coloured unpleasant object” Lol.

– Ayana’s first impression of Kayano.

Ayana: My first impression of you was… When we first greeted each other I thought you were a really fluffy person!
*Kayano giggles*
Ayana: I thought you were a really feminine person!
Kayano: Really?
Ayana: Yeah you were like *high soft voice*I’m Kayano Ai from Pro-fit~” And you were overflowing with this floatyness! And I was thinking “Wow!
Kayano: I was really nervous at the time *laughs*
Ayana: Really?
Kayano: Yeah, it was my first recording so I was super nervous.
Ayana: But you were always smiling and whenever someone would talk with you you were like “Yees~?” with this elegance about you! You had a really calm and relaxed atmosphere about you.
Kayano: Ah thanks.
Ayana: And you seemed like you’d know a lot about health and beauty products too.
Kayano: We had a conversation about that sometime didn’t we?
Ayana: Yeah we did.

– Ayana says that though she changes depending on if the other person is an S or and M, she’d probably categorise herself as an M.

– Nicknames!

Kayano: First I’ll start with not calling you “Taketatsu-san”!
Ayana: Eh? What will you call me then? I’m getting nervous!
Kayano: What would be good? I wanted to decide this today~
Ayana: We’re always using “-san” aren’t we?
Kayano: Right, do you have a nickname in particular?
Ayana: What do you normally get called by?
Kayano: Umm, well I’m called “Kayanon” quite often but… *laughs*
Ayana: Kayanon?
Kayano: Kayanon, or Kaya-chan.
Ayana: Kaya-chan?
Kayano: I’ve been called a lot of things, I don’t think I’ve got one in particular.
Ayana: Hmm what do you want to be called?
Kayano: Huh?? Anything would be fine! “Ai” would be fine too!
Ayana: Ai? Ai-chan?
Kayano: I’m called Kayano-chan on occasion too.
Ayana: Ah I call you Kayano-chan sometimes too, but you know how you feel like theres a bit of distance between you if you use their surname so I was thinking that I’d want to use your first name.
Kayano: I see, then Ai?
Ayana: Ai-chan?
Kayano: Just “Ai” would be fine too~
Ayana: Eh with no honourifics?! Really??
Kayano: Is that bad?
Ayana: I’m getting embarrassed! *laughs*
*Kayano laughs*
Ayana: Just like “A~i~“? *laughs embarrassedly*
Kayano: Calling me just “Ai” makes my heart skip a beat actually! *laughs*
Ayana: Then okay I’ll call you “Ai“!
Kayano: Really?
Ayana: Yeah!
Kayano: What do you normally get called by?
Ayana: Well I’m usually called “Ayachi” or “Aya-chan“… But you can call me just “Aya” or “Ayana” if you want~
Kayano: Really? Hmm what should I call you by… Then how about “Aya” then.
Ayana: Just “Aya“?
Kayano: Yep!
Ayana: *laughs* Just calling each other “Ai” and “Aya” gives off a fuzzy feeling doesn’t it? *laughs*
Kayano: It does! *laughs*
Ayana: Uwaah I’m getting really fidgety!

Lol wow the radio suddenly took a turn for the yuriyuri ahaha.

These two were pretty nervous from never talking with one another properly before so it was a bit fidgety at times but that’s the charm of these first time meeting sort of radios~ :D These two started to get along pretty well though by the end.

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