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Host: Hirohashi Ryou
Guest: Nakamura Yuuichi
Date: 2011.12.02

The very popular radio for the second season of WORKING. This episode has Youhei’s CV Nakamura Yuuichi on the show.

– Hirohashi didn’t know what the “D” in Ono Daisuke’s nickname “Ono D” stood for and thought it stood for “Dynamite” ahaha. Ono then became known as “Ono Dynamite” on the YAMAKING radio lol.

Nakamura: *Reading the script* There’s been Fukuyama-san, “Dynamite-san” and Kamiya-san as a guest. …Who’s Dynamite-san?
Hirohashi: Ono-san.
Nakamura: …Eh?
Hirohashi: Ono Dynamite-san *laughs*
Nakamura: He’s got that kind of name?
Hirohashi: I didn’t know his name…
*Nakamura laughs*
Hirohashi: You know how he’s called “Ono D“?
Nakamura: Yeah Ono D.
Hirohashi: I was wondering what in the world it stood for and when I tried to think what it could be, the only thing I could come up with was “Dynamite” *laughs*

Hirohashi: I just found out that it’s for “Daisuke” though so it’s okay.
Nakamura: That’s great.
Hirohashi: That’s why it’s “D“!
Nakamura: Yeah… *Sarcastic* How confusing is that! Everyone should just call him Ono Daisuke!
Hirohashi: Yeah seriously!
Nakamura: You’d definitely think Dynamite in that sitation!
Hirohashi: Really!
Nakamura: The first thing you think of would be nothing else but Dynamite when you hear “D“! *laughs*
Hirohashi: Yeah! *laughs* …What’s your name again?
Nakamura: I wonder.
*Hirohashi laughs*
Nakamura: You just read out my name when you introduced me as a guest though.
Hirohashi: Ah I did! Yuuichi-kun!
Nakamura: Please remember it.
Hirohashi: Sorry, male names are always so hard to remember.
*Nakamura laughs*
Nakamura: *Sarcastic* Mmm… Seriously.
Hirohashi: It’s a nice name though!

– Nakamura and Tomatsu Haruka had already been cast for their characters before they did their April Fools characters. They then had them come in specifically to record the April Fools segment and when he asked why they had been cast as the April Fools characters as well they just gave a rough reason of “Well you’re appearing in the second season anyways, might as well have you voice these two as well”. So there was no special reason for them playing those two characters.

– I mentioned this before, but the Working event went far over time and Nakamura said that he was left standing and waiting for over 30 minutes at the entrance since the stage was still going lol. Apparently it was really hot as well so it was pretty bad OTL. Hirohashi laughs that they had thought that he’d be waiting leisurely in the dressing room until they were done.

– Nakamura says that he initially voiced Youhei as a simple idiot, but they asked him to make him cuter and tone down the stupidness of the character :O

– Nakamura mentioned that he’s worked at a supermarket before.

– Apparently Nakata Jouji has worked at a boat shop before :O

– Hirohashi says that she thinks Nakamura is an “ikemen[good looking young man] in every sense of the word lol.

– Among where he’s worked, Nakamura mentions the fruits section of the supermarket, a games shop, a cafe, a certain fast food chain and more. He started working part time from when he was in high school. He said he had lied about his age one time to work in the fruits section of the supermarket.

– Hirohashi mentions that Itou Shizuka had also worked in a games shop but laughs that  she just stayed at the back and played games during her shift lol.

– Nakamura says that the cast of Kimi ni Todoke had organised a gathering to go watch the Kimi ni Todoke movie last year around June/July but he couldn’t go due to work. They then called him while they were having fun saying “We’re having fun right now, what are YOU doing??” lol. I wonder if it was Sawashiro Miyuki who called him lol.

– Hirohashi says that the original WORKING manga author, Takatsu Karino, is cute :O

These two seem like they get along pretty well, it was a fun listen :D. They filled the one hour of talking easily and it looks like they could have gone for longer with no hassle. Amusingly Nakamura calls Hirohashi “Ryou-chan” while she calls him “Chuu-san” an alternate reading of the “Naka” kanji in his name lol.

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