Hanazawa Kana no Hitori de Dekiru Kana? #109

March 14th, 2012 § 7 comments

Name: 花澤香菜のひとりでできるかな?
Host: Hanazawa Kana

Date: 2011.02.29

I’m really behind with a lot of radio shows ever since flying off to Japan but I did at least manage to keep up to date with HitoKana <3

– Kana hearing about Taketatsu Ayana’s new photobook name on her Hitori de Dekiru Kana #109.

Kana: *Reading mail from a listener* “…Taketatsu Ayana’s new photobook called “AYANA” is about to be released–“ *gasp* Hold on a moment… “Ayana” in the english alphabet?!? *laughs hysterically* WHAT? Seriously?! Could this be a rip off of “KANA“? *laughs* Stop it Taketatsu!

*Goes back to reading the mail* “…It’s obvious that she’s keeping your title in mind with the name, in opposition you should release a second photobook! Please have the producer for that photo book be Hiyocchi–“ No way! It’ll turn into something terrible!

*Continues reading* “Keep on doing your best, farewell” Thank you. That’s amazing. Ayachi’s photobook is called “AYANA” *laughs* Uwaah and I just met with her today. I didn’t get to tease her about it *laughs* That’s interesting!

But seriously, photobooks are difficult, thinking up what kind of name to use as the title. I guess having your name in the english alphabet is a safe choice though. But it’ll be different to my photobook. Seeing a different side of Ayachi. It’ll definitely be cute. Cute. I bet she’ll be wearing a swimsuit! I want to see that…

I was so amused upon hearing that Ayana’s photobook was named “AYANA” as well. I guess it’s not uncommon now that I think about it though, Tomatsu Haruka’s first photobook was called “HARUKAS” as well wasn’t it heh.

– Listener sends in mail talking about always wanting to stay up at night but never wanting to wake up in the morning.

Kana: I know what you mean… There’s not enough time at night! I wonder why you’re able to stay awake doing nothing important at night?? *laughs* Even though you have to get up early the next morning! *laughs* I wonder why… You’re pretty much able to stay up forever! *laughs* Forever! Staying near the heater, watching TV. Maybe it’s the TV’s fault! You just keep watching it… Late night programs sure are interesting aren’t they? *laughs* And then the mornings! They’re so cold and that makes it hard to get up! But I’d say I’m actually more of a morning person than most. If I set an alarm clock I’ll normally get up. But I know that feeling of not wanting to get up because it’s so cold. Twenty four hours in a day seriously isn’t enough time!

I know the feeling orz.

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  • aiueo123 says:

    Hmm…. never heard Hanazawa’s solo radio before. Might wait for a guest to come before trying since I always find solo radio much more boring when there’s no guest coming. BTW, has there been any male seiyuu guesting on Hito Kana in past episode?

    A little off topic : Ambi, have you listened to the latest danshi koukosei radio? Hikasa is guesting in the show and the combination between her and Sugita is quite wild lol. Hikasa unexpectedly has a very loud voice isn’t she? Really looking forward to Hanazawa and Sugita combi in the next inu boku radio

    • Ambi says:

      Yeah I’ve listened to it, Sugita saying dirty jokes to Hikasa was terrible of him ahaha.

      I’m not really much of a fan of solo radios as well, pretty much the only exceptions I listen to is HitoKana and Iguchi’s Muun. Sugita’s one doesn’t really count for that matter too hah.

      Regarding male seiyuu on Hitokana, there has been a couple of times where a male seiyuu has come on the show, off the top of my head there’s been Asanuma Shintaro on a couple of occasions as well as Shimono Hiro most recently… That might be it, though there were a few other male guests that weren’t seiyuu and are just general anime staff members such as the director Katayama Kazuyoshi as well as someone from the Bushiroad company.

      • aiueo123 says:

        Well, Sugita’s solo radio is barely solo since there’s SP Tanaka in it lol. I still find it a little more boring compared with Sugita’s other radio like Blue Raji though when there’s no guest coming.

        The reason I ask if there’s been any male seiyuu on Hitokana is because when I heard her in Durarara Radio where she’s the personality along with Toyonaga, she seems pretty awkward around a male seiyuu that she barely knows personally(it took the 2 personality around 15 episodes before they sound more comfortable with each other lol) which is why I’m a little curious if she’s gotten better with male guest one year after that radio is over XD.

  • lora says:

    Hanazawa-san, don’t know how do all nighters feel when they wake up so early in the morning. XD

    And my comment in the aiueo123 post, what!! O.O Oh ambi can you please please please post about that radio show, I was really waiting for that combination since I started watching danshi koukosei nichijou!! AWWW!! XD Got to listen to it in nicovideo.. XD

    • Ambi says:

      I’ve actually listened to it already and I didn’t really want to make a post out of it. Not that it’s boring or anything, I just don’t really like writing about dirty jokes in general hah. Plus the radio is under 20 minutes as well as its complete lack of organisation or structure makes it kinda hard to write something about.

      Also, don’t quote me on this, but for the most part seiyuu don’t really seem to need to wake up that early from what I’ve seen.

    • aiueo123 says:

      you can listen to it for free on animate.tv too. It’s the official site for listening to several anime related radio and you can listen to 2 or 3 backnumber of that particular radio too.

      Just like ambi said, Danshi Nichijou radio is not structured like normal radio shows(they even mention it in the show about this) and basically just a conversation between the personality and the guest with listener’s mail as the catalyst. They once spend 2 episode for making a gunpla while chatting and in one episode with Suzumura Kenichi as a guest, they spend half the episode talking about ultraman and the bad guy in it lol. It’s a fun listen for a 20 minutes radio show though.

      • lora says:

        Well,I already finished listening to it from their website,thank you ambi and aiueo123. Its okay if you can’t translate it ambi, I do understand it, I little though.. :D

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