BlazBlue Radio W #08

March 28th, 2012 § 2 comments

Name: ブレイブルー公式WEBラジオ 「ぶるらじW」
Hosts: Sugita Tomokazu, Kondou Kanako, Imai Asami
Guest: Faylan
Date: 2012.02.09

This episode has Faylan on as a guest, the screen represents her as a yellow cat holding a microphone heh. Apparently it was from a picture she drew herself.

– Everyone is weird except for me!

Imai: The people in BlazBlue are all a bit weird in their own way aren’t they?
Sugita: Oh that includes you right?
Imai: *puts on a sweet voice* Eh? I’m normal~!
Sugita: WHAT A LIE!
Imai: I’m sorry!
*They all break out laughing*

Lol the way these two play around and yell at each other is so in sync~

– A listener sends in a message saying that the english title of “Blazblue Continuum Shift Extend” is too hard to read so they should make it easier to read… And Sugita jokes that they should make the title screen easier to read with Hiragana instead leading to this image lol. What is this ahaha, it’s like a game for preschoolers!

– Faylan says her favourite characters were Makoto and Bang. Makoto because she loves her tail and Bang because of his… Abs ahaha.

– Imai bathing with her brother!

Sugita: Have you ever entered the bathroom when your brother was bathing without knowing it?
Imai: We used to bathe together when we were children…
Kanako: Until when did you stop bathing together?
Imai: Around the second year of grade school?
Kanako: Ah that’s pretty early!
Imai: Yeah I think it was the earlier parts of grade school. But every year at new years eve I was always trying to get my whole family to bathe together but everyone refused… What am I talking about?! Why am I talking about this?! Who brought the conversation here?!
*They all laugh*

– You’re cute Imai!

Sugita: Ah you’re being cute again, why are you always doing that?
Imai: I’m not cute! Not cute at all! *hisses*
*Imai and Kanako laughs*
Sugita: Imai-san, it’s time to acknowledge it yourself. Imai-san, you are cute….
*Imai mumbles and fidgets*
Sugita: What is this?! You’re supposed to yell at me and tell me to shut up here!
*The two of them laugh*
Sugita: What was with that reaction?!
Imai: I was thinking about how I should react *laughs* But really as I get older it’s harder to react to that! When I was younger I’d be able to go “What are you on about!?” but now I have no idea how to reply to that *laughs* Even if I know it’s a joke it might be weird to say something like that so I really don’t know what’s the best way to reply to something like that!!
Kanako: But you are cute!
Faylan: You really are!
Imai: Hearing that from girls makes me really happy~
*They all laugh*
Faylan: You’re super cute!

Oh wow Sugita saying something like that to Imai made her so flustered, she was so panicky throughout this whole segment ahaha.

I’m so glad that there’s so much BlazBlue radio left to catch up on, I hope they keep on releasing more!

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  • Keiri says:

    Oh Mingosu~ I love how she often becomes terribly flustered whenever someone compliments her along the lines of being cute, whether it’s other hosts, guests, or even the listeners. I guess my fave reaction by her was on Nippon-1 once where Majima read a mail from a listener calling her a 美人, and Imai deliberately went into this mad choking + coughing + gagging + spewing weird random noises fit in an attempt to disrupt Majima from reading the mail further lol. As a last resort, she even tried to direct the 美人 topic to Mimorin (Well truth to be told, the whole situation was started by Imai calling Mimorin a 美人 in the first place a couple of episodes back haha).

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