Itou Kanae no ChoRaji! Girls #19

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Name: 伊藤かな恵の超ラジ! Girls
Host: Itou Kanae
Guest: Asumi Kana
Date: 2008.08.12

An old radio episode where Asumi Kana guested on Itou Kanae’s radio. These two are pretty close from Shugo Chara, which had been going on for over one year already at this time. By the way, the picture they’re holding between the two of them is a picture of Asumi drawn by Kanae haha.

– First impression of Kanae…

Asumi: From about one year ago… Hmm I wonder… It was the first time we met [in Shugo Chara]… So… Small!
*Kanae laughs*
Kanae: That was your first impression??
Asumi: Of course it had to be that! You’re so small!
Kanae: Ah… Sorry…
Asumi: So very small!
Kanae: Ah… Sorry… For being small…
Asumi: What was your height again?
Kanae: Eh?! You want me to say it here??!
Asumi: Ah, should I not have asked?
Kanae: It’s 147 cm… So what?!
Asumi: Yep, small!
*The two laugh*
Asumi: Definitely small!
Kanae: I… Guess so…
Asumi: I’m supposed to be the average height for a girl.
Kanae: How tall are you?
Asumi: 160 or 161, somewhere around that.
Kanae: Huh? Isn’t that kinda tall?
Asumi: Not at all! 160 is normal!

– Katou Nanae’s[Miki’s seiyuu from Shugo Chara] first impression of Kanae…

Asumi: You know how there was supposed to be an idol girl singing for the opening theme of Shugo Chara? She had thought that you were that idol girl when she saw you.
Kanae: Really??
Asumi: Yep.
Kanae: Ahh… I’m not an idol…
*Asumi laughs*
Kanae: Not an idol at all… I came from the countryside…
*The two laugh*

– Iguchi…

Kanae: I heard you can’t read Kanji very well…
Asumi: Where?! From who?!
Kanae: Iguchi Yuka-chan?
Asumi: OI OI!
*Kanae laughs*
Asumi: It’s all lies!
Kanae: She was lying?!?
Asumi: Treat whatever that girl says as false!
Kanae: Really?!
Asumi: What’s with that! Iguchi’s definitely DEFINITELY more Kanji illiterate than I am!!
*Kanae laughs*
Asumi: She doesn’t even know Japanese in the first place!
Kanae: Not even that?! Really???
Asumi: Yep, yep!

Oi oi Iguchi doesn’t even know Japanese? As expected Iguchi and Asumi are so close ahaha.

– Iguchi’s radio…

Asumi: I was actually called to guest on Iguchi’s radio as well.
Kanae: Ah really?
Asumi: She was always saying she wanted me to come but… The official guest invite came from here first.
Kanae: Ah… I should probably apologise to Iguchi for that…
Asumi: Nah, it’s okay! She probably just forgot about it while we were having fun together.
*The two of them laugh*
Kanae: Ah so you two were talking about having you come on as a guest.
Asumi: Yeah, and she probably forgot to tell the staff about it. *laughs*

 – It was Asumi’s birthday and the radio program prepared a gift for Kanae to give to her, which was a bathing set. On top of that Kanae prepared her own present for Asumi, which made Asumi really happy about. Ah Kanae how nice~ The present was a cushion with a cat on it.

– Saying good points about each other…

Asumi: You can go first.
Kanae: Well I’m always being helped out by Asumi-san!
Asumi: That’s not a good point.
Kanae: *laughs* Ah well.. Your eyes are big!
Asumi: That’s a good point?
Kanae: *laughs* I think it’s cute! It’s one of your charms!
Asumi: It’s not cute!!
Kanae: Huh? Why are you getting mad??
*The two laugh*
Asumi: It’s because I’m not used to being complimented…
Kanae: Ah I see… So you’re the type to snap back when being praised…

Asumi: Kanae-san’s good points… Let’s see… You’re small!
Kanae: …Eh? Wouldn’t this be harder to push as a good point…?

Asumi: It’s a wonderful thing to be small!
Kanae: …Er really…?
Asumi: Yep!
Kanae: …Okay….
Asumi: Can I end it here?
Kanae: …Okay then…
Asumi: *laughs* Don’t worry there are a plenty of good points about you!

Small is cute! Cute is JUSTICE!

I actually went to listen to this episode of ChoRaji Girls after reading about it here: It’s got a little snippet from the episode in there as well which I found hilarious and would love to write about but I left it out so you can see it at the blog itself ;). Anyone interested in radio show transcriptions should follow that blog as well!

Ore no Imouto ga (Rajio Demo) Konna ni Kawaii Wake ga Nai #22

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Name: 俺の妹が(ラジオでも)こんなに可愛いわけがない
Hosts: Taketatsu Ayana, Hanazawa Kana
Date: 2011.06.24

Taketatsu Ayana Birthday special! Finally worked my way up to it lol orz. Sleepovers, alcohol and lots of love! Beware, the post is looong.

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BlazBlue Radio W #09

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Name: ブレイブルー公式WEBラジオ 「ぶるらじW」
Hosts: Sugita Tomokazu, Kondou Kanako, Imai Asami
Date: 2012.02.23

Episode 9 of BlazBlue W.

– Sugita mentions that he and Toshimichi Mori likes the Cirno Perfect Math Class song ahah. For those who don’t know it you can see it here:

– Kanako says “nyu” accidentally…

Sugita: Did you just say “nyu“??
Kanako: I didn’t! I did not!
Sugita: You did!
Kanako: Did not!
Toshimichi: You should just say “Nyu” back when he asks that!
Kanako: Huh??
Sugita: Did you just say it??
Kanako: Nope I didn’t~! …Nyu~!
*Awkward pause*
Imai: Ah he looks happy! This is the first time in a while that I’ve seen him so happy!
Sugita: I– I’m not that happ– Well if I said I wasn’t happy then that’d be bad wouldn’t it!
Imai: I guess so…
Imai + Kanako: Lets go to the next mail!
Sugita: Yeah while we’re in this awkward atmosphere.

– Sugita keeps doing an imitation of Isomura Tomomi lol, I’ve heard him using it in his own radio quite often as well, it seems like he likes that imitation right now haha.

Sometimes it’s hard to find things to write about in an episode lawl, not sure if that’s because I wasn’t listening though :S It was another fun episode of BluRaji though~ It looks like Morikubo Shoutaro is coming as a guest for the next episode.

Okamoto Nobuhiko’s Nicknames – “Pikorin” and Subsequently “Shikorin”

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Okamoto’s nicknames were something that puzzled me for a while when I first heard them and I had always wondered how it actually started and it wasn’t until sometime last year that I found out where they came from…. And I found their origins hilarious hah. Just a quick warning, a lot of the humor in the post is dirty humor lol. I don’t usually write about dirty jokes but this was too funny to pass up lol orz. For those that know enough Japanese to listen in, this video has most of what’s covered in this post.

The whole thing started when Okamoto guested on Inoue Kikuko’s radio “Inoue Kikuko Miwaku no Oshaberi Melon” sometime in between 2009-2010. Kikuko asks him what do people normally call him and he replies saying that he’s normally called by his name, “Okamoto-kun, Okamoto-san” etc. Kikuko, unhappy that he has no nickname tells him to start using a nickname and she tries to make one up for him there. After playing around with Noburin or Nobucchi, to Okamato’s chagrin, Okamoto mentions that he’s been called “Piko” once before, from the “hiko” part in his name “Nobuhiko”. Kikuko finds it cute but still not satisfied with it she changes it to “Pikorin” to his shock. He finds it amusing and embarrassing but Kikuko laughs saying that she’ll use it and try to spread it around, though she doesn’t know if it’ll stick. And that’s where the “Pikorin” name comes from; Inoue Kikuko was the one who stuck it on him. But then there’s the second part, the “Shikorin” part, which was started by Mafia Kajita and is where the dirty jokes come in lol. Okamoto and Mafia Kajita currently run a radio show together called “Radio 4Gamer” where they talk and play games on screen. On one of the episodes, episode 5 on the 6th of May 2010, Yasumoto Hiroki was present as a guest and they played a PS3/Wii game called “No More Heroes” where you play as a character who needs to charge their beam katana by shaking the controller/controller stick at certain times. The problem comes in when you see the animation in game, the character basically holds the katana hilt at his crotch with both hands and starts shaking it furiously in a rapid vertical up and down motion… orz. The other piece of the puzzle is the meaning of “Shiko/シコ”, the word is a colloquial slang best substituted with the english slang “fap” where it references the sound and the action. It was the first time Okamoto was playing the game while the other two were pretty experienced already so they put him in control while they watched and guided him as they plunged him right into a hectic boss battle. Throughout the experience Okamoto needed to charge the beam katana multiple times and with everytime the other two quipped a sexual innuendo lol. I’ll translate a bit here:

Yasumoto: Here’s where you do that legendary motion *laughs*

Yasumoto: Quick! The legendary motion!
Kajita: Hurry! It’s ShikoShiko time!
Yasumoto: Super ShikoShiko time!
Okamoto: Even though I’m in the middle of fighting?! *The three laugh*
Okamoto: Ah so if I charge this I can continue fighting?
Yasumoto: Yeah so if your beam disappears you have to do that legendary motion. Oh and while you’re doing that you’re completely defenseless so you have to time it right.
Okamoto: Ah well that’s natural of course for any man.

Yasumoto: Oh you’re out, it’s Super ShikoShiko Time! …
Okamoto: Oh I’m out that means…
Yasumoto: Right! Super ShikoShiko Time!
Kajita: You’re too slow! Try to go upwards faster!
Okamoto: Like this?! *Boss comes and slashes at Okamoto*
Yasumoto: Oi! You’re gonna die! *laughs* You’re Shiko-ing too much! *laughs even harder*
*The three of them laugh*
Yasumoto: You’ll die if you Shiko that much. Death by Shiko-ing! *laughs*

Replace “Shiko” with “fap” and you’ll probably understand how surreal and hilarious this conversation actually is orz. Fast forward another episode later and Kajita’s reading mail from a listener…

Kajita: “Shikorin, Kajita, good evening!” *Staff laughs*
Okamoto: Hmm? Hold on a minute there, just to make sure, I think I must’ve heard wrong but I thought I heard a “Shikorin” there… Was it really written there?
Kajita: Ah sorry I misread it.
Okamoto: OI!

And since that point it continued to spread, Sugita started using it on his Dedooon radio and caused it to spread like wildfire lol. By the way, although the nickname has spread to the ears of other seiyuu, amusingly Okamoto has refused to explain the reason behind the “Shiko” in the nickname… One recent happening that I found hilarious was on Guilty Crown Radio #10, 2012.02.24 hosted by Kayano Ai and he came on as a guest and the topic of nicknames came up…

Okamoto: I’ve got other nicknames as well, such as “Pikorin
Kayano: Ah! And what was that other one… “Shikorin“?
Okamoto: Err yeah… THAT! Umm.. Sorry I can’t explain the nickname. *Kayano laughs*
Kayano: Umm okay then… But I remember one time when we were at an event together the audience was all “SHIKORIN!!!” and I was wondering “Why is it ‘Shiko‘?”
Okamoto: Well he wasn’t involved in this anime but it was to do with a certain “S_gita”…
Kayano: *laughs* Ahh!
Okamoto: And there’s this bald “SP” with sunglasses with him. [Kajita sometimes goes by the name “SP Tanaka”]
Kayano: Ahh I know him!
Okamoto: And he was the one who stuck that name on me. I… Can’t tell you the reason why though.
Kayano: Ah okay… I won’t ask too much about it then…

Kayano: Then how about I call you “Shikorin“!
Okamoto: No! You can’t do that!! The agency won’t allow it!!
Kayano: *laughs* Ah really?
Okamoto: You can call me Pikorin though.
Kayano: Okay then I’ll call you Pikorin, you can call me “Kaaya”~

Ahh clueless Kayanon~

AKB48 Konya wa Kaeranai… #121

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Name: AKB48 今夜は帰らない・・・
Hosts: Takahashi Minami, Kashiwagi Yuki, Kuramochi Asuka
Guest: Watanabe Mayu
Date: 2009.07.20

“AKB48 I won’t go home tonight…” is a long running radio that changes hosts every now and again. What I’m interested to hear about here in this episode is the guest, Watanabe Mayu, nicknamed Mayuyu.

And now there’s something I want to get out of the way first… You might have noticed that in the past few months, especially the months of January and February I haven’t been updating the blog as much as I used to. Why is that you ask? Well the reason is simple…

I can’t be bothered to write about Seiyuu radio. I’m announcing here that I am no longer writing about Japanese seiyuu and all that pointless stuff! I’m now all about…  You may have guessed it with the post, AKB48! Idol industry banzai! What’s with all these Seiyuu putting out photobooks recently?! I’m going for the real idol experience with my new idol fandom! Toyosaki Aki?! PFFT! NO! MAYUYU IS MAI WAIFU!! I won’t delete the posts I’ve done till now but you won’t see me talking about seiyuu radio anymore, only AKB48 from now on!

And so with that I’m announcing that I’m renouncing the seiyuu part of my blog name and am now changing the name of the blog to “Ambi’s Kickass Blog For [err…] Eight years and over” abbreviated to “AKB48+“!! I’ll look forward to your support from here on out! I’ll be changing the layout as well, I won’t be needing this seiyuu sketch there anymore!

– Takamina x Mayuyu??

Takamina: Mayuyu…
Mayuyu: Yes?
Takamina: If anything happens I’ll keep you company no matter what~
Mayuyu: …Huh?
Yuki: Don’t worry, when she’s like this you can just ignore her.
*Takamina laughs*
Mayuyu: Ah I see…
Yuki: She was definitely panicking there.
Takamina: She sure was!

Oi Takamina what are you doing hitting on Mayuyu! SHE IS MAI WAIFU I SAID
( ゚ Д゚)

– Mayuyu’s current anime recommendation and a quick quiz.

Takamina: Mayuyu! What’s your current anime recommendation??
Mayuyu: Umm Zetsubou-sensei!
Takamina: How are you feeling right now?
Mayuyu: Right now?? It’s SO FUUUN! AKB48!!
*The three of them laugh*
Takamina: She was pretty panicky there!

I was so amused that when she asked how she was feeling Mayuyu had started pretty calm but then started screeching when she went to the “SO FUUUN” part ahaha. THAT RANDOMNESS ABOUT YOU IS WHAT I LOVE SO MUCH MAYUYU

Also… Zetsubou-sensei! That’s some good taste you have there~ <3

– What you’re currently into…

Mayuyu: What I’m really into lately…? Well, I said something about it earlier but…. Anime.
The other two: Ahh anime….
Mayuyu: My recommendation this time is an anime called Sayonara Zetsubou-sensei.
Takamina: Ah, Ito… Itoshiki.
Yukirin: Itoshiki something.

Mayuyu: It’s interesting! Please watch it!

I’m a fan of anime and Zetsubou-sensei as well~ I’M SO HAPPY OUR INTERESTS MATCH MY LOVE (*´д`*)

I’m glad that Mayuyu’s such an otaku as well~ Man, switching to the AKB48 fandom is going to be the greatest! I look forward to filling this blog with only AKB48 info from now on. MAYUYUUUUUUUUUUUUUU I LOVE YOUUUUUUUUUUU OH IT RHYMES (・∀・)

As you can probably tell by now I’m just having fun here on April Fools~ Happy April Fools day!

I’m not tired of Seiyuu! …Not yet at least ;)

Amusingly though, I actually have pretty much zero interest and know next to nothing about AKB48 lolol. Other than Mayu’s name(and just her nickname at that lol, you can blame Hikasa, Hanazawa, Taketatsu and Hayami for that haha), I had no idea about anything regarding the fandom. To tell the truth I had to do quite a bit of research into their radio shows and into who these people are and what their nicknames were ahaha orz. I have nothing against them though, they’re actually surprisingly more normal than I expected after hearing them… I don’t know exactly what I was expecting though now that I think about it haha.

Also, I actually wanted to touch on the fact that January and especially February had been pretty sparse in updates though. As some people already know from my twitter, I had taken a trip to Japan/Korea/Malaysia during the month of February (It was fun!) which explains the sparse updates for February, but for January, I grabbed a couple of posts from that month and placed them into February instead, which is why January had a reduced number of posts as well.

Oh and for those who thought this post looked a bit familiar and still remembers what happened last year, thanks for following for a year! o/

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