Hanazawa Kana no Hitori de Dekiru Kana? #118

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Name: 花澤香菜のひとりでできるかな?
Host: Hanazawa Kana
Date: 2012.07.04

Last fortnight’s HitoKana episode. HitoKana #119 just came out now that I look at the date :o

– Categories of girls…

Kana[Reading mail from a listener]: “Hello Hanazawa Kana-san, I’m always having fun listening to HitoKana! A while back you said “You all love big chests dont you!?” to the staff but I think that’s not quite right!” *Kana laughs in amusement* Yeah right, as if I’m wrong! *Continues reading* “One day I was discussing this with my friends at a restaurant” What are you discussing at a restaurant?! *laughs**continues reading* “We all named our favorite female characters and split them into categories. Us men don’t just like girls with a big chest! We talked about how there were sub-categories to do with chest size.

First there was 1. Girls with a big chest that have pride in their size. 2. Girls with a big chest but isn’t happy about it. 3. Girls with a flat chest and isn’t happy about it. 4. Girls that have confidence in being flat chested. My preference is definitely at number 3. Girls who are concerned about that are wonderful!” *laughs*

Mmm… Can I stop reading here?? *laughs* This is just weird! I mean, he’s mentioning Hanazawa Kana and Hikasa Youko! As girls who’s concerned about their small chest size! *laughs* What?! I’m not concerned about it! AT ALL! *laughs* YOU ALL HAVEN’T SEEN AN INKLING OF MY CHEST!! *Starts screaming desperately* IT’S NOT SMALL!! WHAT?! …You’re all just making a fool of me! This is weird! And what are you all discussing in a family restaurant in the first place?!

By the way Sakamoto-san[The writer for HitoKana, he’s at the same recording table as her throughout the recording though he doesn’t speak, or at least not directly through a microphone, he often communicates with Kana during the recording] what’s your preference? *laughs* Which category do you prefer? Two? Which one was that again? *reads* “Girls with a big chest but isn’t happy about it.” *laughs* Ehhh…. That’s the most perverted one of them all! Eww how creepy! *laughs*

LOL Kana screaming about her chest size didn’t sound anything but desperation to me ahaha ;)

– Why does Kana like Ogura Yui?

Kana: Well we’ve been together since ROKYUBU! Actually I’ve known her from even before ROKYUBU, we’ve worked together before that. But really, Yui-chan… How do I say this? She’s so focused on her work, she’s really serious about it. She’s really got herself together, just watching her makes you think “Ahh what a wonderful girl~”. And then at the same time she has that face and that body! You can’t feel anything but healing magic from her! You really don’t get tired of watching her~ Or talking with her~ …And that is why… I want her. *Bursts out laughing*

I laughed so much when I heard her finish with “I want her” out of the blue ahaha. Oi Hanazawa you’re approaching dangerous territory!

See Through Bras with KitaEri, Asumi Kana and Matsuki Miyu

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This was something from Matsuki Miyu and Asumi Kana’s radio “寝起きにポテトチップス/Ne Oki Potato Chips[I think? I’m getting more and more unsure now that I think about it, I might be totally off m(_ _)m] [Edit: Whoops, I was totally off, after a bit of digging around it looks like this was from the Nyaruko Radio that was coupled with the drama CDs back when the original net animation was airing back in early 2010. This was probably in episode #5 of the radio but… It could be #6 as well since KitaEri guested for two episodes. The hosts remained the same though, Matsuki Miyu + Asumi Kana, with the episode being released in mid April 2010.] Seems like it was an episode where they had Kitamura Eri guest to talk about Haiyore! Nyaruko. At first the three of them are discussing the latest and hottest fashion trends but then that leads into…

KitaEri: White stockings aren’t popular right now. What’s hot right now are “See through bras”!
Matsuki: “See through bras“?
KitaEri: Yup!
*Asumi laughs*
Asumi: Matsuki-san, you can’t trust what people say so easily.

KitaEri: Seriously, what really REALLY is going around right now is the See through bra!
*KitaEri laughs*
Asumi: Oi!
KitaEri: It’s because your staff told me I could say whatever I wanted on the radio! Apparently this radio has no boundaries!
Asumi: Let see how far we can go.
Matsuki: *mumbles*…….See through bras…
*Asumi and KitaEri laugh*
Asumi: Matsuki-san!!
Matsuki: Asumin why don’t you put one on!
Asumi: Oi you.
KitaEri: Yeah! With Asumi-san’s huge HUGE—
*Matsuki laughs, Asumi cuts in*
Asumi: Matsuki-san and KitaEri-san, both of you leave the booth now! I’ll do this radio on my own!
*The other two laugh*
KitaEri: Well I want to stay for a bit longer so I’ll settle down.
Asumi: That’s the way!
Matsuki: Finally it’s time for Mahiro-san![KitaEri’s character from Nyaruko]
KitaEri: Yeah I’ll just say this first, Mahiro-san’s actually a pretty serious and mature character.

Matsuki: So continuing on!
KitaEri: Yeah Mahiro-san really likes see through bras as a matter of fact.
*Matsuki laughs*
Asumi: KITAERI!!!!!!!
KitaEri: *laughs* Huh?
Asumi: YOU! YOUU! You’re not getting any pay today!
*All three laugh*
KitaEri: Whaat?! That hurts!
Asumi: Your pay will go to both of us this episode.
Matsuki: But you know what?
Asumi: Yeah?
Matsuki: What would you hate about see through bras?
Asumi: Are you still continuing with that?!
*The other two laugh*
Asumi: They’re horrible! Why would you wear them! You might as well not wear a bra at all!
Matsuki + KitaEri: OHH How daring!
*Matsuki laughs*
KitaEri: Asumi-san’s so bold!! Oh wow no way!
Asumi: You two are terrible!! You two put together are terrible! Matsuki-san looks like she’s having so much fun! She’s laughing without making any noise! You’re supposed to laugh out loud when you’re on radio!
*Matsuki splutters*
KitaEri: She’s spluttering! Breathe! Breathe!
Asumi: Breathe in!
Matsuki[Still laughing hard]: What made me laugh so hard was imagining Asumi-san *laughs* In a see through bra!
*KitaEri laughs*
Asumi: You were imagining me in one?!
Matsuki: Once I started with that I couldn’t stop laughing!
KitaEri: There was no going back!
Asumi: Seriously what’s with this?! Let’s get back to Mahiro-san!

Lol poor Asumin’s always so flustered when she’s teased about her chest size <3. And go KitaEri, I’ve heard her reference Asumin’s “huge HUGE *something*” many times already ahaha orz.

YuiKaori & April Fools

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This was from when Ogura Yui guested on the Denpa Kenkyuusha livestream hosted by May’n and Washizaki Takeshi on the 29th of June. They were asking her a heap of quick questions and this was one of them…

– Tell us about a time you lied about something petty.

Ogura: Well, this has something to do with YuiKaori. On April Fools day we told the staff that the two of us had started dating each other. *laughs* 
*May’n and Washizaki laughs* 
Washizaki: What’s with that!?
May’n: That’s pretty funny though!

Washizaki: So what was the staff’s reaction like?
Ogura: They seriously believed us!
May’n + Washizaki: Whaat?!
Washizaki: Are they all idiots?!
Ogura: Not at all! But they had a serious discussion with us about it! Our manager was deciding how to handle the situation and stuff like that! We have a radio show and we do things like holding hands while looking into each others eyes after all.
*They all laugh*
Washizaki: Well it’s not rare to see you two holding hands together though.
May’n: Yeah you two are so close with one another!
Ogura: Yup!
Washizaki: You would believe something like that.
Ogura: Yeah and we’ve always been suspected of dating each other for some time now too!
Washizaki: …You have?
Ogura: Yup!

Haha these two seem like they’re having fun.

…They’ve been suspected of dating one another?

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