See Through Bras with KitaEri, Asumi Kana and Matsuki Miyu

July 19th, 2012 § 9 comments

This was something from Matsuki Miyu and Asumi Kana’s radio “寝起きにポテトチップス/Ne Oki Potato Chips[I think? I’m getting more and more unsure now that I think about it, I might be totally off m(_ _)m] [Edit: Whoops, I was totally off, after a bit of digging around it looks like this was from the Nyaruko Radio that was coupled with the drama CDs back when the original net animation was airing back in early 2010. This was probably in episode #5 of the radio but… It could be #6 as well since KitaEri guested for two episodes. The hosts remained the same though, Matsuki Miyu + Asumi Kana, with the episode being released in mid April 2010.] Seems like it was an episode where they had Kitamura Eri guest to talk about Haiyore! Nyaruko. At first the three of them are discussing the latest and hottest fashion trends but then that leads into…

KitaEri: White stockings aren’t popular right now. What’s hot right now are “See through bras”!
Matsuki: “See through bras“?
KitaEri: Yup!
*Asumi laughs*
Asumi: Matsuki-san, you can’t trust what people say so easily.

KitaEri: Seriously, what really REALLY is going around right now is the See through bra!
*KitaEri laughs*
Asumi: Oi!
KitaEri: It’s because your staff told me I could say whatever I wanted on the radio! Apparently this radio has no boundaries!
Asumi: Let see how far we can go.
Matsuki: *mumbles*…….See through bras…
*Asumi and KitaEri laugh*
Asumi: Matsuki-san!!
Matsuki: Asumin why don’t you put one on!
Asumi: Oi you.
KitaEri: Yeah! With Asumi-san’s huge HUGE—
*Matsuki laughs, Asumi cuts in*
Asumi: Matsuki-san and KitaEri-san, both of you leave the booth now! I’ll do this radio on my own!
*The other two laugh*
KitaEri: Well I want to stay for a bit longer so I’ll settle down.
Asumi: That’s the way!
Matsuki: Finally it’s time for Mahiro-san![KitaEri’s character from Nyaruko]
KitaEri: Yeah I’ll just say this first, Mahiro-san’s actually a pretty serious and mature character.

Matsuki: So continuing on!
KitaEri: Yeah Mahiro-san really likes see through bras as a matter of fact.
*Matsuki laughs*
Asumi: KITAERI!!!!!!!
KitaEri: *laughs* Huh?
Asumi: YOU! YOUU! You’re not getting any pay today!
*All three laugh*
KitaEri: Whaat?! That hurts!
Asumi: Your pay will go to both of us this episode.
Matsuki: But you know what?
Asumi: Yeah?
Matsuki: What would you hate about see through bras?
Asumi: Are you still continuing with that?!
*The other two laugh*
Asumi: They’re horrible! Why would you wear them! You might as well not wear a bra at all!
Matsuki + KitaEri: OHH How daring!
*Matsuki laughs*
KitaEri: Asumi-san’s so bold!! Oh wow no way!
Asumi: You two are terrible!! You two put together are terrible! Matsuki-san looks like she’s having so much fun! She’s laughing without making any noise! You’re supposed to laugh out loud when you’re on radio!
*Matsuki splutters*
KitaEri: She’s spluttering! Breathe! Breathe!
Asumi: Breathe in!
Matsuki[Still laughing hard]: What made me laugh so hard was imagining Asumi-san *laughs* In a see through bra!
*KitaEri laughs*
Asumi: You were imagining me in one?!
Matsuki: Once I started with that I couldn’t stop laughing!
KitaEri: There was no going back!
Asumi: Seriously what’s with this?! Let’s get back to Mahiro-san!

Lol poor Asumin’s always so flustered when she’s teased about her chest size <3. And go KitaEri, I’ve heard her reference Asumin’s “huge HUGE *something*” many times already ahaha orz.

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